5 Counties Put Under Lockdown. Curfew To Start From 8pm to 10am. Nairobi Included.

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5 counties have now been put under lock-down. These includes Nairobi, Kajiado, Nakuru, Machakos and Kiambu. This will be effective from Saturday 27th 2020. The cessation of movement must be strictly adhered to and only essential services will be excepted. The five counties is said to be hot spots for Covid-19 infections and has reported the highest cases since third wave. The country has recorded the highest cases since Corona Virus hit the country in March 2020. The curfew has however been moved from 10 pm to 8 pm. Eateries and alcohol selling point has been banned also. Public gatherings such as Funerals and wedding has been limited to 30 members and should last for a maximum of 1 hour. 

Kenya Lockdown

President Uhuru Kenyatta Addressing the nation at statehouse. Source : Screen grab Citizen Tv


Anyone Opposing BBI Is Selfish. I Didnt Believe In It Untill I Read. Everything Is Good. William Kabogo

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Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has backed the building bridges initiative (BBI) as opposed to his earlier stand. A few weeks ago Kabogo was speaking to the congregation at Kiambu when he urged Kenyans to support the bill.  William Kabogo concluded that after reading the bill, he is confident to pass it since more money will be disbursed in counties.William Kabogo was speaking in an interview with a local radio station on March 4. Kabogo added that after reading the bill he realized that no political positions will be created to favour the current leaders. He now wants the M.t Kenya region to back the bill with full support if they want a brighter future.


William Kabogo Stand On BBI.

William Kabogo addressing the public at a past event. photo source: Archive. 

BBI was launched by president Uhuru Kenyata and opposition leader Raila Odinga in 2018. This was at a time when the country was divided into two after the highly contested 2017 general elections. The bill is projected to allocate fore funds to county governments from the current 15% to 35%. Deputy President William Ruto has been on the frontline to oppose the bill. According to him, this is not the right time to do constitution amendments since there are more urgent issues that need to be addressed. The bill was passed unanimously in almost all county assemblies. However, most people believe MCA’s were bribed to pass the bill since they were promised 2 million car grants. The bill has brought divisions in the ruling jubilee party with some members supporting president Kenyatta while others supporting D.P William Ruto. This has brought the birth of the UDA party.

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UDA: Kiamokama UDA Party MCA Aspirant Arrested Over Voter Bribery Allegation

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  • William Ruto Allies

UDA party Kiamokama ward Mca aspirant Moses Nyandusi Nyakeremba was today March 4 arrested by police. Moses was arrested together with businessman Don Bosco Gichana in the morning. The Kiamokama by-election has faced chaos as UDA supporters wanted the two released as soon as possible. Kiamokama by-election in Kisii county was after MCA Kennedy Mainyawho was elected under the ODM party died in November 2020. Moses Nyandusi vied for the same position in the 2017 election unsuccessfully. Moses was arrested after allegations that he was bribing voters. There is over 10,000 registered voter in that ward. ODM party is trying their best to retain the ward through their candidate Malack Matara. 

William Ruto Allies.

“Our agents are outside the polling station my friend. You cannot chase our agents outside. Why are you chasing them outside? Uliambiwa by who?” Moses Said

Irungu Kang’ata Caught On Camera Running To Welcome Ruto At Gatanga Murang’a

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Murang’a county senator Irungu Kang’ata was caught on camera running like a marathoner on Sunday 28th. Kang’ata was allegedly running to welcome DP William Ruto a Gatanga in Murang’a county. He surprised people who even thought he running for his life after being chased by an angry crowd. However, Kang’ata has come out to explain himself saying he was late for the event hence running. Some reports claimed people who supported BBI chased him. This comes a few months after Kang’ata ditched President Uhuru Kenyatta for D.P William Ruto. Kang’ata wrote a letter to the president with an address to media houses claiming the BBI report was not popular in Murang’a. To his surprise, the region passed the bill unanimously. He defended himself by saying that his research was based on the time of release and people might have changed their minds. He even claimed that he will conduct another research


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I will Conduct Another Survey In Mt Kenya Region To Determine The Popularity Of BBI. Irungu Kangata

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Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata has hinted that he will perform another Survey in Mt. Kenya region to determine the popularity of the BBI bill. Irungu Kang’ata is the former senate majority whip who was replaced by Kiambu senator Kimani Wa Matangi. Kang’ata found himself between a rock and a hard place after he wrote a letter to the president regarding BBI. Kang’ata in his letter to the president which passed through the media first claimed that the bill was very unpopular among the central region people. He now claims that he will conduct another survey to determine the current situation in the region. This comes just a few days after all the counties from the region passed the bill unanimously. According to Kang’ata the survey he conducted was only for the specified time and people might have been convinced otherwise. 

Irungu Kang’ata Letter

“I know how government works, I knew it will be very easy to mobilize and manipulate MCAs and ensure they pass the bill,” Kangata

“When you look at my letter I said BBI was unpopular as by that time, as to whether it will go up or it will remain unpopular, I think I may have to do another survey and confirm that,”Kang’ata added

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Murang’a County Unanimously Pass BBI. Becomes 19th County To Pass The Bill

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Counties voted for BBI

Muranga’a county has become the latest county to unanimously pass the BBI bill. The 53 MCA’s vote yes for the bill. This comes barely 2 months after Murang’a and former senate majority whip Irungu Kangata wrote a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta claiming the Bill is unpopular in the region. The bill now needs 5 more counties to pass. The counties are projected to finish voting today. The president and opposition leader-backed bill will now go to public participation where Kenyans will vote. 

Counties Voted For BBI …


Tanga Tanga: Susan Kihika, Kimani Ngunjiri, Mohamed Ali And John Kiarie(JK) Arrested In Nakuru

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Tanga tanga members and allies to deputy president Willam Ruto today on 20th were arrested at Bahati Nakuru. Susan Kihika, Kimani Ngunjiri Mohammed Ali, and John Kiarie were conducting their campaigns at Nakuru. According to the area, OCS the three accompanied by other UDA party members were conducting campaigns without permission from the police. Chaos and unrest emerged when they claimed that they had notified junior constable police who denied it. The three who are a very close allied of William Ruto were to address the public at Bahati constituency in Nakuru county

William Ruto Allies…


You Must Vote For BBI Or Face The Music. Rafael Tuju Orders Uasin Gishu Jubilee MCA’s.

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Jubilee party secretary-general has ordered Uasin Gishu members of the county assembly to vote for the BBI bill. Tuju hosted 17 MCA’s from the county and ordered them to vote for the BBI or face losing their seats. All the 17 nominated MCA’s were summoned at Nairobi and strictly ordered to vote in the bill if they want to retain their seats. One MCA who spoke to Nation said they were ordered to vote for the bill since it is undertaken by party leaders or they will face disciplinary actions.  The voting will be next week. 

“He (Tuju) told us that we must follow the party position on the BBI Bill, failure of which, we will face disciplinary action,” said Edwin Misoi, nominated MCA.

Jubilee sec-gen Rafael Tuju addressing the media in a past event. 

The above article states: “Disciplinary action shall be instituted against a member in cases of (f). Acting or advancing positions contrary to the party position. (g). Failure, neglect or refusal to carry out directives or instructions of the party.”

Rafael Tuju. You will be expelled from Party if you go against the order. However, Edwin Misoi argued that they will vote according to what the people of Uasin Gishu want. Rafael Tuju has been meeting with Jubilee nominated MCA’s and ordering them to vote in the bill or face the party’s disciplinary actions. 

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I Was Locked Out Of Statehouse Top Leaders Meeting. DP William Ruto

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Deputy President William Ruto has disclosed that he was not invited by the president to attend a meeting at the statehouse. According to Ruto, he spent all day in his office at Karen. His office did not receive an invitation from the statehouse. The meeting was to talk about the country’s development agenda and all top leaders in the country were invited. Deputy President William Ruto who now focuses on his 2022 campaigns did not disclose any cause of him not being invited. There has been a standoff between the president and him. Their relationship has been deteriorating every single day with the president frankly asking him to resign from office if he is not happy with how the government is run. Their woes started after a handshake between the president and opposition leader former prime minister Raila Odinga. Ruto has on many occasions accused Raila Odinga of the failure of the jubilee government.

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Laikipia Becomes The 11th County To Pass BBI. Only 1 County Rejected It So Far.

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  • Counties That Has Passed BBI.

Laikipia has become the latest county to pass the building bridges initiative (BBI). Only one county has rejected the bill in the whole country. Baringo became the first county to reject BBI in a highly chaotic Sitting last week. Police officers were forced to intervene throwing teargas in the parliament. This was a supremacy battle between Gideon Mon and Deputy President William Ruto. The bill now only needs 13 more counties to proceed to the next stage.

Counties That Has Passes BBI. As per 18th Feb 2020, These are The counties that has passed the bill.

Red. Represents Counties passed While Orange Represents Counties Rejected 

Kajiado County West Pokot County Nandi County Busia County Vihiga County Bungoma County Homabay County Nairobi County Kisumu County Siaya County Laikipia County Baringo County

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