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As at 12:40 PM 5th of September here is the proceedings.

As the supreme court of Kenya gives its verdict on the presidential election petitions tabled before them, the Court findings is that the petitioners including Azimia La Umoja and 8 others interested parties haven’t tabled enough evidence to convince the Court on how IEBC mishandled the election process. Further, the court identified that the was no middle man between Smartmatic and IEBC servers in data transmission as argued by the petitioners.

CJ Martha Koome: “We are not convinced the technology deployed by IEBC failed the standard of Article 86 of the constitution on integrity verifiability security and transparency”

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Julie Soweto evidence

Julie Soweto
Julie Soweto Aulo together with lawyer Kethi Kilonzo during the 2013 petition

The Supreme court as did not find anything out of Julie Soweto “Jose Carmago” evidence provided before it. Her evidence was about a man in the middle “Venezuelan” who was said to have interfered with form 34a transmission.  CJ Martha Koome termed her evidence presentation as “hot air”

Voter suppression evidence.

The court further did not find any standing evidence on whether the 8 elections postponed in different parts of Kenya as voter suppression.


Serial Shoplifter Alvin Chivondo Arrested Again After been Found Stealing Also in possession Of Marijuana

Serial Shoplifter Alvin Chivondo has been arrested again after he was caught stealing again.  Alvin was arraigned before Nairobi court on Monday 25th July. Chivondo was also in possession of Cannabis Sativa with a street value of 2000. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Alvin Chivondo
Alvin Chivondo before Milimani law courts in April 23 2022.


Alvin was on April arrested after he was caught Shoplifting Maize flour, suger, honey among other item at Naivas Supermarket Ronald Ngala street. Due to uproar by the public, Former Nairobi Governor Mike sonko come to his rescue and settled his court fine of 100k. He also supported him with a whole month of shopping and offered him a job.

Jan Proost. Belgian Cries Foul After Kenyan Kikuyu Man Swindled him over 40 Million

Jan Proost, a Belgian Citizen who is in his late 50s has cried foul after his long-term Kenyan friend whom they used to work together in the same company allegedly scammed him over 40 Million Kenyan shillings. William Murage, a Kikuyu man from Nakuru used to work with Jan Proost in Belgium back in 2013. William befriended the European native and used his naiveness to swindle him money. After years of friendship, William Murage and Proost became close to a point of even visiting their families in Kenya and Belgium. Jan had saved alot of money from the hard work he done at Belgium. Murage who would trav to Kenya very often while his family lived in Belgium approached Jan and proposed a business they would venture into. At first William Murage was building apartments at Kasarani but due to insufficient funds, the project had stopped. Jan granted him €30,000 [Ksh 3.4m] to finish the project. Their agreement was based on trust.

William Murage
William Murage. Kenyan who allegedly scammed Jan Proost 40 million posing for a photo together with his wife


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Jan Proost and William Murage agreed they would would finish the 6 apartments and in return Murage would help him acquire land in Kenya and build his own apartments. Their partnership seemed to go well not knowing the Kenyan had a hidden Agenda.

A photo of Eurofurniture in Kasarani

Eurofurniture company

Later the two decided they would invest in buying second hand quality leather sofa sets in Belgium which they would export here in Kenya. The Belgian even bought a truck in his home country for transportation. He would buy the sets, put them in a container and export them in Kenya. They agreed to split the fortunes 50/50. The business boomed and they would sell the sets for more than three times (sometimes upto 10 times) their original value. Jan invested €97,000 (over Ksh 10M). Later Jan decided to sell his properly in Belgium and emigrate to Kenya to continue with his investment. Things turned ugly when he arrived in Kenya. William had already finished the apartment but decided to keep for himself since he was registered as the owner. The furniture business where Jan had supplied him with 16 containers of furniture and gym materials was also under Murage name.

William Murage
A photo of William Murage in Belgium


In a recorded voice clips, Murage is heard promising to keep their business money safe untill the European gets a local bank account. He can be heard saying the balance from their sales was about €180,000 (about Ksh 20M). Jan is saddened because his friend turned enemy now wants to keep 100% of his investment.

Screenshot 20220725 173614Justice for Jan Proost.

The Belgian is now seeking justice to reclaim his lost money wich is about €350,000 (ksh 40m) according to a video done by journalist Lynn Ngugi on his LNN DIGITAL channel on YouTube, Murage on phone call claimed he owes Proost only €60,000 (ksh 6M) . William Murage allegedly investment to the money in Williz Construction company where he hires construction equipment and Eurofurniture is still running. Murage family also supports Proost to seek for Justice. Proost is now stranded here in Kenya. The evidence documents are on public domain and can be found here

Jan Proost during an interview with Lynn Ngugi





Eric Omondi Has been Arrested After Distributing An Authorized Content Dubbed “Wife Material”

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The self-proclaimed king of Africa comedy Eric Omondi has been arrested. Eric Omondi’s arrest came after he shared a video of women fighting in his studio at Lavington. This was during his birthday party where he had invited women material show contestants. The video showed women who were drunk fighting carelessly which led to police intervention. The comedians have been colliding with KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua over the content he shares online. Omondi accused Mutua of killing the entertainment industry in Kenya. Mutua even once called Omondi a mad man after he shared a photo of him half-naked.  

Eric Omondi Arrested.

Eric Omondi posing for a photo during his Wife Material show. source: Eric Omondi Instagram

According to KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua, eric Omondi violated a provision of film and stage play-act Cap 222 of the laws of Kenya. This is by producing and distributing unauthorized show by the name Wife Material. Omondi was arrested on 11th March afternoon. He will be taken to court on 12 March 2021. 

The Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 provides that: 1) No person shall exhibit any film at an exhibition to which the public are admitted, or distribute such films unless he is registered as an exhibitor or distributor by the Board and issued with a certificate.

Edgar Obare Arrested By DCI After Stalking Celebrities And Politicians.

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Controversial Blogger Edgar Obare was on 4th March arrested by DCI. According to DCI Obare planed together with a lady to blackmail prominent governor cash. The lady was tutored to fake his pregnancy with the governor. The DCI conducted an investigation and realized the lady was not pregnant. She claimed Edgar recruited her in order to publish the fake story.  Edgar Obare will be aligned in Court on the 5th of March. He is under police custody at Kilimani police station. The lady was hence demanding 250,000 from the governor for upkeep before someone reported the matter to DCI. Edgar has been arrested several times after publishing stories that associate religious leaders, politicians, and celebrities with scandals.  

Edgar Obare Arrested…

Edgar Obare faked his arrest last year.

“The suspect who has had previous run-ins with the law for publishing false & malicious information regarding individuals and their families is once again a guest of the state. Detectives from the Cybercrime unit have uncovered an underworld network of criminals involving” DCI wrote

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UDA: Kiamokama UDA Party MCA Aspirant Arrested Over Voter Bribery Allegation

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  • William Ruto Allies

UDA party Kiamokama ward Mca aspirant Moses Nyandusi Nyakeremba was today March 4 arrested by police. Moses was arrested together with businessman Don Bosco Gichana in the morning. The Kiamokama by-election has faced chaos as UDA supporters wanted the two released as soon as possible. Kiamokama by-election in Kisii county was after MCA Kennedy Mainyawho was elected under the ODM party died in November 2020. Moses Nyandusi vied for the same position in the 2017 election unsuccessfully. Moses was arrested after allegations that he was bribing voters. There is over 10,000 registered voter in that ward. ODM party is trying their best to retain the ward through their candidate Malack Matara. 

William Ruto Allies.

“Our agents are outside the polling station my friend. You cannot chase our agents outside. Why are you chasing them outside? Uliambiwa by who?” Moses Said

Man Arrested After Posting On Facebook He Would Shoot President Uhuru If Given A Chance

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A man found himself in court after writing a threatening post on his Facebook page.  Simon Muchiri, 22 years old Kenyan said he would shoot president Uhuru Kenyatta direct in the heart if given a gun. According to the prosecutor the young man claimed he would eliminate the president. However, his lawyer defended him saying that he is just a youngster and that was his first crime. He was later released on a cash bail of Ksh 200,000. This is no the first time people found themself in court for insulting the president online. In 2013 a man went into hiding after writing all kinds of insults about President Uhuru on his Facebook page. People have taken this for the norm and are now insulting not only the president but also prominent government officials online. The government has always been looking for the best way to regulate social media platforms with some countries blocking Facebook and Whatsapp completely. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the public at Muranga Photo source: Statehouse Kenya. 

In 2014 Embakasi North member of Parliament Babu Owino publicly insulted president Uhuru Kenyatta together with his mother. The case went up to court but he was released on bail. This is a warning that all Kenyans should be very careful posting on their online social media. 

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American Rapper Kodak Black Offers To Help Kids Of Slain FBI Agents

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American Rapper Kodak Black has offered to help kids of FBI agents who died in the line of duty in Florida. Kodak offered to pay college fees for Daniel Alfin and Laura’s kids who were fatally shot dead in Sunrise Florida. The two were among 5 agents who were conducting a search when they were shot dead and the other 3 survived with major injuries. According to Kodak Black’s attorney Bradford Cohen, they wrote a letter to the office of FBI Miami but have not yet received feedback. Kadak is well known for his charitability. Kodak has been in prison and was pardoned by former US President Donald Trump together with Lil Wayne. The two were pardoned after declaring their support for him. 

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Mike Sonko Taken To Court Under Very Tight Security.Police In Full Combat Uniform And Weapons

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  • Mike Sonko Arrested

Former Nairobi County governor Mike Sonko today 4th, Feb was taken to court under very tight security. Sonko is facing more than 10 count charges in court. Police who were heavily armed and in full combat unformed escorted the governor to Kahawa law courts where a hearing was scheduled. Sonko has been in police custody for the last 4 days after he was denied bail. Mike Sonko was sermoned by DCI after a video disrespecting the president started to tren online last week. “kuna mlevi mmoja huko sagana” “There is one drunkard in Sagana”. he was then referring to His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. He later played a video of the president from his phone. Mike Sonko was arrested the following day after that rally. 


Sonko has been Named Top 4 Hall Of Shame By NCIC

Sonko has been dramatic in playing dirty politics. After he was elected in 2017 as Nairobi county governor, the deputy resigned six months later. He then staying without a deputy for 3 years even having been mandated to select one. He was later impeached by the county assembly and replaced by Ann Kananu. He is among politicians name in the list of hall of shame by NCIC. 

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Lawrence Warunge May Also Walk Free. He is Now Admitted At Mathari Mental Hospital

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After killing his 4 family members and a worker, Lawrence Warunge won’t be taking his plea at the court on Monday 1st of February as scheduled. The 22 years old IT student revealed that he solely slaughtered his family member and a worker 2 weeks ago. His girlfriend Sarah Muthoni was released by the court but will be used as a state witness on that case. According to assessments done to Warunge, He was found mentally unfit to stand trials. Warunge was taken to Mathari psychiatric hospital Nairobi for treatment. The final judgement was scheduled for the march by Kiambu law courts.  

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