Tanasha Donna Takes Her Kid To Diamond To Spend Some Quality Time Together

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Kenyan Star Tanasha Donna has taken her son Naseeb Junior to wasafi Tanzania to spend some quality time with his father. The two have not met for a period of time now and there were claims that Diamond doesn't support his son. This comes a few days after Diamond's other kid paid him a visit last year. The kids live with their mother, Diamonds Ex-wife Zari in South Africa. According to a video shared on Instagram account, the two were enjoying watching cartoons together. Diamond separated with Tanasha Donna early last year for unknown reasons. Naseeb Junior resembles him and fans went ahead to make fun out of them 


Kabi Wa Jesus Had A Child With His Cousin. Ruth His Other Cousin From USA Reveals

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Things are getting messy for Kabi Wa Jesus. This comes after his cousin from the United States by the name Ruth Wahu clarified Abby's case. Ruth explained that Kabi is obviously denying that he has a child. According to Ruth, Kabi was in an intimate relationship with his cousin Shiku. Kabi even went to see the child at the hospital together with his current wife Milly was Jesus. Kabi dispersed after the kid was born and they have been unable to reach him. Ruth Wahu was sharing this live on Instagram with blogger Edgar Obare. She went ahead to explain the Kabi hurriedly went home to convince the family not to expose him about the child. Milly Wa Jesus.

Kabi went ahead to premiere a video on youtube to claim the allegations are false. They said the letter which was alleged to come from a lawyer was false. According to blogger Edgar Obare, the letter was checked for authentication and was ok. The wa Jesus family claimed that it's the work of the "devil" to try and ruin them. We will still be waiting for how the whole story will unfold. more on Wa Jesus Family and Milly was jesus?. subscribe

Legalize Marijuana. This Will Help The Country Pay Its Debt. Bensoul Advise To Government.

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Speaking to comedian Jalang'o on yesterday's episode of Bonga Na Jalas on YouTube, Bensoul pleaded with the government to legalize the"herb". According to Bensoul marijuana is safer than normal cigarettes and alcohol. Ogopa Nairobi hitmaker went ahead to describe how countries that have legalized marijuana ha progressed within a short period of time. According to him, Rwanda is far ahead of many countries after legalizing the growing of marijuana for export. As of now, 17 states in the USA have legalized marijuana fully. More than 25 states have also legalized it on medicinal purposes. Bensoul nairobi. Read more on Legalize Marijuana

"County like canada walilipa deni yao the next day after legalizing. Angalia country kama rwanda, nkama wamepanda Ndege sisi tukia kwa SGR." Bensoul told Jalas. 


Kenyans Never Disappoint, Social Media FBI Now have All The Pictures Of Kabi Wa Jesus Daughter With Mum.

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Kenyans don't take allegations easily. They will even go an extra mile to investigate to the best of their knowledge. After a woman came forward to claim that Kabi Wa Jesus has a 7-year-old kid, now the photo of the kid from 2013 has been found. The investigations officially started yesterday and by now there is a shred of strong evidence to support the case. The photos of the kid dated back in 2013 were shared on Kabi Wa Jesus Account before he became famous. The girl who has been identified as Abigael alias Abby was still an infant during that time. The anonymous woman came forward to expose Wa Jesus family at Edgar Obares Instagram account. She claimed that they have tried to reach Wa Jesus' family but unfortunately he has been ignoring them.

Kenyans even went ahead to create a parody account for the little girl. Abby wa Jesus now has an Instagram account managed by unknown fellows. The Social Media couple has remained silent on that matter. It's yet unverified whether the allegations are true all false but according to the evidence provided something is surely cooking.  Milly Wa Jesus, Edgar Obare



Kumbe Kabi Wa Jesus Have 7 Yrs Old Daughter Whom He Abandoned After Money And Fame?.

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There have been rumors that Kabi wa Jesus has a 7-year-old daughter. According to an anonymous woman who confronted blogger Edgar obare in need to expose the social media influencer. The woman claimed that the social media couple are aware of the kid but decided to keep quiet. The two lovebirds who claims to be couple goals living a lavish life is yet to address the issue. The woman claimed that she is the cousin to the girl's mother who is just concerned about her. This stirred a mixed reaction online where some claimed it might be true while others said it was clout chasing. Kabi was Jesus is said not to have been in her daughter's life since she was 2. The couple who lives controversial life, late last year bought a new BMW at an overrated birthday party. They even went ahead to display a billboard of the event. The woman claimed that they have kept quiet since they come from a prominent family thus avoiding dramas.  The woman claimed Milly wa Jesus is also aware of the kid

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Lang’ata Detectives Arrests 3 Armed Suspects In Connection With Hardy(Karen) Robbery.

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Detectives based at Lang'ata have arrested three armed suspects in connection with Hardy robbery. Aged between 21 and 23, the suspects were reported by the victim who was on his daily routine 2 days ago. The three left the scene on a motorbike only to be arrested 2 days later at Kawangware. The officers from Lang'ata in conjunction with those from Dagoretti launched the manhunt of the suspects today morning. A motorcycle that is believed to have used to flee the scene was also confiscated. The crime rate in Nairobi has gone up and police have promised to do their job. This comes after a video of two armed robbers has been trending on social media. The two are seen pointing pistols to residents and leaving with their phones and money.

Nairobi Robbers, Dci Kenya, Kenya Armed Robbers


Bensol Features Mejja On “Ogopa Nairobi” Studio Version Track. Set To Premier Friday 14th 10AM

  • Nairobi By Bensol
  • Bensol ft Mejja - Nairobi

The new Ogopa Nairobi by Bensol will feature music legend Mejja Alias Mtoto wa Hadija. The song will be officially premiered on Youtube Tomorrow 14th Jan 2021 at 10 AM. The song has been very popular and Kenyans have been loving it. This is after the live version was performed in December 2020 on Blanket and wines. The song he's been hitting Kenyans Hard with reality on how they share women unknowingly. Bensol was signed in Sol Generation under Sauti Sol. His music has been very popular since Kenyans can relate on their current situation. 

Bensol Nairobi Video Teaser. Source Facebook



Samidoh, Loise Kim And Betty Bayo Among Those Convinced To Support BBI By S.K Macharia/Raila


A meeting was held yesterday, hosted by Royal Media chairman S.K Macharia and former prime minister Raila Odinga. Musicians were urged to support BBI since it will enforce copyright laws. Samidoh, Loise Kim, and Betty Bayo were among those represented Kenyan artists. Raila Odinga urged them to embark on the building bridges initiative. The meeting was held at Royal media with more than 50 attendees. According to S.k Macharia, the handshake between H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga is the best thing that has ever happened in politics and is worth praise.  "BBI will ensure that intellectual property rights are adhered to," Raila Odinga said. 


"I had a dynamic and insightful engagement with youth hailing from Nairobi county who pledged their full and unwavering support for the BBI process. The referendum train continues to garner speed unabated. It's now all systems go!" RAILA ODINGA



Otile Brown New Colabo(In Love) With Alikiba Hits 60k Views. Just 1 Hour After Premiering On YouTube.


Otile Brown

In Love By Otile Brown

In Love by Alikiba

Kenyan Artist Otile drops a hit with His Tanzanian bongo counterpart Alikiba. In Love by The duo have done well on youtube so far. The track may hit a million views on youtube in just 24 hours. kiba has been silent for some time but his fans were expecting him to drop a new song. The song might be trending number one on youtube very soon, outdoing Eric Omondi and Kaligraph Jones.  in love by otile brown, in love by alikiba


Former Inooro Tv News Anchor Muthoni Wa Mukiri’s Boyfriend Left Women Salivating.

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Former Inooro Tv news anchor Muthini Wa Mukiri has started the year with butterflies. The beauty has found her love of life. Muthoni went ahead to post her base on Instagram and Facebook. The two are looking beautiful together in "vitenges". A lot of Kenyans went ahead to congratulate them and wished them happiness. Team mafisi also represented themselves. They showed how disappointed they were to see the longtime crush leave. Kenyan women had nothing to say but only salivate the hot dude who snatched Muthoni. Muthoni left Inooro Tv in December 2020 but yet she has not revealed her next destination.  However, she promised her fans to update them on where she will be going next. She was the best combination of news anchoring together with Ken Wa Kuraya. We wish them all the best in their love journey. 


photo source: Instagram