Could Cardi B Be A Bi-sexual ? Check What Happened On Her Music Video Shoot. (PHOTOS)

American pop star and rapper Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar AKA Cardi B might be a bi-sexual, this is a hidden character that she has never shown publicly. Cardi B was born and raised in New York on 11th October 1992. The 28 years old became an internet celebrity on Vine and Instagram. She became more famous after recording her Gangsta bitch music album. Cardi B who has one child Kulture Kiari Cephus has so far recorded 4 albums. She resembles Nicki Minaj who is also an American Rapper.

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

From information fetched from the wild video side video with Normani, the two were literally slithering each other looking soo horny and attracted to each other. Nobody can resist the affection demonstrated by both. During the behind the scenes of Rumours, Lizzo said Cardi whispered the wildest thing in her ear, "i want to eat your p**sy" she responded by saying she thought that Cardi was being serious and wasn't surprised because she's always talking about her "fat cat" Cardi has never shown this trait before and everyone now thinks she has been a bi from the beginning. She is however yet to respond to the claims.

Samidoh And Karen Nyamu Were Clout Chasing To Release New Song.

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Samidoh and Karen Nyamu photos have now been trending for a whole weekafter their assult drama. Kenyan Benga singer Muchoki Aka Samidoh has now entered the list of the artists who clout chase to get followers especially when they are releasing new songs. They usually do script/planned dramas and scandals in order to trend and captures people's attention online only to later release new video songs. Samidoh and Karen Nyamu's drama has now been trending for the whole of this week. This came after Nyamu went Live on her Instagram account to expose how singer Samidoh allegedly assaulted and insulted her.

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

Samidohs wife and Karen Nyamu photo Source: Facebook
In the video, Karen Nyamu claimed that the singer punched her in the face and calling her a prostitute. The city Lawyer also claimed that she is 3 months pregnant for the artist. The two already sired a child late last year after denying several times to be in a relationship. Samidoh even publicly on national television claimed they were just friends. The singer is yet to respond to the claims.
Samidoh and Karen Nyamu Photo. Source Facebook
The drama began when the two started to spend time together and even share their photos online. Karen even went ahead to insult Samidoh's wife online using pseudo accounts. This forced the singer to make a public apology to his fans through a Facebook post. The post received over 120k likes and more than 20k comments Now the drama looked liked cooked to help the singer trend and then release a new song. Samidoh released his new song on 14th August 2021. This comes just a few days after their drama with his mpango wa Kando. Many Kenyan artists have used this technique before among them being Size 8, Ringtone, and Bahati. .

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

Trio Mio Photos 2021 That Resembles E-sir’s

Trio Mio's latest photos show he resembles exactly E-sir. E--sir is late music founding father. E-sir's music was one of the best Kenyan urban music styles that paved way for the current music genre. The music Legend was born in 1982 in Kiambu county in Kenya. 21 years later the legend E-sir died after a tragic road accident. His death shocked a lot of Kenyans. E-sir died just 2 years after starting her music journey, he died at the age of 21. Kenyan current E-sir version Trio Mio is now taking over the music industry. Trio Mio who is currently 16 years old and just in Form 2 has proved that he has what it takes to fit into E-sir's shoes. The two have so many things in common and even they look exactly alike. Below is Trio Mio's latest Photos

The cheza kama wewe hitmaker doesn't hesitate to share photos of her mother. According to him, his mother has been the best support in his music career. Below is a photo of them posing after receiving the Boom Play Award. Her mother looks young and lovely and definitely that's a true reflection of him
"Made my momma smile courtesy of @boomplaymusicke Everyday should be #mothersday" Trio Mio Captioned on Instagram

I Refused To Sign A Deal With A Huge Alcohol Brand Because Of My Faith. Zuchu

Wasafi (WCB) star Zuhura Othman Soud AKA Zuchu has revealed that she refused to sign a promotion deal with one of the best alcohol brands in East Africa due to her religious belief. Zuchu claimed that she doesn't take alcohol since her faith doesn't allow it. Zuchu is one of the best principled female artists in the region. She had previously revealed that she has never had sex with anyone in the music industry in order to get a favour. Zuchu who is a Muslim has managed to stay out of scandals since she rose to fame hence portraying her high level of discipline. The Sukari Hitmaker became famous after her "number one" single featuring Wasafi's singer Rayvanny. She has since been doing great in her music career.

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

Zuchu posing for a photo source Facebook

"Nisingekuwa nimewatendea haki wale wau. Unapotangaza kinywaji, ni lazima ukinywe na mimi sio mtumiaji wa vileo. Mama yangu aliniomba sana, akasema nakuruhusu ufanye vyote lakini pombe usije ukatangaza na mimi ndani yangu pia, sio kitu ambacho ningependa kukirepresent. Hiyo deal ilikuwa kama robo bilioni," Zuchu

If You Are Tired Of My Pregnancy Journey And Photos, Unfollow Me Or DM Me I Block You

Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has warned her haters on social media. Vera Sidika now wants those who are not comfortable with her sharing pregnancy photos and experiences to unfollow her on social media platforms. She has also warned them to keep off her social walls or DM her and she will block them forever. The social media sensation has now been married to Musician Brown Mauzo for the last 2 years after a dramatic break up with Kenya Musician Otile Brown.

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

The socialite has been sharing most of her pregnancy experience online. She even lately held a gender reveal party at Karen which stirred mixed reactions online. Her pregnancy comes a few months after rumors she was barren. She however proved them wrong after she shared photos of her blooming belly which she had managed to keep secret for few months. There however seemed like a storm over paradise after her husband Brown Mauzo missed the"important" gender party. Mauzo later shared photos of him enjoying life at Mombasa.
Vera Sidika posing for a photo during a gender reveal party at Karen Nairobi. Photo source : Instagram

Zari Separates From Her Lover. “I Had To Let Him Go” Fans Confused

Tanzanian star Diamond Platinumz Ex-wife has hinted at separating from his boyfriend King Bae. The two have been dating since last year until they went public earlier this year. The Ugandan businesswoman Relocated to South Africa at a time when she was still with Diamond Platinumz. The mother of five two among them being diamonds is well known for dating prominent super-rich guys around East Africa. Zari Boss Lady left many of her fans presuming that she separated From her current boyfriend King Bae after a post she shared online. Zari has been visiting her ex-husband Diamond Platinumz together with her kid. Although they opposed that they are still together, she used to spend time at Diamond's house. 

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

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Zari's Lover King Bae. Photo Source Archives

For the last few weeks, King Bae has been missing in most of Zari's occasions which seemed odd. This started happening after Boss Lady's last visit to Diamond Platinumz's house in Tanzania in early July. Although she claimed that her bae is ok with her visiting and spending time with diamond, everything seemed off with fans claiming they are moving in together.  

"From day one I told King Bae that Diamond would be in town and would spend time with the kids," Zari said in an interview.

Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan Possing For A Photo. Source Facebook

"They had no one to cook for them, he called me and told me to be cooking for them because there was no one to cook for them. I talked to my husband and he said it was fine I could cook for them. She added

Zari earlier said King Bae had no problem with her visiting Diamond and her kids since he also did the same with his Kids sired with his ex-wife. She also revealed that king Bae doesn't live with her. "he leaves to his house in the evening and comes the next day. 

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Dont Dare To Go To The Naivasha Rally. Radio Presenter Nyoks Wa Katta Tells Hubby.

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Royal Media Inooro Fm Radio presenter Nyoks Wa Katta has in advance warned his husband against going to the popular Naivasha Safari rally. The rallies are set to go down on Saturday 26th June with thousand of Kenyans preparing to attend. Nyoks warned his husband who is also a radio personality at Media Max Kameme Radio. According to Nyoks Wa Katta, She knows exactly when his husband leaves his workplace and so no excuse as to why he should not be at home that day. "Man Saimo na Katta" hosts an evening show at Kameme Fm every Monday to Friday. The duo was formerly working for Coro Fm before moving to Inooro Fm and later the current station. Nyoks Wa Katta developed her Radio career at Coro Fm before saying goodbye to the station and joining Inooro. Nyoks now hosts Migithi every Friday. 

Writting on he facebook page, Nyoks Wa Katta jokingly said that wives might suffer because of the Rally. The Subaru boys are also expected to show off their skills of how good they are at snatching other men's girlfriends. 
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"Weee oga kabisaaaa ..chapa ruku Sana . Naangaria saaa watigia ithaa rimwe na ndagika naitiniiii uinuke.... Najua kambuni yenu hawafanyii show Naivasha... Sijasikia kitangaso...Sisi mabibi wa mbuzi tuko masho Sana.... Mwambie mama amejua vile mumepanga.... hautamake kufika huko... Na token inalia Baba naniiii say no to safari rarry ... We cannot. Kattaj katta' Nyoks  Wa Katta Wrote

Katta And Nyoks having a good time together. source Facebook

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

According to the radio personality, real wives are now on the look on how men will behave this weekend. Kenyans are excited to host the world safari rally after a very long time. It's a break from the covid situation now when only a few Kenyans vaccinated against the virus. The hotels and camping sites are reportedly booked to capacity. A lot of foreigners are expected to participate in the event with some roads getting closed on Friday night for commercial vehicles to pave way for the rally. 

Man Saimo And Katta Possing For A Photo source: Facebook

“Chris Kirubi Was A Super Thief. May He Lot In Hell” Miguna Miguna

Covering The Head And Uncovering The Thighs??. Akorino Model Carey Priscilla

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Instagram Self-proclaimed Akurino Model Carey Priscilla is one of a kind. Many Kenyans have been left mouth wide open after wondering how she still manages to stay in the Akorino doctrine and expose her body at the same time. According to the Akorino religious doctrine, a woman is not supposed to expose their body and they should also cover their head with a turban. The model who is also a makeup artist is kind of married to her loverBenito Muriu. Their relationship has been blossoming and netizens left admiring it. The two welcomed their firstborn. Many Kenyans have been left wondering how necessary is it to still cover her head but Expose her body.


Of late, Akurinos has adopted the new video-sharing TikTot with so many of them doing the odd in order to get more followers on the platform and be influential enough. There has also emerged a group of Akurions who are now producing Genngeton Music which is commonly known for its vulgar language.  It is not so long since the emerge of Model Carey Priscilla who has now been doing so well in the model industry. She's also a makeup artist who has worked with several celebrities in Kenya. Many Kenyans have criticized the model on social media with many of them asking her to remove her turban and slay as she wants. They claim she disgracing the Akurino Religion. The couple has been sharing their moment on Instagram. In 2019 the model shared photos of her parading her body in a black garment that was exposing too much of her body. She was forced to apologize.

“Chris Kirubi Was A Super Thief. May He Lot In Hell” Miguna Miguna


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“Chris Kirubi Was A Super Thief. May He Lot In Hell” Miguna Miguna

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Controversial Lawyer Migunu Miguna took it to his twitter account to send a message of condolence to family and friends of the late Chris Kirubi. Not only did he send condolence but also expressed his views on who The Kenyan Billionaire was. Chris Kirubi died on 14th June at 1 PM, this is according to a statement by his family. The business mogul died at the age of 80 after a long battle with cancer. The industrious man had invested in multiple companies cutting across media, manufacturing, real estate, and transport. Many Kenyans took to social media to send their condolences message while others took the opportunity to criticize him for what call living a selfish life.   Most of them said that having owned more than 10 companies and not even a single non-profitable charity was absurd. His death did not shock many as he has been ailing for quite a long time now. The Business mogul will be remembered for his motivational quotes and living a lavish life. He owned multiple high-end vehicles and even a private jet worth $30.5 Million.

The late Chris Kirubi. photo source EA Gossip.

The Canadian-Kenyan attorney Miguna Miguna is known for speaking frankly without fear. He was hurriedly deported from Kenya after trying to swear in former prime minister Raila Odinga after the 2017 elections. According to a statement, Miguna denounces his Kenyan citizenship when he acquired the Canadian. According to him it's a relief after the death of Kirubi.  

Miguna Miguna Source Google

My sincere condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Kenya's SUPER THIEF Chris KIRUBI. You destroyed Kenya in pursuit of GREED, selfishness, TRIBALISM and HATE. #MayYouLotInHell" Miguna Miguna

Mejja Latest Hit “Tabia Za Wakenya” Deleted On YouTube After Hitting 2 Million Views.

Gengeton artist Mejja AKA Okonkwo is now lamenting after his latest hit single tabia za wakenya was pulled down on Youtube on 11th June. The song which was released two weeks ago was already doing great having attracted over 2 Million views on Youtube. The song was pulled down after a copyright strike. The strike was requested by upcoming artist Bouja Bwuoy. The artist is claiming that the song was stolen from him. "The lyrics are matching his," he wrote. However, Mejja has vowed to deal with the artist since he is trying to mess with him.

What Am I Doing Wrong?. Tv Personality Hellen Muthoni Laments Lacking Husband

Mejja's Stand After His Video Was Pulled Down On Youtibe.

Mejja Possing For A Photo Source : Facebook

 "I am done being the humble guy, I will deal with this one! I am so frustrated. According to YouTube rules, it doesn’t matter if I am right, I have to wait for two weeks before my video is uploaded" Mejja

Mejja was earlier accused of also stealing the same song from upcoming artist Rivena. He didint respond to the claims. Now Kenyans are confused as they dont know who exactly is telling the truth. Mejja confirmed that the strike was imposed by Bouja Bwuoy and refused to discuss the issue with Mejja. The track will now take two weed before being re-uploaded if the two resolves their differences. 

“You can slow me down but I am not giving in, God above everything,” Mejja said. 

This is his second song to be taken down on youtube. Naitwa Mejja song was the last to be pulled down on Youtube just 6 hours after it was uplaoded.