Otile Tuliza Balls- Self Proclaimed Socialite Shakilla.

There has been drama lately between Kenya star Otile Brown and self-proclaimed Socialite Shakilla. This is after Shakila tried to tarnish Otile's name the way she did with Willy Poze. "keep my name out of your stinking mouths don’t mistake me with some artist I’ ma hit y’all hard with a lawsuit, utalia. Will make sure my legal team try to find a way around it, been letting y’all slide, and now you’re getting outa hand" Otile wrote.
  Writing on his wall, Otile said that the girl was lucky that she delete the posts but promise that his legal team will find a way about it. Otile claimed that the girl is seeking popularity by trying to tarnish and drag him to her filthy business  
  She went ahead to tell Otile that she is no affraid of his threats. "stop threatening me you ain’t even know how to speak fluently English in one sentence bet the whole thing someone wrote it for you" Shakilla wrote    
Otile is yet to respond to that and its a matter of wait and see what will happen next.

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