How Unique Marchants and other house agents collaborate with Landlords to steal from helpless tenants.

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Many Landlords across the country are opt-in for house and property managers to manage their rentals on their behalf. In most cases tenants only meet and communicate with agents while the property owners stay under the blanket.

While renting a new house, one is supposed to stake a deposit equivalent to one month rent. On top of that, some agencies require you also deposit for water an electricity.

Unique Marchants property managers
How property managers collaborate with Landlords to steal from helpless tenants. Photo source UTM

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The deposit is supposed to cater for damages done by the tenants during the period they occupied the property after they vacate. Things gets tricky when property owners together with house management agents refuse to refund the deposit as agreed, Unique Marchants property managers are no different. They manage several properties is Kiambu and Muranga mostly in Thika area’s. Most of the cases came from those two zones.

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Many cases have been reported to us by tenants who lost their deposits unfairly to these greedy crooks. Many Landlords/agents claim the deposit was fully used do maintain the house which includes repainting the house that property owners duty and responsibility. This is the fourth time Unique Marchants together with several landlords has been reported to us by people who sought anonymity.

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We tried to reach out to Unique Marchants together with Sumin property managers to report their side of the story but our emails went unattended. We are still following up with the agents involved to tell their part. The agents in most cases were not responsible for the loss of tenants deposit but watched helpless.

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