william ruto and babu owino

Ruto Is Not A Hustler, He Is Also A Dynasty. He is Better Being An Apposition Leader- Babu Owino.

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Hon. Babu Owino has alluded H.E William Ruto a dynasty. On a video shared on Channel 7 News E.A today morning, Babu Owino said that Ruto is more dynasty than Raila and Uhuru. According to Babu Owino, Ruto has been in government positions for more than 25 years. During the period of 2002 and 2007, he was minister for agriculture and was fired due to corruption. “The best role for William Ruto is being an opposition leader. He is among the corrupt people in Kenya” Babu added. He asked Kenya to support BBI since it will create more jobs and empower them. 

video source: youtube. 


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