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Shiro Wa GP Biography updated

Shiru Wa GP Biography updated as of October 2022. Shiru Wa GP, real name Mary Wanjiru is a Kenyan gospel Kikuyu artist and song writer largely accepted and loved by many. Shiru is know due to her inspiring and mesmerizing art of producing Kigooco music in Agikuyu Native language from M.t Kenya region.

The artist has uplifted many of his fans by giving them hope and motivation through her music. She has produced many hits song since she started her music career back in 2008 with her music videos surpassing 50 Million views on YouTube. She is the 7th most streamed artist on YouTube is East Africa. Her dancing skills are hilarious and leaves many smiling. Here is Shiru Wa GP’s latest biography.

Shiru wa Gp latest photos
Kigooco artist Shiro Wa GP posing for a Photo. Source: Facebook

Shiru Wa GP’s Early life and History.

Mary Wanjiru was born in Kiambu County, in a small village called Ngegu. She was born in 1983 and she is 39 years old (2022). The musician was raised by a single mother. Mary Wanjiru’s mother used to sell illicit brew known as chang’aa to put something on the table for her family. During Wanjiru’s early life, she helped her mother with home chores and later would spy on the police to alert her mother whenever the came snooping. When she was 10, she went to live with his uncle in Githurai 45, Nairobi county.

Shiru Wa GP husband
An old photo of Kikuyu artist Shiro Wa GP with her husband Thuo. Source: Archive


Wanjiru started her education at Loreto primary school in Turitu before moving to Nairobi where she completed her primary education. She however didn’t attend Secondary education then due to lack of fees.

Music Career.

Mary Wanjiru discovered her talent from early age. While still in primary school, she used to perform to her fellow students and teachers like a star. Speaking in an interview, Shiru Wa GP revealed that she started composing and writing her own music while still in primary school.

After completing her primary education, she started attending various crusades where she could see other musicians and music groups perform. This really inspired her alot and super charged her passion for music. Upon returning to Kiambu, she joined AP music group and later formed Kiambu Chosen Generation Dancers.

Shiro Wa GP daughter
Shiro Wa Gp shares good time with her all grown daughter. Source: Facebook


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Shiru wa Gp Family photo
Shiro Wa GP together with her husband and their daughter posing fo a photo. Source Facebook.


Her mother however was not very happy after discovering she had already dedicated her life to Christ. She knew Mary Wanjiru would no longer help her in her chang’aa business. Her mother however after several years also abandoned her illicit brew business and accepted Christ. Wa GP regularly attended Deliverance Church Kiambu where is was a youth member.

The artist has achieved alot in her music career. In 2016, she was nominated for Groove Awards. In her United States tour, She performed in more than 10 States.

Shiru Wa GP songs

  • Githima Kiama
  • Muoroto
  • Udahi
  • Nduri Wiki
  • Thimo
  • Mucamo
  • Mutugo Waku
  • Mugai
  • Irema
  • Riboti
  • Ngoro Yakwa
  • Nikuri Ngai
  • Ngai Wa Etereri
  • Ndukanatire
  • Uhoro Uyu
  • Mukujuri
  • Ebenezeri
  • Jana Imepita
  • Itua Riega
  • Amba Utige
  • Mwako
  • Ngai Ni Ngai
  • Alpha Na Omega
  • Kwagirira
  • Nasikitika
  • Ndingigirika
  • Mwaki

Marriage, Husband and Children.

Shiru Wa GP met her husband in church where he he used to play Keyboard. Her husband, Thuo was also a member of Deliverance Church Kiambu. After dating for months, the two decided to enter into marriage. They wedded in the mid 2000s. Her husband has been very supportive. He is now her manager and directs her music videos.

Shiro Wa Gp Husband
Light moment as Musician Shiru Wa GP poses for a photo with her husband who is a music video director

Shiru Wa GP daughter

After staying for more than 8 years after their wedding without a child, thing became very difficult. Many people started mocking her calling her barren. The marriage started shaking. The led to her husband siring a child with Wanjiru’s friend out of their wedlock. This broke her into pieces. Before her husband’s mistress could give birth, Shiru was already pregnant with twins (boy and girl). This brought alot of joy and rekindled their hope.

Everything was not however smooth as they expected, their kids came earlier than normal and they were incubated since they had not matured. After 2 weeks the boy passed away. The hospital bill had accumulated to around Ksh 4.6 M.  Due to her closeness with former president Uhuru Kenyatta, the president settled 1.5M and the balance was raised by her fans during Kameme Morning show hosted by Njogu Wa Njoroge who now presents at Kayu Fm. The amount was raised in less than 30 minutes.

Shiro Wa GP wedding photos
Shiru Wa GP husband

Shiru Wa GP networth

The artist has inspired and nurtured alot of upcoming artists. A good example is Joy Janet who has been shining in Kigooco industry. Her music has surpassed 10Million views. Mary Wanjiru now owns a music label ( Finetune Media) that signs artist. The company produces and promotes music of its signees. Shiru earns  approximately 350k on YouTube. She also charges not less than 100k for live performances. She is estimated to be worth ksh 45Million.

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How To File KRA Returns 2022. Step-by-Step. With Photos

  • How to file tax return 2022
  • how to file paye tax
  • how to file tax returns
  • how to file nil returns

How to file KRA returns 2022. Filing KRA Tax returns for employees has never been easy. Paye in Kenya is filed every year before the 30th of June. This is done for both residential and non-residential. The unemployed netizens are required to file a nill return. Failure to this the taxman imposes a penalty of Ksh 2000 for unemployed Kenyans and Ksh 20,000 for the employed. The task for Citizens is just filing their tax since their monthly pay as you earn (PAYE) is deducted prior to the filing period. The tax is deducted directly from their employees. There are so many different types of Tax returns but in this article, we will just cover Income Tax PAYE.


What you are required to have.

1. Registered and have a valid KRA PIN. every employed Kenyan MUST have one
2. Access to your Online KRA portal.
3. P.9 form (provided by your employer)
4. Access to the internet and a computer ( you can’t file from your photo)

p.9 form sample
Tax p.9 form sample

Step by Step. How To File KRA Returns

1. log in to KRA Itax Portal here
You will first need to log in to your Kra itax portal here. use your KRA PIN to log in and password as shown below. In case you can’t recall your last KRA PIN password you can use the reset button. your password will be sent to the email address you used to register. You will then be prompted to change your password after login. Follow the steps provided.

how to login kra
kra itax login portal

2. Click the Returns Button.
The second step is to click the Return tab and select File return for Employees or File nill return for unemployed as shown below in the diagram.

how to file KRA returns 2022

3. Download the KRA Excel document and open it on your computer
using Microsoft Excel or any other Excel sheet Software. In our case, we used Microsoft Excel. Please note it may take time to open.

STEP 2 3

4. Enable Macros on top of your screen
in order to edit the document as shown below. Remember you should not use copy and paste in this document. Editing Excel documents takes time so be patient.

enable micros
how to enable macros

5. Fill your document with details provided on your P.9 Form.
the style and column in your P.9 form may differ. The document column named with Alphabetic letters in most cases doesn’t match those on the Kra Excel document. You are therefore required to read and check the figures if they match the document columns. In the illustration picture provided, we have named the figures you need to check in your form. Remember the figure might be different.

p.9 form sample
Tax p.9 form sample


P.9 Tax Form Explained

a. Gross pay- as indicated in your form and our form below is the total earnings before deductions
b. Chargeable pay- this is the salary paid deducted retirement contribution. (A) this is the amount you will fill in your Excel document.
c. Tax Charged- this is the total tax that you have been charged the whole year (B) you should fill these figures in your form. Filling incorrectly will lead to errors.
d. Paye Tax- the column is provided of the tax that has been deducted minus personal relief.
e. The personal relief is filled on the last page.


The document will calculate itself and give you a balanced sum. The total sum should be zero, but in most cases, there might be a small balance. in our case, the balance was Ksh 485. If the Balance is positive you owe KRA and if it’s Negative, KRA owes you and you should request a refund.
6. Complete The Document.PAGE4 FILLED

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Click verify or file at the bottom of your last page. if no errors were encountered.  Click generate upload file as shown in the picture below.  Everything at this point is all set.  The file will be saved in your document folder in your P.C
7. Upload your file.



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The final step is to upload your file on your KRA Itax portal in the “choose” file button. Accept the terms and conditions button and that’s it.  An Acknowledgment receipt will be generated as shown below.


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NTSA Raises Driving Licence Exam Booking Fee From 650 to 1050.


  • NTSA raises service fee.
  • NTSA raises exam booking fees
  • How To Know If you passed NTSA Test
  • How To book For NTSA class Endorsement. 


Kenyans now will be forced to dig deeper in their pockets. This is after the National Transport and Safety Authority raised their various service fees. A person booking a driving test will now be required to pay Ksh 1050. Previously test booking was Ksh 650 only. NTSA which regulates road and safety in Kenya raised its fees without updating the general public. The common mwananchi will now be required to adjust to the new service fee amidst these difficult times.  NTSA raises service fee

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How To Know If You Passed For NTSA Test

Knowing whether you passed your NTSA driving license test is very easy. With the new NTSA TIMS system, you can check the status of your test very easily using your smartphone or a computer. visit Tims’s account after booking for your driving license test and successfully attending. In most cases, the police officer testing you will tell you in case you fail but there are times they will not tell. However, you might need to confirm the status online. Simply log in to your Tims account and navigate to the driving license tab. You will therefore see the status of your licenses. After successfully passing your exam, you will see your driving license number added on that tab and with the class indicated and driving license number. In case you don’t see that you will definitely know that you failed. Please note that NTSA driving test results might take up to 3-5 days before results are updated. 

How to rebook NTSA Driving license Test.

In case you find out that you failed your Driving Test, you don’t need to worry too much. You will go back to your driving school and do refreshment lessons and book for NTSA Test again. You will later visit the selected driving Test Unit (DTU) and retake your test and later follow the same process to check whether you passed. In most cases, if you fail on the testing board, you will probably not proceed to the vehicle test. That’s a clear indication that you have failed the test.  

How Apply For NTSA Driving class Endorsement In Kenya 2021

How Much is NTSA Driving class endorsement?

 At some time, you might need to add a different driving class in order to drive different types of automotive. You will therefore apply for another driving class by booking an endorsement. For an NTSA endorsement, you will pay Ksh 550 via their pay bill and after approval, you will then book for the Driving test and attend. upon successfully passing, your newly applied class will then be added to your smart driving license. 

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How To Apply For KRA PIN Kenya 2021

Applying for a KRA PIN in  Kenya nowadays is very easy. you dont need to visit any office. All you just need is your phone all laptop and an internet connection. Below is some simple instruction for you to follow.

Apply For KRA PIN. 


1.Use your phone or computer to visit Kra Website Here


 2.Click on the new pin registration tab

3. select taxpayer type as individual and mode of registration as online and click next


4. Fill the form accordingly and ensure you have a working email address.( its recommended to have a gmail account) 

5. remember to select your date of birth as it appears on your ID. Note: some id doesnt have day and month of birth, in such case use 1/7/—-.


6. If your are not employed select so on the next page. skip the agent page.


7. your pin will be downloaded after successful registration. A copy will also be stored in your email address where you can download later. 


That was simple right??.you now have your KRA PIN. Remember to keep it in a safe place since you register just once. HOW TO APPLY KRA PIN KENYA. 


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