Shiru Wa GP Biography, Age, House, Family, Children, Husband and Networth.

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Shiro Wa GP Biography updated

Shiru Wa GP Biography updated as of October 2022. Shiru Wa GP, real name Mary Wanjiru is a Kenyan gospel Kikuyu artist and song writer largely accepted and loved by many. Shiru is know due to her inspiring and mesmerizing art of producing Kigooco music in Agikuyu Native language from M.t Kenya region.

The artist has uplifted many of his fans by giving them hope and motivation through her music. She has produced many hits song since she started her music career back in 2008 with her music videos surpassing 50 Million views on YouTube. She is the 7th most streamed artist on YouTube is East Africa. Her dancing skills are hilarious and leaves many smiling. Here is Shiru Wa GP’s latest biography.

Shiru wa Gp latest photos
Kigooco artist Shiro Wa GP posing for a Photo. Source: Facebook

Shiru Wa GP’s Early life and History.

Mary Wanjiru was born in Kiambu County, in a small village called Ngegu. She was born in 1983 and she is 39 years old (2022). The musician was raised by a single mother. Mary Wanjiru’s mother used to sell illicit brew known as chang’aa to put something on the table for her family. During Wanjiru’s early life, she helped her mother with home chores and later would spy on the police to alert her mother whenever the came snooping. When she was 10, she went to live with his uncle in Githurai 45, Nairobi county.

Shiru Wa GP husband
An old photo of Kikuyu artist Shiro Wa GP with her husband Thuo. Source: Archive


Wanjiru started her education at Loreto primary school in Turitu before moving to Nairobi where she completed her primary education. She however didn’t attend Secondary education then due to lack of fees.

Music Career.

Mary Wanjiru discovered her talent from early age. While still in primary school, she used to perform to her fellow students and teachers like a star. Speaking in an interview, Shiru Wa GP revealed that she started composing and writing her own music while still in primary school.

After completing her primary education, she started attending various crusades where she could see other musicians and music groups perform. This really inspired her alot and super charged her passion for music. Upon returning to Kiambu, she joined AP music group and later formed Kiambu Chosen Generation Dancers.

Shiro Wa GP daughter
Shiro Wa Gp shares good time with her all grown daughter. Source: Facebook


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Shiru wa Gp Family photo
Shiro Wa GP together with her husband and their daughter posing fo a photo. Source Facebook.


Her mother however was not very happy after discovering she had already dedicated her life to Christ. She knew Mary Wanjiru would no longer help her in her chang’aa business. Her mother however after several years also abandoned her illicit brew business and accepted Christ. Wa GP regularly attended Deliverance Church Kiambu where is was a youth member.

The artist has achieved alot in her music career. In 2016, she was nominated for Groove Awards. In her United States tour, She performed in more than 10 States.

Shiru Wa GP songs

  • Githima Kiama
  • Muoroto
  • Udahi
  • Nduri Wiki
  • Thimo
  • Mucamo
  • Mutugo Waku
  • Mugai
  • Irema
  • Riboti
  • Ngoro Yakwa
  • Nikuri Ngai
  • Ngai Wa Etereri
  • Ndukanatire
  • Uhoro Uyu
  • Mukujuri
  • Ebenezeri
  • Jana Imepita
  • Itua Riega
  • Amba Utige
  • Mwako
  • Ngai Ni Ngai
  • Alpha Na Omega
  • Kwagirira
  • Nasikitika
  • Ndingigirika
  • Mwaki

Marriage, Husband and Children.

Shiru Wa GP met her husband in church where he he used to play Keyboard. Her husband, Thuo was also a member of Deliverance Church Kiambu. After dating for months, the two decided to enter into marriage. They wedded in the mid 2000s. Her husband has been very supportive. He is now her manager and directs her music videos.

Shiro Wa Gp Husband
Light moment as Musician Shiru Wa GP poses for a photo with her husband who is a music video director

Shiru Wa GP daughter

After staying for more than 8 years after their wedding without a child, thing became very difficult. Many people started mocking her calling her barren. The marriage started shaking. The led to her husband siring a child with Wanjiru’s friend out of their wedlock. This broke her into pieces. Before her husband’s mistress could give birth, Shiru was already pregnant with twins (boy and girl). This brought alot of joy and rekindled their hope.

Everything was not however smooth as they expected, their kids came earlier than normal and they were incubated since they had not matured. After 2 weeks the boy passed away. The hospital bill had accumulated to around Ksh 4.6 M.  Due to her closeness with former president Uhuru Kenyatta, the president settled 1.5M and the balance was raised by her fans during Kameme Morning show hosted by Njogu Wa Njoroge who now presents at Kayu Fm. The amount was raised in less than 30 minutes.

Shiro Wa GP wedding photos
Shiru Wa GP husband

Shiru Wa GP networth

The artist has inspired and nurtured alot of upcoming artists. A good example is Joy Janet who has been shining in Kigooco industry. Her music has surpassed 10Million views. Mary Wanjiru now owns a music label ( Finetune Media) that signs artist. The company produces and promotes music of its signees. Shiru earns  approximately 350k on YouTube. She also charges not less than 100k for live performances. She is estimated to be worth ksh 45Million.

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Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga Biography, Age, Career, Experience, Education And Family.

  • Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga
  • Col Fabian Lengusuranga
  • Fabian Lengusuranga Biography
  • Fabian Lengusuranga experience and career
  • L.t Col. Damaris Agnetta
  • President William Ruto’s bodyguard
  • President William Ruto’s ADC

On 5th October 2022 was spotted with a new Aide-de-Camp at Nyeri where he attended D.P Rigathi Gachagua elder brother’s burial who died last week. Colonel Lengusuranga will now serve president William Ruto as his Aide-de-Camp and will be deputized by Lieutenant colonel Damaris Agnetta from Kenya Army.

Fabian Lengusuranga
New president William Ruto’s Aide-de-Camp Col Fabian Lengusuranga in Nyeri during D.P Rigathi Gachagua elder brother’s burial

Col. Lengusuranga who is also from Kenya Army replaced former President Uhuru Kenyatta Aide-de-Camp Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol from Kenya Navy who has been deployed to Department of Defence (DoD). His deputy Lt. Col. Damaris Agnetta replaced Rachael Nduta Kamui who has been promoted to full Colonel and also deployed to Department of Defence DoD. Damaris Agnetta has been serving Kenya Army since she was commissioned in 2003 and has achieved  alot in her service hence ranking to high.

Who Is Col. Fabian Lengusuranga?

Col. Fabian Lengusuranga during Ruto visit in Nyeri. Behind him is Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol, former Aide-de-Camp Photo Source : Statehouse Kenya
Col. Fabian Lengusuranga during Ruto visit in Nyeri. Behind him is Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol, former Aide-de-Camp Photo Source : Statehouse Kenya

Col Fabian was commissioned in 1999 and has been in Kenya Army service for the last 23 years. Lengusuranga is a very experienced military officer well decorated with ranks from junior to senior ranks.

Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta

The military officer is a martial arts expert and has trained in France, Israel and England. Fabian is married and have children although this information is yet to be made public

What is Aide-de-Camp and what is their role

The selection of Aide-de-Camps is in normal cases done after consultation with the National Defence Council. They can be selected from the 3 categories of Kenya Defense Forces (Kenya Army, Kenya Navy, Kenya Airforce). It is believed that the period in which the ADC will serve will depend on several issues, including age, but most of them serve in that capacity for three years.

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Other key roles an ADC performs away from the obvious perceived standing behind the President and opening doors when the Head of State travels include detail leader, assistant detail leader, tactical commander, motorcade lead, advance lead, mobile agent, static agent and protective intelligence agent.

Were will continue to update this biography as we get information.

Sammy Boy, Popular Kikuyu Artist Serving A Life Sentence In Prison

  • Sammy Boy
  • Sammy Boi
  • Sammy Boi Kid
  • Sammy Boy songs
  • Sammy Boy Story.
  • Sammy Boi in prison

Sammy boy is a popular Kikuyu Gospel artist known for releasing hits songs motivating and inspiring Many Kenyans. Sammy boy has released more than 10 songs and collaborated with other well-known artists like Sammy Irungu. However, the “No Ira tu” hitmaker found himself behind the bar and he now serving a Life Sentence at Naivasha Maximum prison.
Sammy Boy’s fate dates back to 2015 when one of his long-time friends from back in the village left some households in his house. His friend used to come and stay in his house whenever he visited Nairobi.

Sammy Boi
Sammy Boy serving a life sentence in Naivasha source Youtube

What Happened To Sammy Boy.

As the artist explained to Inooro Tv’s journalist Simon Kibe, the household left in his house included a laptop, a phone, television set among many others. His friend lied to him that the landlord had kicked him out of his house and he needed somewhere to keep his belongings. Sammy boy did not hesitate to help him since he didn’t suspect him. He was a family friend back in the village.

Sammy boy
Sammy boy serving life imprisonment. source Youtube

Sammy boy Family And kid.

The artist explained that he was married and had one Kid whom he named after his father. However, his wife left with the kid after he was remanded for three months.

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

“You See when you marry a young girl of this generation that you met in Nairobi and stay more than 1 year without seeing each other even if you a have a kid together, she will eventually leave you” Sammy Boy Said.

Sammy boy conviction and Sentence.

Sammy Boy’s case started back in 2015 when detectives arrested him after tracking the households left at his house. The items were robbed from white tourists who had camped in Gilgil. The artist was taken to Gilgil police station but later released with a 1.2Million Bond. Sammy was later convicted on 2nd December 2021 to life imprisonment. He however claims they appealed the case in the high court and they are waiting for proceedings. According to Sammy, the case became complicated after the friend who left the items died in a road accident before he was arrested by police.

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Sammy boi2Sammy boy’s say.

The artist still has hopes that one day he will be out of prison and will continue with his normal life. He also thanked his friends including Muigai wa Njoroge and Sammy Irungu for supporting him throughout the challenges. We wish him all the best as he seeks justice.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

Mysterious Disease As Girl’s Body Grow Multiple Thorns. Family Seek Spiritual Help

One family in Kaimbaga, Nyandarua Country is lamenting and seeking spiritual help after their teenage girl’s mysterious disease. According to the girl’s father John Njoroge, his daughter was injured by a thorn while fetching firewood in the bush on her theft hand. The girl was trying to pull a wood when she fell on a small ditch with dry thorns. The girl was however pulled by her friend who had accompanied her. In tears, the father explained that he has taken her daughter to three different hospitals to seek medical help in vain. He even explained that the doctors could not understand the condition.

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What’s Mysterious ?? According to the father, the girl was injured by just one thorn and after pulling it out, now thorns won’t stop coming out from the girl’s hand. this is way mysterious and distressing as the father can pull out up to 100 thorns and wood pieces from the girl’s hand in a single day. While covering the story, more than 30 thorns were pulled out of the girl’s sore in less than 30 minutes, The girl has been suffering for the last 6 months and now their decry is to well-wishers. She not schooling anymore due to the condition.

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What Might Be The Cause, Witchcraft?? According to the Kaimbaga Family, the mother was not available when the girl was injured. She was in hiding after she had borrowed money from chama’s (women fund groups) and declined to pay. This might be the cause of all the troubles. Now the family wants well-wishers to come in and deliver their child. Now people are now linking the scenario to witchcraft. This is just a single case out of many happening in different areas.

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Auntie Jemimah Loses Her Child Minutes After Birth.

  • Auntie Jemimah Pregnancy.
  • Auntie Jemimah
    Auntie Jemimah photos

Comedian and digital content producer Auntie Jemimah is mourning the loss of her child. The Youtuber took it to social media to break the sad news. Jemimah lost her child “Nduta” minutes after giving birth. She will now be taking a break to mourn her beloved child.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

On 29:9:21 My girl arrived at 34weeks,sleeping. I held her in my arms and said goodbye.I am broken,oh so broken that there was nothing I could do to bring her back life. I therefore will be taking a sabbatical to mourn my Nduta the best way I know how and for as long as it takes. Thank you for the love and support ❤️❤️❤️ Auntie will be back” Auntie Jemimah Wrote

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

Auntie Jemimah Photos The 32 years old will now take a break from online presence. Jemimah has been entertaining Kenyans and has garnered a massive following and subscribers on her Youtube Channel. Below are some of Auntie Jemimah Photos

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Dj Mo And Size 8 Reborn Loses Their Child.

It was a sad day for The Muraya’s as they lose their unborn child. According to a video they released today on their Youtube channel, Size 8 reborn was seen on a hospital bed. According to Dj Mo, the doctors did all they could to save the infant. Dj Mo recalled receiving a phone call that his wife had been rushed to hospital. The doctors had to do an emergency cesarian to try and save the child. In tears, Size 8 reborn could be heard singing “Jesus Loves Me” during the surgery.

Size 8 and Dj Mo Children.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

This is their second child to lose. The mother of two had to be saved despite the high blood pressure. The couple lost another child in a horrific ordeal back in 2018. Size 8 thanked God for saving her life.

“The pressure has been high throughout the pregnancy. At some point we even had to change the medication to try and maintain it,” Size 8 said

“It’s not an easy thing being here. I have been there in all of them. It is good to support your wife,” DJ Mo said.


Jeremy Damaris Flies His Grandmother To Mombasa For A Vacation

Jeremy Damaris, a media personality and CEO of Diaspora Media left netizens delighted. This is after the middle-aged man took his aged grandmother on vacation to Mombasa by plane. She was very impressed and excited since it was her first time flying on a plane. The whole event was recorded and uploaded on his Youtube channel. The old woman enjoyed the view of the topography from the sky. The two boarded a plane from JKIA airport and later landed at Mombasa airport. They later went to the beach to enjoy themselves. The grandma could be seen chatting on the plane with his grandson who was showing her different parts in the plane

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

Jeremy Damaris Media {“title”:””,”number”:”3″,”show_date”:”1″} {“title”:”Radio Clock”,”time”:””,”seconds”:”1″,”day”:”full”,”date”:”1″,”month”:”full”}

“I cried when my cucu told me she had never imagined that she will ever come close to an aeroplane. She always see them in the sky,” he wrote on Facebook. 


“If you have your grandma or mother, give them this opportunity. Value them. My grandmother is very happy that she was able to come and see this wonderful place.”  He added

Kenyan Gay Dennis Karuri Rated The Best Make-up Artist. [PHOTOS]

  • Dennis Karuri Make-up
  • Dennis Karuri Photos

After coming up as gay. Dennis Karuri has been rated the best make-up artist in Kenya. From his elegant make-up art, he is so passionate about his career. The makeup industry has for decades been dominated by women. Karuri is the first in Kenya to come up in public to declare he is gay. He wears women’s outfits and makeup to look exactly like a woman. Although he has been criticized online due to his sexuality he is in no way giving in. Dennis Karuri likes to share his work on Instagram. Dennis Karuri has worked with some of the most popular female celebrities in Kenya.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

Dennis Karuri Photos


How To Promote Your Music To Get Played On Radios And Tvs 2021

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking HusbandWhat Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

Step By Step On How to Make Your Own Beats At Home And Record Super Vocals.

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What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking HusbandWhat Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

Step By Step On How to Make Your Own Beats At Home And Record Super Vocals.

  • how to promote your music online
  • how to submit your music to radio stations
  • how to record your music from home
  • promote your music for airplay free

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking HusbandWhat Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

Step By Step On How to Make Your Own Beats At Home And Record Super Vocals.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

  • Christina Shusho And Sammy Irungu Kikuyu song. Christina Shusho Kikuyu song
  • Christna Shusho Latest Song
  • Sammy Irungu latest Song

Celebrated Tanzanian Swahili songwriter and artist Christina Shusho have amazed many of her fans after producing a Kikuyu song in collaboration with Kenyan artist Sammy Irungu. Sammy Irungu has been producing amazing Kikuyu gospel songs that has been gracing peoples hearts for a while now. Sammy “Irungu Muthenya Wakwa” is his previously recorded song that has recieved good reception by his fans and hence getting alot of views in youtube. The two recorded their fist song together “TUINE RWIMBO” meaning lets sing a song. 

Photo: Sammy Irungu Ft Christina Shusho Song screenshot source: Youtube

Sammy Irungu Ft Christina Shusho Latest Song.

Its is amazing how Tanzanian singer Christina Shusho can sing Kikuyu so perfectly. The video has received over 190k views on Youtube. The two recorded the song days after an agreement. The song was recorded by Sammy Irungu’s Studio S2 Squared. Sammy Irungu Muthenya wakwa has been the best of all times.

“Chris Kirubi Was A Super Thief. May He Lot In Hell” Miguna Miguna

YouTube video player

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

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