Covering The Head And Uncovering The Thighs??. Akorino Model Carey Priscilla

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Instagram Self-proclaimed Akurino Model Carey Priscilla is one of a kind. Many Kenyans have been left mouth wide open after wondering how she still manages to stay in the Akorino doctrine and expose her body at the same time. According to the Akorino religious doctrine, a woman is not supposed to expose their body and they should also cover their head with a turban. The model who is also a makeup artist is kind of married to her loverBenito Muriu. Their relationship has been blossoming and netizens left admiring it. The two welcomed their firstborn. Many Kenyans have been left wondering how necessary is it to still cover her head but Expose her body.


Of late, Akurinos has adopted the new video-sharing TikTot with so many of them doing the odd in order to get more followers on the platform and be influential enough. There has also emerged a group of Akurions who are now producing Genngeton Music which is commonly known for its vulgar language.  It is not so long since the emerge of Model Carey Priscilla who has now been doing so well in the model industry. She's also a makeup artist who has worked with several celebrities in Kenya. Many Kenyans have criticized the model on social media with many of them asking her to remove her turban and slay as she wants. They claim she disgracing the Akurino Religion. The couple has been sharing their moment on Instagram. In 2019 the model shared photos of her parading her body in a black garment that was exposing too much of her body. She was forced to apologize.

“Chris Kirubi Was A Super Thief. May He Lot In Hell” Miguna Miguna


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“Chris Kirubi Was A Super Thief. May He Lot In Hell” Miguna Miguna

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Controversial Lawyer Migunu Miguna took it to his twitter account to send a message of condolence to family and friends of the late Chris Kirubi. Not only did he send condolence but also expressed his views on who The Kenyan Billionaire was. Chris Kirubi died on 14th June at 1 PM, this is according to a statement by his family. The business mogul died at the age of 80 after a long battle with cancer. The industrious man had invested in multiple companies cutting across media, manufacturing, real estate, and transport. Many Kenyans took to social media to send their condolences message while others took the opportunity to criticize him for what call living a selfish life.   Most of them said that having owned more than 10 companies and not even a single non-profitable charity was absurd. His death did not shock many as he has been ailing for quite a long time now. The Business mogul will be remembered for his motivational quotes and living a lavish life. He owned multiple high-end vehicles and even a private jet worth $30.5 Million.

The late Chris Kirubi. photo source EA Gossip.

The Canadian-Kenyan attorney Miguna Miguna is known for speaking frankly without fear. He was hurriedly deported from Kenya after trying to swear in former prime minister Raila Odinga after the 2017 elections. According to a statement, Miguna denounces his Kenyan citizenship when he acquired the Canadian. According to him it's a relief after the death of Kirubi.  

Miguna Miguna Source Google

My sincere condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Kenya's SUPER THIEF Chris KIRUBI. You destroyed Kenya in pursuit of GREED, selfishness, TRIBALISM and HATE. #MayYouLotInHell" Miguna Miguna

Mejja Latest Hit “Tabia Za Wakenya” Deleted On YouTube After Hitting 2 Million Views.

Gengeton artist Mejja AKA Okonkwo is now lamenting after his latest hit single tabia za wakenya was pulled down on Youtube on 11th June. The song which was released two weeks ago was already doing great having attracted over 2 Million views on Youtube. The song was pulled down after a copyright strike. The strike was requested by upcoming artist Bouja Bwuoy. The artist is claiming that the song was stolen from him. "The lyrics are matching his," he wrote. However, Mejja has vowed to deal with the artist since he is trying to mess with him.

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

Mejja's Stand After His Video Was Pulled Down On Youtibe.

Mejja Possing For A Photo Source : Facebook

 "I am done being the humble guy, I will deal with this one! I am so frustrated. According to YouTube rules, it doesn’t matter if I am right, I have to wait for two weeks before my video is uploaded" Mejja

Mejja was earlier accused of also stealing the same song from upcoming artist Rivena. He didint respond to the claims. Now Kenyans are confused as they dont know who exactly is telling the truth. Mejja confirmed that the strike was imposed by Bouja Bwuoy and refused to discuss the issue with Mejja. The track will now take two weed before being re-uploaded if the two resolves their differences. 

“You can slow me down but I am not giving in, God above everything,” Mejja said. 

This is his second song to be taken down on youtube. Naitwa Mejja song was the last to be pulled down on Youtube just 6 hours after it was uplaoded. 

Why Kikuyu Artist 90k Ka Msoo Is The Most Stylish Benga Star In Kenya [PHOTOS]

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Kikuyu mugithi star90k Ka Msoo is the most stylish artist in Kenya. From some of his outfits seen severally on television while performing, he is really voguish. Although his outfits are locally designed, they are very unique. 90k Ka Msoo came to fame on 2019 after releasing his 2 singles that most of his fans liked alot. The young stylish star is now becoming the next big thing in the Mugithi industry. 

Kikuyu mugithi artist 90k Ka Msoo posing for a photo  source: Facebook

The celebrated star has now released several benga style music locally known as Mugithi. His technique of playing guitar leaves a lot of Kenyans astonished. 90k plays his guitar from a reversed direction and also from over his shoulder. He has now been performing on several radio stations and Tv stations including Inooro Tv and Gukena Radio. His voice is also amazing and his music composition is also great. Below are some of his stylish photos taken from several events. 90K way art of performing on stage is wonderful and keeps his fans wanting to listen more of his music. 

90K Ka Msoo posing for a photo at Gukena Fm. Source: Facebook.


What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

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TV Personality and Radio presenter Hellen Muthoni has lamented lacking a husband since she has been waiting for long. The celebrated artist went as far as writing on her Facebook wall wanting her fans to advice her on what she has been doing wrong. Muthoni seemed frustrated. The Inooro Tv Sunday Morning show host(Rurumuka) has been single now for a long time and most of her fans believed she has been dating her co-host DJ Covenant until she came clean to oppose. Most of her fans gave her advice to lower her standard as that may be driving away her potential suitors. Other wen ahead to criticize her as they believed she might have drove some of the important proposals from Kenyans.  

The Kikuyu celebrated Gospel artist was even once proposed live on air by her co-host Dj Covenant back in 2019. In some of the unverified rumors, the two were dating until their breakup in early 2020. The duo was wearing matching outfits when presenting them for the show which doesn't happen nowadays. Dj Covenant Girlfriend is still unknown since he has kept her private life off social media 

Photo source Hellen Muthoni Facebook 

"Alafu, I have been single for years!!!!ebu give me advice as a CARING friend on what I could be doing wrong

Please note I said CARING, watu wa roho chafu na makasiriko , this is not your post, time yenu ikifika tutawaita " Hellen Wrote


"Alafu, I have been single for years!!!!ebu give me advice as a CARING friend on what I could be doing wrongPlease note I said CARING, watu wa roho chafu na makasiriko , this is not your post, time yenu ikifika tutawaita " Hellen Wrote


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Bishop Mercy Wa Ciama To Be Laid To Rest On 22nd At Murang’a. The Bill Is 2 Million.

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Bishop Mercy Wa Ciama will now be laid to rest on March 23. According to a statement by her family, the burial ceremony will take place at Kagunduini Polytechnic ground in Murang'a county. Wa Ciama will be buried at his matrimonial home. The woman of God died on 16th March after contracting Covid-19. She was taken to Murang'a referral hospital on Saturday 14 March with breathing difficulties. Bishop Mercy was admitted to the hospital but on Monday 16th she succumbed to the virus. 

The bishop was hosting a morning show at Njata Tv before moving to the newly launched Kiheo Tv. She was happily married to her husband and she had 3 kids. She however tried to keep her personal life private and off social media. The family is now requesting her fans to contribute whatever they have in order to settle her 2 Million bills. Her fans will be contributing through paybill number given by the Family. Bishop Mercy Waciama family has confirmed the burial date and updated to the fans. 

The bishop's last wish was to build the  Embracing God Evangelistic Church Thika as she had posted on her facebook page. 

"Praise God family I believe you are well in christ Jesus ,we thank God for this far that he has brought us ,the long awaited day is finally tomorrow . All roads will be leading to Embracing God Church thika kisii estate to our fundraising, we hope to see you tomorrow as we support this ministry(of building the house of the lord) . I know you have been praying for this day to be successful ,let's keep on praying until we see the success of the day for the glory of the lord .


Bishop Mercy Waciama

All are welcome" She Posted.


Bishop Mercy Waciama Is Dead. The Musician And Tv Presenter Died Today Morning.

Former Njata Tv presenter Bishop Mercy Waciama has been confirmed dead. The musician died on 16th March 2021. The family shared the news of her demise today morning. Mercy Waciama's death came at a time when people mourning the death of renowned Kikuyu artist Muriithi John Walker who died on Friday 12th March. He was laid to rest on 16th March. Mirithi John Walker died after ailing for a short period of time. It yet not clear the cause of Bishop Mercy Waciama's death. 

Many Kenyans went ahead to share the condolence to the family of the woman of God. She was hosting a gospel show at Njata Tv before leaving and working for Kiheo Tv. Mercy was an inspiration to many Kenyans and her music was uniquely composed. The country has lost 3 big artists in the first three months of 2021. It started with Mighty Salim who died on 24 January, Murithi John Walker followed on 12 March, and the Bishop Mercy Waciama on 16 March. Our sincere condolence to the family and friends. We will miss you dearly. 



Hollywood Actor Nicholas Cage Marries For The 5th Time. [Wedding Photos]

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American Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage married for the 5th time. The 56 years old married Riko Shibata, 26 years old in Nevada last month. It was a traditional Catholic ceremony with Shinto vows. Their outfit was unique and amazingly beautiful. This comes just 2 years after the divorce from his previous wife Erika Koike which lasted for only four days. Riko Shibata is a Japanese woman and Cage proposed to her in august over Facetime. Nicholas Cage has previously been married to Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley, and Patricia Arquetta. They later left on a horse ride chariot to their honeymoon. 


Nicholas Cage In his wedding last month Souce: TMZ

Musician Loise Kim Regrets Leaving her Husband. Urges Women To Stick To Their Marriage.

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Kikuyu Gospel Artist Loise Kim is now regretting leaving her husband. Loise in her Facebook page post has urged women to stick in their marriage no matter the situation. According to her, all men are the same, no one is better than the other. Loise has confirmed that life out of marriage is difficult. Leaving your man only because he cheated is meaningless. Loise added that you leave expecting to get a better man only to fall under in the hand of a philanderer.

"Am not here to encourage adultery or polygamy, but here is where the tyre touches the road. In this world I am in, I have learnt that,

1..No woman should leave her husband because he has taken another woman reason, no man is better than the other, just know how to handle him and solve your issues.

2.. If you leave your husband because he has taken another woman and you think that you will go and get a better man out there, am sorry you are wrong, what you will get is another philanderer who is worse than your husband. Fight for this man who belongs to you.

Therefore, women, stick to your men, know how to handle them, solve your issues and how you will change him.

Lakini kiulizo tu, is a man polygamous by nature?????????

Guku Nja ti kwega " Loise Kim Wrote

Edgar Obare Arrested By DCI After Stalking Celebrities And Politicians.

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Controversial Blogger Edgar Obare was on 4th March arrested by DCI. According to DCI Obare planed together with a lady to blackmail prominent governor cash. The lady was tutored to fake his pregnancy with the governor. The DCI conducted an investigation and realized the lady was not pregnant. She claimed Edgar recruited her in order to publish the fake story.  Edgar Obare will be aligned in Court on the 5th of March. He is under police custody at Kilimani police station. The lady was hence demanding 250,000 from the governor for upkeep before someone reported the matter to DCI. Edgar has been arrested several times after publishing stories that associate religious leaders, politicians, and celebrities with scandals.  

"The suspect who has had previous run-ins with the law for publishing false & malicious information regarding individuals and their families is once again a guest of the state. Detectives from the Cybercrime unit have uncovered an underworld network of criminals involving" DCI wrote