Churchill Loses Temper At Othuol’s Burial And Lectures Comedians For Living A Miserable Life

Comedian Churchill Ndambuki lost his temper and scolded comedians for living a miserable life. Churchill who was speaking at Othuol Othuol's Burial was very angry. This comes after netizens blaming Churchill for comedian's deaths and miserable lives. On a speech at Othuol's burial ceremony, Churchill made it clear that he pays his comedians enough. Churchill also added that comedians are responsible for the choices they make in life. Churchill also urged comedians to invest whatever they earn.Othuol died after fighting a brain tumor for a long time.
Lately, there have been claims that Churchill has been underpaying his workers. The concern was raised by former Churchill Show comedian Zeddy. She claimed that Terence who is Churchill show creative director has been suppressing comedians by denying them a chance to perform. Churchill show has been the largest platform for comedians in Kenya. He has on the other hand praised for nurturing a lot of talents. 
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