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30 Sexy Photos Of Nandy That Proves She Is Gorgeous And Talented.

Photos of Nandy. Faustina Charles Mfinanga popularly know as Nandy is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter and actress. The musician was born in Moshi urban Tanzania on November 9th 1992 (29) years. Nandy is Married to William Nicholaus Lyimio popularly known by his stage name Bill Nas. The two officially tied the knot on 16th July 2022in a beautiful classy wedding in Tanzania. The two have dated for more than 4 years. They married while they were pregnant expecting their first child together.

Nandy and bill nass wedding
Ali Kiba performing at Nandy’s and Nass Wedding

Nandy pregnant photos

Nandy pregnant photos
Nandy pregnant photos
Photo of musician Nandy heavily pregnant wearing black bikini and beige long sleeve shirt and black high heels. 
Pregnant Photo of Nandy
Beautiful and sexy photos of Musician Nandy 2022

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