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NTSA Raises Driving Licence Exam Booking Fee From 650 to 1050.


  • NTSA raises service fee.
  • NTSA raises exam booking fees
  • How To Know If you passed NTSA Test
  • How To book For NTSA class Endorsement. 


Kenyans now will be forced to dig deeper in their pockets. This is after the National Transport and Safety Authority raised their various service fees. A person booking a driving test will now be required to pay Ksh 1050. Previously test booking was Ksh 650 only. NTSA which regulates road and safety in Kenya raised its fees without updating the general public. The common mwananchi will now be required to adjust to the new service fee amidst these difficult times.  NTSA raises service fee

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How To Know If You Passed For NTSA Test

Knowing whether you passed your NTSA driving license test is very easy. With the new NTSA TIMS system, you can check the status of your test very easily using your smartphone or a computer. visit Tims’s account after booking for your driving license test and successfully attending. In most cases, the police officer testing you will tell you in case you fail but there are times they will not tell. However, you might need to confirm the status online. Simply log in to your Tims account and navigate to the driving license tab. You will therefore see the status of your licenses. After successfully passing your exam, you will see your driving license number added on that tab and with the class indicated and driving license number. In case you don’t see that you will definitely know that you failed. Please note that NTSA driving test results might take up to 3-5 days before results are updated. 

How to rebook NTSA Driving license Test.

In case you find out that you failed your Driving Test, you don’t need to worry too much. You will go back to your driving school and do refreshment lessons and book for NTSA Test again. You will later visit the selected driving Test Unit (DTU) and retake your test and later follow the same process to check whether you passed. In most cases, if you fail on the testing board, you will probably not proceed to the vehicle test. That’s a clear indication that you have failed the test.  

How Apply For NTSA Driving class Endorsement In Kenya 2021

How Much is NTSA Driving class endorsement?

 At some time, you might need to add a different driving class in order to drive different types of automotive. You will therefore apply for another driving class by booking an endorsement. For an NTSA endorsement, you will pay Ksh 550 via their pay bill and after approval, you will then book for the Driving test and attend. upon successfully passing, your newly applied class will then be added to your smart driving license. 

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