Size 8 and Dj Mo loses another child

Dj Mo And Size 8 Reborn Loses Their Child.

It was a sad day for The Muraya’s as they lose their unborn child. According to a video they released today on their Youtube channel, Size 8 reborn was seen on a hospital bed. According to Dj Mo, the doctors did all they could to save the infant. Dj Mo recalled receiving a phone call that his wife had been rushed to hospital. The doctors had to do an emergency cesarian to try and save the child. In tears, Size 8 reborn could be heard singing “Jesus Loves Me” during the surgery.

Size 8 and Dj Mo Children.

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This is their second child to lose. The mother of two had to be saved despite the high blood pressure. The couple lost another child in a horrific ordeal back in 2018. Size 8 thanked God for saving her life.

“The pressure has been high throughout the pregnancy. At some point we even had to change the medication to try and maintain it,” Size 8 said

“It’s not an easy thing being here. I have been there in all of them. It is good to support your wife,” DJ Mo said.


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