Kenyans Never Disappoint, Social Media FBI Now have All The Pictures Of Kabi Wa Jesus Daughter With Mum.

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Kenyans don’t take allegations easily. They will even go an extra mile to investigate to the best of their knowledge. After a woman came forward to claim that Kabi Wa Jesus has a 7-year-old kid, now the photo of the kid from 2013 has been found. The investigations officially started yesterday and by now there is a shred of strong evidence to support the case. The photos of the kid dated back in 2013 were shared on Kabi Wa Jesus Account before he became famous. The girl who has been identified as Abigael alias Abby was still an infant during that time. The anonymous woman came forward to expose Wa Jesus family at Edgar Obares Instagram account. She claimed that they have tried to reach Wa Jesus’ family but unfortunately he has been ignoring them.

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Kenyans even went ahead to create a parody account for the little girl. Abby wa Jesus now has an Instagram account managed by unknown fellows. The Social Media couple has remained silent on that matter. It’s yet unverified whether the allegations are true all false but according to the evidence provided something is surely cooking.  Milly Wa Jesus, Edgar Obare

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