Kumbe Kabi Wa Jesus Have 7 Yrs Old Daughter Whom He Abandoned After Money And Fame?.

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  • Edgar Obare
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There have been rumors that Kabi wa Jesus has a 7-year-old daughter. According to an anonymous woman who confronted blogger Edgar obare in need to expose the social media influencer. The woman claimed that the social media couple are aware of the kid but decided to keep quiet. The two lovebirds who claims to be couple goals living a lavish life is yet to address the issue. The woman claimed that she is the cousin to the girl’s mother who is just concerned about her. This stirred a mixed reaction online where some claimed it might be true while others said it was clout chasing. Kabi was Jesus is said not to have been in her daughter’s life since she was 2. The couple who lives controversial life, late last year bought a new BMW at an overrated birthday party. They even went ahead to display a billboard of the event. The woman claimed that they have kept quiet since they come from a prominent family thus avoiding dramas.  The woman claimed Milly wa Jesus is also aware of the kid


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