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Opinion: Why Artists Cheat And Leave Their Wives After Fame And Money.

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Many people not only artists but also normal citizens tend to change after they start getting money and fame. Every now and then there are celebrities leaving their partners who stood with them during raising days. Women in most cases are the ones affected by this. A woman will support you during good and bad days and show you. The moment men start getting fame and money they then forget all the good deeds their women did and leave for another woman. Last week and this week the headlines were on how musician Samidoh Muchoki alias Samidoh cheated on her wife with lawyer Karen Nyamu. The two had earlier denied being in a relationship but later came clean after siring a child. This force Samidoh to make a public apology after the story went viral. This is just a single case with many more out there. Divorce nowadays has become normal in our current lives.  


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