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As at 12:40 PM 5th of September here is the proceedings.

As the supreme court of Kenya gives its verdict on the presidential election petitions tabled before them, the Court findings is that the petitioners including Azimia La Umoja and 8 others interested parties haven’t tabled enough evidence to convince the Court on how IEBC mishandled the election process. Further, the court identified that the was no middle man between Smartmatic and IEBC servers in data transmission as argued by the petitioners.

CJ Martha Koome: “We are not convinced the technology deployed by IEBC failed the standard of Article 86 of the constitution on integrity verifiability security and transparency”

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Julie Soweto evidence

Julie Soweto
Julie Soweto Aulo together with lawyer Kethi Kilonzo during the 2013 petition

The Supreme court as did not find anything out of Julie Soweto “Jose Carmago” evidence provided before it. Her evidence was about a man in the middle “Venezuelan” who was said to have interfered with form 34a transmission.  CJ Martha Koome termed her evidence presentation as “hot air”

Voter suppression evidence.

The court further did not find any standing evidence on whether the 8 elections postponed in different parts of Kenya as voter suppression.


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