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Quiver Lounge opens new club in Kenol Town along along Murang’a Road. Revellers excited.

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The famous Quiver Lounge located along Thika road opposite garden city mall has opened a new joint at Kenol Town along Murang’a highway, Murang’a county. Quiver Lounge Kenol branch opened its doors to revellers on 4th of November 2022. The club looks exactly like the other one with its trade mark indiana fighter head. The club attracted many people as they witnessed the clubs new look. The design is so appealing with two different counters well stocked with various high end wines and spirits. Quiver Lounge Kenol branch also has a choma zone and a fastfood canteen.The club is located at the newly opened Kilele mall consisting of Magunas Supermarket, a petro station and Muthokinju paints and Tiles store.

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Quiver Lounge Kenol
A sneak peek at Quiver Lounge Kenol branch.

Quiver Lounge Location, owner and contacts.

The club is famous for attracting young generation who like living a soft life. According to an insider, Quiver is looking forward to opening a chain of clubs in different parts of the country. The clubs will also bee hosting various mugithi maestros including Samidoh, Joyce Wa Mama, Waithaka Wa Jane among many others.

Quiver Lounge
A photo of Quiver Lounge Kenol.

They will also be capturing the best moments through their photographers and posting on their Facebook page. The clubs are believed to be owned by a prominent person in government. President William Ruto and his team once visited the club after their campaign. Quiver Lounge contacts can be found on their Facebook page page.


  • Posted November 10, 2022 7:52 PM 0Likes

    Hae….am Edwin lukunza from Nairobi….. kindly am requesting if I can get a chance to work in your institution….I did food and beverages…. positive reply will be appreciated.
    Thank you

  • Posted November 11, 2022 6:53 AM 0Likes
    Vivian Tracy

    Thanks for creating an opportunity. I need a job

  • Posted November 11, 2022 11:45 AM 0Likes

    It’s a nice place to be,

  • Posted November 27, 2022 12:24 AM 0Likes

    I have been asked to pay 3100
    But invoiced 1500 tried even asking for proper invoiced receipts so I can be able to claim from the company I work for but been dismissed unsuccessfully been instructed that the manager has said so
    The question is was the system down such that they were asked to invoice me manually or what is the issue
    Will appreciate any assistance offered

  • Posted December 7, 2022 9:44 PM 0Likes

    Today I was treated like trash,I’ve been drinking there all by myself but a guy we’ve a bad history with him came n sited behind me,he became physical,I hate dramas but today was worse…hata I’ve left with the bill cos hata I didn’t complete my beers,but just because he looks more presentable I was treated like a ass*ole … bearing in mind I drink there alone all the time….they broke my phone,they broke my spects….I had to go home by my struggles without spects….a waiter called David followed me to parking,but I didn’t pay him…I couldn’t listen to any bullshit from that place,am always served by David or Joseph….but I’ll pass by tomorrow n pay my bill…but pls talk to your security to stop the judging

  • Posted December 16, 2022 5:59 PM 0Likes
    Daniel Wanjiru

    I’m looking for a job opportunity as a security (bouncer: based on my body physic , paramilitary training and education gained in NYS since 2018-2022 Dec 6th). My dedication and commitment will be evident both in papers and recommendation, and at work.hambly looking forward for your reply,thank you.

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