Amin Mohamed Ibrahim Biography, Age, Education, Family and Networth

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Amin Mohamed Ibrahim was on 14th October 2022 gazetted as the new Director of Criminal Investigation after he was appointed by President William Ruto. Amin was was later vetted and approved to succeed former DCI boss George Kinoti. George Kinoti who served the role since 2018 resigned from the post earlier September after President William Ruto took over the country from his predecessor former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Amin Ibrahim was among 10 candidates shortlisted from over 220 applicants who expressed their interest in taking over from Kinoti. Kinoti resigned after pressure from the current Government. During pre-campaign and campaign season, he was largely accused by Kenya Kwanza team of using his position to intimidate them in conjunction with KRA. He was allegedly accused of collaborating with the government to push its Agenda.

IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 30 of the National Police Service Act, 2011, I, William Samoei Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces appoint AMIN MOHAMED IBRAHIM to be the Director, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI),” reads a gazette notice dated October 14.

Amin Mohamed Ibrahim Profile and Experience.

Amin Mohamed Ibrahim
Amin Mohamed Ibrahim posing for a photo during a past event. Source UTM

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Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta Biography, Career, Age, Education And Family

Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga Biography, Age, Career, Experience, Education And Family.

The new DCI boss was serving as Director of internal affairs unit at the National police service (NPSC).

Speaking to media earlier said he is confidence that he will pass the vetting process. “My expectations is that I will be the next DCI boss,” Amin told journalists after he was vetted. He also promised to serve without bias to push the government’s ideology and streamline the directorate.

More information about the new DCI boss will be updated soon.

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Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta Biography, Career, Age, Education And Family

  • Damaris Agnetta
  • Lieutenant colonel Damaris Agnetta
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  • Deputy ADC Damaris Agnetta

Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta is a Kenyan military officer serving the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) the Kenya Army division. Lt Col Agnetta was appointed to deputize president William Ruto’s Aide-de-Camp Col. Fabian Lengusuranga on October 4 2022. They both replaced Timothy Lekolol former ADC and Rachael Nduta who served as deputy Aide-de-Camp. Rachael Nduta was appointed by former president Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018 as the first ever woman as ADC. Rachael Nduta was later promoted from Lt Colonel to a full Colonel and reassigned to the Department of Defence (DoD). Damaris Agnetta has been serving as an artillery officer in the Kenya Army since she was commissioned in 2003. Former ADC Timothy Lekolol Stelu was also promoted from a Colonel to a Brigadier.

Col. Fabian Lengusuranga during Ruto visit in Nyeri. Behind him is Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol, former Aide-de-Camp Photo Source : Statehouse Kenya
Col. Fabian Lengusuranga during Ruto visit in Nyeri. Behind him is Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol, former Aide-de-Camp Photo Source : Statehouse Kenya

Lt. Col. Damaris Agnetta Profile as a service woman

Col Rachael Nduta
President William Samoei Ruto, behind him is former deputy Aide-de-Camp Colonel Rachael Nduta

Agnetta was was commissioned in 2003 and is a degree holder. She is a very experienced and disciplined military officer thus raising to a rank of a Lieutenant colonel. Agnetta is 4 ranks (Colonel, Brigadier, Lieutenant General, Major General)  down to becoming General. The general is the highest rank in the Kenya army and commands the KDF. There can only one General at any given time. The current military General is Robert Kabochi. To become an ADC one must be in the rank of a Lieutenant colonel or a full Colonel and above. Agnetta becomes the second woman deputy ADC.

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The work of Aide-de-Camp

Fabian Lengusuranga
New president William Ruto’s Aide-de-Camp Col Fabian Lengusuranga in Nyeri during D.P Rigathi Gachagua elder brother’s burial

An ADC is a highly-trained senior military officer, who is required to be part of the president’s itinerary at all times. Most of his tasks is ceremonial as serves as an aide  VVIP to the head of state.

“An ADC is a highly-trained senior military officer, who is required to be part of the president’s itinerary at all times.” Colonel Esther Wanjiku KDF spokes person


Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga Biography, Age, Career, Experience, Education And Family.

  • Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga
  • Col Fabian Lengusuranga
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  • L.t Col. Damaris Agnetta
  • President William Ruto’s bodyguard
  • President William Ruto’s ADC

On 5th October 2022 was spotted with a new Aide-de-Camp at Nyeri where he attended D.P Rigathi Gachagua elder brother’s burial who died last week. Colonel Lengusuranga will now serve president William Ruto as his Aide-de-Camp and will be deputized by Lieutenant colonel Damaris Agnetta from Kenya Army.

Fabian Lengusuranga
New president William Ruto’s Aide-de-Camp Col Fabian Lengusuranga in Nyeri during D.P Rigathi Gachagua elder brother’s burial

Col. Lengusuranga who is also from Kenya Army replaced former President Uhuru Kenyatta Aide-de-Camp Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol from Kenya Navy who has been deployed to Department of Defence (DoD). His deputy Lt. Col. Damaris Agnetta replaced Rachael Nduta Kamui who has been promoted to full Colonel and also deployed to Department of Defence DoD. Damaris Agnetta has been serving Kenya Army since she was commissioned in 2003 and has achieved  alot in her service hence ranking to high.

Who Is Col. Fabian Lengusuranga?

Col. Fabian Lengusuranga during Ruto visit in Nyeri. Behind him is Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol, former Aide-de-Camp Photo Source : Statehouse Kenya
Col. Fabian Lengusuranga during Ruto visit in Nyeri. Behind him is Brigadier Timothy Stelu Lekolol, former Aide-de-Camp Photo Source : Statehouse Kenya

Col Fabian was commissioned in 1999 and has been in Kenya Army service for the last 23 years. Lengusuranga is a very experienced military officer well decorated with ranks from junior to senior ranks.

Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta

The military officer is a martial arts expert and has trained in France, Israel and England. Fabian is married and have children although this information is yet to be made public

What is Aide-de-Camp and what is their role

The selection of Aide-de-Camps is in normal cases done after consultation with the National Defence Council. They can be selected from the 3 categories of Kenya Defense Forces (Kenya Army, Kenya Navy, Kenya Airforce). It is believed that the period in which the ADC will serve will depend on several issues, including age, but most of them serve in that capacity for three years.

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Other key roles an ADC performs away from the obvious perceived standing behind the President and opening doors when the Head of State travels include detail leader, assistant detail leader, tactical commander, motorcade lead, advance lead, mobile agent, static agent and protective intelligence agent.

Were will continue to update this biography as we get information.

Melissa Ng’ania Biography, Age, Career, Family and Networth

  • Melissa Ng’ania Biography
  • Melissa Ng’ania age
  • Melissa Ng’ania tribe and Family.

Melissa Ng’ania is a young female lawyer making headlines in Kenyan Law industry after her assignments in the presidential election petitions proceedings at the supreme court of Kenya. Melissa who is only 38 (2022) is a masters degree holder from Kenya school if law and currently the youngest counsel at the high court and the supreme of Kenya. Ng’ania is representing William Ruto in the supreme court’s election petition. Melissa Ng’ania became a talk of the town after she was spotted among President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legal team that was representing him in 2017 general Election petition against former prime minister Hon Raila Odinga.

Melissa Ng’ania background and early life.

Melissa Ng'ania
High court lawyer Melissa Ng’ania during a past court proceedings

Lawyer Melisa was born in 1980 and she is the last born in a family of 6. She was born in Mt. Elegon region Saboat community that borders Kenya and Uganda. She was raised in Kitale town, Trans Nzoia where she attended her primary school and later proceeded to Tororo High school base in Uganda where she did her “O” level. She later attended Makerere University and did a Bachelor of Law ( LLB).  After returning to Kenya, She joined Kenya School of Law where she did her Master’s Degree. She was admitted to the bar on 2011. She has been practicing law for the last 12 years. Melissa has thrived in a male dominated industry. The lawyer replaced Kethi Kilonzo.

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Career and Skills.

Ng’ania has work with eminent law firms in Kenya. In 2012 she joined Havi and Company Advocates. A lay firm founded and owned by former Law society of Kenya (LSK) Nelson Havi. She later partnered with Steve Wairegi to establish Wairegi and company associates.  Her skills are as follows:-

  • Litigation
  • Criminal justice
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Human rights
  • Constitution law.

Family and Networth

Melissa Ng’ania is married although her husband in not known to the public. The lawyer live a lavish life driving high end vehicles.  She is estimated to be worth $250,000 ( Ksh 27M)


Lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu Biography, Age, Career, Family and Networth.

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D.r Muthomi Thiankolu is a Kenyan Lawyer and a lecturer at The University of Nairobi. He is also a partner at Muthomi and Karanja Advocates Co. Ltd.  His profession is in the public procurement, Constitution disputes, International law as well as Administrative Law. Muthomi Thiankolu holds a PhD, master and bachelor in law from various universities. Muthomi was born and raised in Meru region and is one of the best lawyers in Kenya. He is representing Kenya Kwanza and William Ruto in the supreme court of Kenya in a presidential election petition filed by Azimio La Umoja. Muthomi has also handled other cases in superior courts of Kenya and the East Africa Court Of Justice.

Muthomi Thiankolu
Senior counsel Muthomi Thiankolu photo source/ UTM

Education background

2001-2005 – Bachelor of Law ( LLB) university of Nairobi. First class upper division honers.

2008-2009 – Masters of Law ( LLM) University of Warwick UK. Distinction.

Undefined  – Doctorate from the University of Nairobi

Work career and experience

September 2007 – April 2012. Mohammed Muigai Advocates Co. Muthomi worked as Head of legal consultancy and advisory department.

May 2012- Present. Muthomi and Karanja Advocates Co. Working as legal counsel presenting various superior cases.

Lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu
Lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu during court session in Nairobi. Photo source/ Google


  • Litigation
  • Legal research
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Constitution law
  • International law
  • Human rights
  • Public procurement

Muthomi Thiankolu Family and Networth

Lawyer muthomi
Lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu posing for a photo. Source/ Twitter

Thiankolu is married with several kids ( not defined), He lives in one of the most prestigious estates in Nairobi and his Networth is not revealed to the public. Muthomi drives high end vehicles and has been practicing law for the last 15 years. He is 44 years old.


Joseph Kariuki Kiarutara Biography, Age, Relationship, Networth and Marriage.

Joseph Kariuki Kiarutara is a Kikuyu benga and mugithi musician popularly know as Kariuki wa Kiarutara. He was born in the early 1960s. The musician acquired the name Kiarutara after together with his friends co-founded Kiarutara boys mwanzo band back in 1985. The band was named after their home town Kiarutara in Gatanga subcounty Murang’a county

Early life and Education

Kiarutara started his education life at Gatanga subcounty Kiarutara village school now Kiarutara primary school around 1967’s and later joined Kiarutara Secondary school and completed his education around 1980. He later went in Githurai Nairobi county to look for a job where he lived with his 2 friends before he could settle.

Kariuki Kiarutara
Joseph Kiarutara recording a song at his studio in Nairobi. Source Facebook

Music Career

Joseph Kiarutara was inspired musically by the late Joseph Kamuru who was already thriving in his music career and the late John Ndichu from Murang’a. Kariuki recorded his first track in 1984 in Nairobi river road studios (Riverrori). He was the fist musician in Kiarutara village and his entire family to record music. Gatanga have produced many iconic artists including John Demethew, Timona Mburu among many others. In early life, Kiarutara was a guitarist in his Kiarutara village church. Joseph recorded several songs before his first hit (wira ni wira) work is work wich he released in 1990.


Kiarutara has then recorded more than 25 albums and more than 180 recorded songs with many more composed which he plans to record in the near future.

Some of the greatest hits he have recorded include

  • Ututo Muritu
  • Reke tûrîmo
  • Ciûmbani
  • Waruhiti
  • Mbarî ya mwenda njerû
  • Wî tirimie naguo among many more
Joseph Kiarutara
Kiarutara during his video recording.


Kariuki Kiarutara music has addressed alot of issue affecting people around his community and the whole country at large. He addressed political issue, love and condemned the authority for oppressing the poor.

Kariuki Kiarutara Networth.

Joseph is not worth alot since his music career was deeply affected after he went exile for many years. This was after he condemned the governance of the late president Daniel Moi who was the second president of Kenya. The artist bought his first car in 2021 after he held a fundraiser concert. He is however estimated to be worth approximately $100,000 ( Ksh 12,000,000)

Kiarutara Marriage

Kariuki is married and have 4 kids who aspires to be musician in future just like their dad. Kariuki has also inspired alo of artists that are now making a name in the industry. There has been allegations and people spreading lies that Kariuki Kiarutara died which we strongly refute. The artist is actually doing very well and will be releasing songs.

Good News For Kenyans. Maize Flour Prices Drop To Ksh 100 Per 2Kg Pack

Kenyans can now smile after the government slashes Unga prices. The prices had shot up to Ksh 230 per 2 kg pack in the past 6 month due to unavailability of maize by millers. Agriculture CS Munya announced that the prices will remain that way for the next 4weeks before the first batch of imported maize arrives at Mombasa Port.

Cs Munya photo
CS Munya speaking at a past event. Source/Facebook

THE MAIZE SUBSIDYAccording to the government the prices of the commodity will cont not more than 100 2 kg pack and not more than 55 per 1kg pack effective tiday 18th July 2022″If we can have direct government talk to scrap export permit levy, then the price of maize will come down and this will impact on the cost of the final product,” said UGMA chairman Ken Nyaga

Ugali photo
A photo of Ugali

15 Sexy Photos Of Rev Lucy Natasha And Her Husband, Age And Biography.

  • Rev Lucy Natasha
  • Lucy Natasha
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Hot Photos Of Rev Lucy Natasha And Her Husband.

Rev  Lucy Natasha is a well-renowned city preacher who has been on the Lame Light for the past few years. Natasha Used to preach online on Facebook Live and Instagram Live until she Launched her Church. Natasha branded herself Oracle of God.  The preacher has been spreading the Gospel Internationally, this includes Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa. Rev Lucy Natasha is also an author of Christian books.  She is a Kenyan by Birth.

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Rev Lucy Natasha with her husband Carmel
rev lucy natasha and her husband carmel

Rev Lucy Natasha Age

When Was Rev Lucy Natasha Born?

How To File KRA Returns 2022. Step-by-Step. With Photos

Lucy Natasha was born on July 23rd, 1992. Natasha is 29 years old now. The gorgeous Preacher was born in Huruma, Eastland estate, Nairobi Kenya.  Natasha is approximately 80 Kilograms in weight and about 5.2 Ft Tall.. She is a pastor by profession and has accrued a huge amount of wealth through donations. The preacher does not operate any other known Business despite driving expensive cars and living a Lavish life.

Rev Lucy Natasha
Rev Lucy Natasha Net worth source Google

Rev Lucy Natasha Wedding and Husband

Reverend Lucy Natasha met her husband Prophet Carmel back in 2020 but she introduced her to the social media family later in 2021. The two lovebirds got married in a traditional wedding on January 22, 2022.  Prophet Carmel in an interview revealed he first saw Natasha in a video preaching. The Canadian-based Indian explained how he inboxed her lover who never responded but later gave in after a few months.

Rev Lucy Natasha with her husband Carmel
rev lucy Natasha and her husband Carmel

images 10

Lucy Natasha’s Net Worth

According to unverified sources, The preacher is estimated to be worth about USD 5.5 Million. This is Equivalent to Ksh 600 Million. Natasha owns a private Jet and 6 high-end Vehicles.

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Lucy Natasha Tattoo.

Lucy Natasha TattooRev Lucy Natasha seems to be the only gospel preacher with tattoos. This was first spotted by her followers after she was spotted wearing a hot pair of shorts. This made many of her followers raise questions and concerns regarding whether she is really born again.

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Rev Lucy Natasha private Jet
Natasha showing her chopper source Facebook

Hot Photos Of Rev Lucy Natasha and Her Husband Prophet Carmel.

Rev Lucy Natasha with her husband Carmel
rev lucy natasha and her husband carmel

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Vera Sidika Child Photos That Proves She Is A Real Cutie 2022

  • Vera Sidika Child photos
  • Asia Brown photos
  • Brown Mauzo Child Photos

Vera Sidika child latest photos prove she is a real Angel. Asia Brown who is Vera’s and Brown Mauzo’s daughter is now on social media. The artist and Social could not hide their joy on social media as they revealed their child’s face. It all started with a baby bump, baby shower and now Asia is a social media user. The baby is now two months and she has really grown. Although some of their fans think it’s too early to expose their child, the couple doesn’t have a problem with it. They even opened social media accounts for her where she has already gained thousands of followers. Asia Brown looks more like her dad Mauzo than Vera. She even has curly hair.

Brown Mauzo And Vera Sidika’s Cute Child Photos 2022.

Vera and Mauzo have now been together for about 2 years after the socialite dramatically broke up with her ex-boyfriend who is also a music artist. Vera Sidika broke up with Otile brown after dating for a few months. Although in the latest stories the two claim to be friends, Otile is not allowed to Brown Mauzo’s daughter Asia Brown.


Lawyer Brian Khaemba Tell The Court He Spoke To Deceased. Presents Evidence. [Photos]

Lawyer Brian Khaemba on 10th November at Milimani Law Courts shocked everybody after he claimed to have spoken to a woman who is presumed dead. Khaemba represents Lucy Waithera in a murder case. Waithera is suspected to have murdered Dysseleer Miriellewho was a white settler. Mirelle was a Belgian national better known as alias Leila Mirielle Lesoipa

“Please help my friends they are innocent and am alive… my lover is behind this… I sold all my properties, am scared for Lucy because she took all, he got jealous and has been threatening I hope she finds peace, someone big is involved and am scared for her please, she is my only best friend,” read the messages.

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 11 at 15.28.05Khaemba Shocking Evidence.

Before Justice Daniel Ogembo, lawyer Khaemba represented screenshots of his alleged communication with Miriellewhere her requested testify on the innocence of his client. The alleged Mirrele confirmed that she sold all her properties to the accused. The accused, according to the statement befriended the Deceased when she later murdered her to own her properties. The photo that was presented before the court of Miriellehowever did not in any way resemble the deceased.

The Investigation Was Forwarded to DCI For Further Investigation.

According to investigations, The phone number said to have contacted the lawyer is not registered to Mirriele. The phone number belongs to someone else and was located in Nairobi at the time of contact. The case will now be investigated by the Directorate of criminal investigation (DCI)

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married


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