The Wa Jesus Family Hired Audi A5 For Showbiz. They Are Now Returning It.

Famous Vlogger and influencer Kabi Wa Jesus to return his Audi A5. Kabi Wa Jesus who makes youtube videos under Wa Jesus Family received Audi A5 as a birthday gift last month. The car was a gift from his wife Milly Wa Jesus. That event that was done publicly with them putting a very big banner with their photo. Though many of their fans congratulated them, many Kenyans despised them for that showoff.

Why Would Kabi Return His Gift??

According to Kabi Wa Jesus, the Luxurious Audi A5 is too low and it's not good for the Kenyan roads. He claimed that he wants a bigger car and that is the Audi Q5. Kabi Wa Jesus said that he will be uncovering his Q5 in 3 weeks. “First of all I want to say a big thank you for the overwhelming support you guys showed us when my love surprised me with this German machine over here and you know I’m super grateful but aki please guys don’t come for me, I’m just saying but this is not to refuse the gift. This is it, I wanted this car because it is low, classy-looking and clean and that’s why my love got it. Kabi said.
Now Kenyans are claiming that the car was hired for showoff and to increase their popularity on social media. This comes a few days after size 8 and Dj Mo was accused of cheating only to increase their views on youtube of their reality show. 
The concern of returning the car by Kenyans is because he has been using Mazda Alexa which is relatively the same size like Audi A5. Many influencers have been living a fake life only to please Kenyans. 

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