“Am Lucky To Be Alive” Vera Sidika Says After Undergoing Butt Surgery To Remove Implants “Extension”

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Kenyan Socialite and business woman Vera Sidika has revealed on her journey in removing her artificial butt. The Socialite had undergone cosmetic surgery to increase her behinds. She however has urged women to try and accept themselves the way they are without having yo undergo implants to look appealing.

Vera sidika photo
Vera Sidika parading her new look /source: Instagram

Vera revealed that her decision was occasioned by health risks and she regrets having them. However many Kenyans has made fun of her after her new look with relatively smaller “Nyash” butt. ” I feel for Brown Mauzo, what will he tell Kenyans” a social media commented

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“I’ve come to terms with it and learnt to love myself. Ladies, please learn to love yourself and don’t ever let peer pressure rush you into things that will ruin you in future. I’m lucky to be alive,” Vera added.

Ezekiel Machogu Biography, Age, Tribe, Family, Career And Networth

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Ezekiel Machogu was appointed Education CS to replace outgoing Maghoha. The docket is the most active in Kenya. Education CS is very essential and in the country. This ensures smooth running of the education sector which was hugely affected by Corona virus pandemic for the last 2 years. The position has been virtual and has been previously been occupied by powerful politicians including Fred Matiangi, Maghoha and the Late prof. George Saitoti. Machogu is a Kenyan politician and former Nyaribari Masaba member of Parliament in Kisii county.  Here is the profile of Ezekiel Machogu.

Ezekiel Machogu
Ezekiel Machogu. The appointed Cabinet Secretary for Education

Ezekiel Machogu Education and Early life

Ezekiel Machogu’s tribe is a Kisii from the Abaghusii ethnic group. He was born in 1956 and is 66 years old (2022).  Ezekiel Ombaki is a member of NAPK party since 2017. The politician attended his primary school (undefined) and later proceeded to Nduru secondary school in 1970-1973 and later in 1974 joined Agoro Sare high school for his A-Level certificate. He later joined Nairobi University in 1976 and acquired his Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • 1961- 1969 – primary school
  • 1970-1973 – Nduru secondary school (O-Level Certificate)
  • 1974-1975 – Agoro Sare High School (A-LEVEL certificate)
  • 1976-1979 –  University of Nairobi  ( Bachelor of Arts BA)

Ezekiel Ombaki Career

Ezekiel has been successful in his career where he has served several offices. In 1976, he joined the office of the President then the Late president Daniel Moi as a District Officer (D.O) until 1997. In 1998 he served the same position until 2008 during the reign of the Late president Mwai Kibaki. In 2017 he was elected a member of parliament in his constituency Nyaribari Masaba in Kisii. Ezekiel is currently appointment as Cabinet Secretary in President William Ruto’s government. He will serve in the Ministry of Education which was previously held by George Maghoha.

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Social Life Marriage and Networth

Mr. Ombaki is married although no information on that for that, at least for now. Ezekiel is estimated to be worth $ 250,000 (Ksh 27 Million)

FULL LIST. here is President William Ruto new cabinets secretaries. Mt Kenya has the majority.

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After president William Ruto took over power from his predecessor H.E Uhuru Kenyatta 2 weeks ago, he has now on 27th September 2022 unveiled his cabinet secretaries. They will however be vetted by the parliament. Many Kenyans have been waiting for this day to know those who will bag the positions. His closest allies are among the top gainers while only Monica Juma who served the previous government was selected. The team is expected to steer the country forward to achieve President Ruto’s manifesto.  Below is the full cabinet secretaries nominated by Ruto.

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

  1. Cabinet meeting
    President William Ruto addressing outgoing Cabinet Secretaries at Statehouse on 27th September 2022

    Prime Cabinet Secretary – Musalia Mudavadi

  2. Interior – Kithure Kindiki
  3. Public Service and Gender – Aisha Jumwa
  4. National Treasury-Njuguna Ndung’u
  5. Water, Sanitation & Irrigation – Alice Wahome
  6. Foreign and Diaspora Affairs -Alfred Mutua
  7. Interior – Adan Duale
  8. Trade – Moses Kuria
  9. Roads – Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen
  10. EAC – Rebecca Miano
  11. Lands – Zacharia Mwangi Njeru
  12. Tourism – Peninah Malonza
  13. Agriculture – Mithika Linturi1
  14. Energy and Petroleum – Davis Chirchir
  15. Education – Ezekiel Machogu
  16. Sports – Ababu Namwamba
  17. Cooperatives and MSMEs – Simon Chelugui
  18. Mining – Salim Mvurya
  19. Labour – Florence Bore
  20. Health – Susan Wafula
  21. Communication – Eliud Owalo
  22. Environment & forestry – Roselinda Soipan Tuya
  • Attorney general – Justin Muturi 
  • National Security adviser – Monica Juma
  • Secretary to the cabinet – Mercy Wanjau

Mugithi Queen Joyce Wa Mama nearly goes blind after acid attack

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  • Joyce wa Mama boyfriend

Popular mugithi star Joyce Wa Mama is at risk of going blind after she was attacked with an acid during her birthday party on September 24, 2022 at a popular joint along Kangundo.  According to report musician’s close allies who spoke to Relax Fm exclusively revealed what exactly happened. The woman who was later exposed by the artist as Katerina Murigi, approached where they were seated with her friends carrying a champagne bottle. Every thing seemed normal since everyone was enjoying and busy chanting untill the woman bursted the champagne on her face causing unrest. Joyce wa Mama revealed it was corrosive to her eyes and was soar.

Joyce wa Mama
Musician Joyce Wa Mama posing for photo. Source: Facebook

What happened to Joyce Wa Mama


“It was Wa Mama who screamed first, saying she could not see… There was apprehension in the party and three companions of the songbird also reported they could not open up their eyes,” said a Nairobi-based musician.

She approached the table where Wa Mama was seated with several guys and held the bottle towards them. She uncorked it and the surprise pop sound and gushes of the contents flew in full force and the next thing was Wa Mama was down screaming and pandemonium broke out,” he said.

Joyce wa Mama
Joyce Wa Mama posing for a photo

The “Wanjogotha Niki” hitmaker revealed that the account left her shaken and worried. It is said that love and business rivalry might have been the cause.  Joyce said that she insisted to be rushed to a hospital since she was worried.  She has however claimed to be alright and her Fans should keep calm as she seek justice

Katrina Murigi.


Katrina Murigi
Katrina Murigi, The woman said to have attacked Joyce Wa Mama during her birthday party.

Katrina as exposed by Joyce Wa Mama is the woman who stormed her birthday party with the chemical in a champagne bottle. The woman is said to be a backer and a caterer.


Hello my fb family, thank you for your for prayers,calls,sms, l really apreaciate you guys..l thank God am well am home.gitiri mugwi wa mbara uhaririio mundu muthingu ukagacira wira-ini wagwo…


Uyu niwe urabagiire Mibago miuru…..Ngai uria hoyaga aromuigwira tha





Joyce Wa Mama Husband and Love Life.

Wa Mama is said to be married to Prof Karash. Prof Karash is also a Mugithi singer and they earlier collaborated on a song together. There has been rumors that there was stand off between Prof Karash and former Coro Fm presenter Mushina Sonko who is her ex-boyfriend, whom they sired a kid together. After their separation, the singer is said to have been dissing the presenter in her songs.


What Happened To Raila’s Face?. Kenyans Share Concerns After His Photo Made Rounds On Social Media.

What happened to Raila’s face. Photos of former Prime minister Raila Odinga doing rounds on social media has revealed that he has a swollen face. In the photos, President Uhuru Kenyatta together with his son Jomo accompanied by James Orengo visited Odinga at his home after the supreme court upheld William Ruto victory. In the photo, they all can be seen having “fun” and smiling but Kenyans noted Odinga had a swollen face. Many purported that the leader might be ailing wishing him quick recovery. It is not yet clear what happened to him but it seems he has a flue (Homa). Uhuru Kenyatta visited the leader after the supreme court verdict. Uhuru was backing Raila Odinga for his presidency bid.

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Uhuru and Raila
President Uhuru Kenyatta and his son Jomo Kenyatta (far left) posing for a photo with Raila Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga

Kenyans say’ on Raila Odinga loosing

Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta having fun with James Orengo and one other at Raila Odinga’s home

A section of Kenyans has shared their concern over Raila Odinga’s health after President Uhuru Kenyatta visited him.

Nahashon Kimemia: “I opposed him, but I never wished him ill health. I pray that he overcomes his disappointment.”

Samwel Mayaka: “It is realy difficult to bear this huge loss. He is going through psychological anguishness.”

Jeddy: “Baba should be left alone to rest. He has done enough for ungrateful Kenyans.”

Kullow Abdul: “Baba is going through a lot..May God see him through.”

Man Dash: “Be strong as i had accepted and moved on,Baba has nothing to loose choices will have consequences sooner rather than later.”

Nyege Nyege Festival 2022 Banned By Ugandan Government Due To “Sexual Immorality”

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The Ugandan Government has cancelled the famous Nyege Nyege Festival 2022 citing it is promoting sexual immorality among the youth. The festival has been happening once per year for the past few years. The social event was scheduled to happen later this month in Jinja Kampala. The motion to cancel the event was tabled before the Ugandan parliament by Tororo member of Parliament Hon Sarah Opendi. The event attracts huge fans from Kenya and and across East Africa.

Nyege nyege Festival
Fans enjoying themselves during Nyege nyege Festival

Nyege Nyege Meaning.

Nyege in a simple translation means “being horny” or the desire to have sex intimacy. Many Kenyans had already bought the Tickets to attend the event and had already booked accomodations. The Ticket ranges between Ksh 3500 and Ksh 7000 ($ 32- 65). The early bird cluster goes for ksh 3,500 while at the gate the tickets goes for ksh 7000.

Parliament has stopped the ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival, an annual social event scheduled to take place next week in Jinja. Tororo Woman MP Hon Sarah Opendi says the event is a breeding ground for sexual immorality,” read the statement fROM Parliament.

Kenyan Artist who were to perform

Nyege nyege Festival cancelled
Revelers Enjoy themselves during the famous Nyege Nyege Festival

Some of the Kenyan Musician were already booked to grace the even in Kampala. Boutross, Ssaru and Exray were among the Kenyan Musician that were to perform at the sold out event. The first edition of the event happened in Kampala in 2015 with few Kenyans attending. The number of Kenyans attending the event has massively increased with time. Sauti Sol also performed at the event in the past. It is however not clear whether the event organizers will offer a refund to those who had already bought the early bird tickets. The social event also organize other fun activities including Swimming and Bungee jumping.

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Every year we HAve been blessed with the most amazing talents from Kenya, and this year once again we have a fabulous Kenyan lineup, echoing the Kenyan music scene that is becoming a global powerhouse, from gengetone to benga, afrohouse to drill and shrap, from electronics to acoustic. There is no genre in which Kenyans are not breaking new grounds,” read a statement from the event’s organisers on August


Supreme Court Verdict Proceedings

  • Supreme court ruling
  • Supreme court verdict 2022
  • Presidential petition ruling

As at 12:40 PM 5th of September here is the proceedings.

As the supreme court of Kenya gives its verdict on the presidential election petitions tabled before them, the Court findings is that the petitioners including Azimia La Umoja and 8 others interested parties haven’t tabled enough evidence to convince the Court on how IEBC mishandled the election process. Further, the court identified that the was no middle man between Smartmatic and IEBC servers in data transmission as argued by the petitioners.

CJ Martha Koome: “We are not convinced the technology deployed by IEBC failed the standard of Article 86 of the constitution on integrity verifiability security and transparency”

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

Julie Soweto evidence

Julie Soweto
Julie Soweto Aulo together with lawyer Kethi Kilonzo during the 2013 petition

The Supreme court as did not find anything out of Julie Soweto “Jose Carmago” evidence provided before it. Her evidence was about a man in the middle “Venezuelan” who was said to have interfered with form 34a transmission.  CJ Martha Koome termed her evidence presentation as “hot air”

Voter suppression evidence.

The court further did not find any standing evidence on whether the 8 elections postponed in different parts of Kenya as voter suppression.


Lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu Biography, Age, Career, Family and Networth.

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  • Thiankolu career and Networth

D.r Muthomi Thiankolu is a Kenyan Lawyer and a lecturer at The University of Nairobi. He is also a partner at Muthomi and Karanja Advocates Co. Ltd.  His profession is in the public procurement, Constitution disputes, International law as well as Administrative Law. Muthomi Thiankolu holds a PhD, master and bachelor in law from various universities. Muthomi was born and raised in Meru region and is one of the best lawyers in Kenya. He is representing Kenya Kwanza and William Ruto in the supreme court of Kenya in a presidential election petition filed by Azimio La Umoja. Muthomi has also handled other cases in superior courts of Kenya and the East Africa Court Of Justice.

Muthomi Thiankolu
Senior counsel Muthomi Thiankolu photo source/ UTM

Education background

2001-2005 – Bachelor of Law ( LLB) university of Nairobi. First class upper division honers.

2008-2009 – Masters of Law ( LLM) University of Warwick UK. Distinction.

Undefined  – Doctorate from the University of Nairobi

Work career and experience

September 2007 – April 2012. Mohammed Muigai Advocates Co. Muthomi worked as Head of legal consultancy and advisory department.

May 2012- Present. Muthomi and Karanja Advocates Co. Working as legal counsel presenting various superior cases.

Lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu
Lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu during court session in Nairobi. Photo source/ Google


  • Litigation
  • Legal research
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Constitution law
  • International law
  • Human rights
  • Public procurement

Muthomi Thiankolu Family and Networth

Lawyer muthomi
Lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu posing for a photo. Source/ Twitter

Thiankolu is married with several kids ( not defined), He lives in one of the most prestigious estates in Nairobi and his Networth is not revealed to the public. Muthomi drives high end vehicles and has been practicing law for the last 15 years. He is 44 years old.


Lawyer Julie Soweto Biography, Age, Career, Tribe, Family and Networth.

  • Julie Soweto Biography
  • Julie Soweto career
  • Lawyer Julie Soweto tribe
  • Julie Soweto age and Networth
Lawyer Julie Soweto Aulo
Kenyan Female Lawyer Julie Soweto Aulo. Photo Source/ UTM

Julie Soweto Aulo popularly known as Julie Soweto is a Kenyan constitution lawyer, human rights defender and international law practitioner. She was born in Nyanza region by Luo parents and raised in Kisumu before relocating to Nairobi. The Lawyer is 44 Years old and has been practicing law for the last 22 years both in Kenya and South Africa. Julie is a true definition of  an African bold woman who has strongly defended the rights of human kind.  Lawyer Soweto is representing Kenya’s political coalition Azimio La Umoja lead by RT Prime minister Hon. Raila Odinga. The lawyer is representing Azimio La Umoja in a presidential election petition at the supreme court of Kenya. The petition is challenging Kenya Kwanza led by Deputy president William Ruto  victory after the August 9th general Election. Julie’s eloquent and mastery in constitution is something to be admired by many Kenyans.

30 Sexy Photos Of Nandy That Proves She Is Gorgeous And Talented.

Julie Soweto Aulo Background and Education.

Julie Soweto
Julie Soweto Aulo together with lawyer Kethi Kilonzo during the 2013 petition

Julie was born in 1977 by Kenyan parents in Nyanza region of Kenya but later relocated to Nairobi. Her education life is as follows.

  • 1991-1994 – Julie Aulo joined Kenya High school. This is a national school level located in Nairobi Kenya . She scored an A- in her national examination.
  •  1996- 2000 – she joined University of Nairobi where she studied Bachelor of Law ( LLB )
  • 2002 –  Julie joined university of Pretoria where she furthered her studies and attained Master of Law ( LLM) in human rights and democratisation in Africa

Work Experience and Career.

The layer has attained alot of experience for the last 22 years of her career. She has tackled various national level cases both in South Africa and Kenya. This includes the 2017 and 2022 presidential election petitions among may others. Her career background is as follows:-

  • 2003 Intern/ assistant to deputy commissioner. South African Human rights commission.
  • September 2003 – June 2004. Worked as a researcher cum Tutor. Centre for Human rights.  University of Pretoria.
  • July 2004 – December 2004. Law clerk/ researcher to Justice Dikgang E. Moseneke, The constitutional court of South African.
  • November 2005- November 2017. JAB Orengo Advocates
  • December 2012- present. (Owns) Soweto and Co. Advocates in Nairobi.

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

Julie Soweto Aulo
Kenyan Female Lawyer Julie Soweto Aulo

Julie Soweto Skills.

  1. Litigation
  2. Civil Litigation
  3. Commercial Litigation
  4. International law
  5. Human rights and democratisation in Africa
  6.  Constitution law.

Julie Soweto Family and Networth

Soweto Aulo is married to her husband who is currently not known to the public and they are blessed with kids (3).

The Law practitioner is estimated to be worth about $ 1.5M ( Approximately Ksh 170M) She prides presenting prominent businessmen and politicians in Kenya including Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga at the supreme court of Kenya. Her mastery and eloquent in the Kenya constitution is something to admire.


Dj Dibul Introduces Former Maria Actress Dorea Chege as his Girlfriend. Gifts her new car

  • Dj Dibul
  • Dorea Chege
  • Dorea Chege boyfriend
  • Dj Dibul girlfriend

There is a new couple in town!.  Kameme fm disc jockey DJ Dibul introduced former Maria Actress Dorea Chege as his new girlfriend to his online family. The Dj also surprised her with a brand new car. They two have been dating secretly but decided to make their relationship public. Posting on their social media accounts, the lovebirds showered each other with praises.

Dj Dibul girlfriend
    Dj Dibul and Dorea Chege shares light moment photo source: Facebook

30 Sexy Photos Of Nandy That Proves She Is Gorgeous And Talented.

Dorea Chege boyfriend.

Dorea chege went ahead to caption a photo she shared online with sweet words.

Nitakuletea zawadi! Ex-Maria actress Dorea Chege aka Magie introduces DJ Dibul as babe, thanks him for gifting her a car.

Dj Dibul girlfriend.

“How overwhelming It was to see her reaction…I am glad she loved my gift….It is not how much we give but how much Love we put into it…..@dorea_chege you deserve this and more my love….you are one of a kind and i thank God for you…To many more surprises Ma’Wendo” Dj Dibul wrote

Muthoni Wa Kirumba Biography age, Husband, Family and Networth


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