Fans Furious After Max From OMG Voices Uploads Stivo Simple Boy New Song.

Angry Kenyans now want Max from OMG Voices to pull down Stivo Simple Boy’s new song “Glory”.  According to them, the controversial blogger is using the same platform he used to defame so Stivo Simple Boy to gain from his song. This comes after OMG Voices uploaded Stivo’s new song Glory just a few minutes after premiering on youtube. Max mercilessly uploaded the whole track without even linking to the original video on youtube. Many Kenyans saw this as a selfish action and they did not hesitate to express their reaction through comments. 

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Some Of Top Comments From His Disappointed Fans {“title”:”Subscribe Here And Get Hot News”}

“Bro hujafanya ftty.You doin it for likes, he’s doin it out of his sheer hardwork to earn something. You should have pasted the link to his channel than posting the whole video!”

Kibet Peter wrote.

“This is totally wrong your are posting his song without authorisation or permission from the owner… Criminal NBC” Samson Kariuki

Clout chasing with another person’s sweat. You should have posted this from his YouTube to give him his deserved views. Purity Puree Mutakha 

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