Photos Of Cute Betty Bayo’s New Man Who Will Be Raising Kanyari’s Kids

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Kikuyu gospel artist Betty Bayo has revealed the face of her cute Boyfriend. Betty Bayo’s new man is now on the lame light after the songwriter posted her photos with him on Facebook. They seemed to be sharing a good time together. They have been dating for the past 2 years after Betty broke up with her ex-husband Dr. Victor Kanyari. Betty Bayo and Pastor Victor Kanyari were married for three years and had two kids together. The two broke up after the pastor was exposed for conning and blackmailing his followers.

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Betty Bayo’s New Man

The rumors of the singer dating someone else emerged 1 year ago online after leaked photos of the two sharing moments at a hotel in Naivasha. Some even thought the artist was dating her Make-up artist and a close friend Uncle-Kinn only to find it was someone else. The gospel artist was engaged by her boyfriend late last year in a very colorful private party. The party was also attended by Kikuyu gospel artist Jane Muthoni where Betty said yes. They are planning for a wedding very soon.

Betty Bayo Wedding Photos. According to an insider and a trusted source, the two are now planning to tie the knot this December at a private wedding party. Although not much is known about the guy, he seems to be a good man and he is already bonding with Betty’s kids even though they were sired by Victor Kanyari. “Finally..its has been 2yrs since we met each other and became good frds,what led there after no one can explain it.i had to take time to get to know you better .what really inspired me was how you feared God ,respected me and the love you showed towards me and the kids .i know your past wont come as a surprise, atleast i know all your exes.🤣🤣 youre my answered prayer.. my LOVE i know your not perfect and that makes the two of us love .meet your online inlaws” She wrote

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