Will You Marry Me?. A Man Asks Eric Omondi



Comedian Erick Omondi found himself in an awkward moment after a guy asked him to marry him. This comes a few days after he asked for a marriage proposal on his Instagram account. Omondi went ahead to explain that he has achieved everything he ever wanted in life and the only thing remaining is a wife. “Hata Adam alikua na Eve…Genesis 2:18..And God said, “IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE, I WILL MAKE ASUITABLE HELPER FOR HIM”. As a comedian it has been very hard for people to take me seriously when I need them to” Eric  Wrote


Here Comes Awkward Moment.

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At first, everything seemed to be moving just fine until a man sent his marriage proposal. According to “Mwangi” he has always wanted to be with Eric Omondi and hence grabbed the chance. “I have been trying to get Eric’s attention for a long time, he’s a nice guy and I just came here to tell Eric I can be the best wife for him,” Mwangi said


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