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Famous TikToker Gloria Ntazola has in her car been trending for the past few days after locking a Kanjo askari in Nairobi CBD in her car before recording him and posting on her TikTok account. The video attracted massive fans and went viral. The controversial woman has then been clout chasing with different topics online.

Viral Ntazola Gloria photos.
Viral Kanju Askari who was locked in Gloria Ntazola’s car after allegedly entering in to extort her.

“Why have you got into my car? Why are you people like that? Was that an offence to make you get into my car? I’m going with you to my destination because why would you get into my car? Are you a traffic police?” she asked him.

“An officer has no right to enter anyone’s car without consent. It is the law, but in Kenya, they can bully you because they think you do not know your rights. I locked him in my car, and I told him I had lots of free time and I could take free rides with him,” she said.

Below is some facts about Gloria Ntazola.

Gloria Ntazola Biography and tribe.

Gloria Ntazola Biography
Gloria Ntazola, viral TikToker who took Nairobi county Kanju askari and locked him in his car

According to our sources, we have identified some of the background information about the viral woman.  Ntazola is a business woman operating in Nairobi CBD. The woman own two businesses, a beauty shop and a cloth store. Ntazola is a very hardworking woman and was pissed off by the Kanjo Askari and decided to lock him in her car. Talking in an interview with Tuko, Ntazola revealed that she took the askari to Kitengelela before releasing him. She claimed that she took hime there since it was difficult to find a matatu there.

Gloria Ntazola was born on 1998 and is 25 years old. She is an entrepreneur operating within Nairobi. She owns a beauty shop, clothes store and a saloon car. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a preacher.

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Gloria Ntazola tribe

According to our sources,  the woman is a Ngiriama from coastal region. There is not much information about her education background.

Gloria in a different interview also revealed that her boyfriend understood that she was on panic mode and sent her ksh 100k. She also revealed that the boyfriend frequently send her girlfriend allowances amounting to ksh 150K per month. This was highly doubted by netizens and many believed she was clout chasing to remain relevant

He was like, I know you for a different person. Who is this girl in the video? He got mad at me but tried to make me happy, so he sent me some money…KSh 100,000.” she said.

The trend costed her a lot with her TikTok account with over 100k following being banned. She However opened another account and received a huge follow few days later. Gloria Ntazola also apologized to Kenyans for using vulgar language while recording the video.

He sends me upkeep money monthly wrapped in roses. You have to make your girlfriend happy. If you don’t, somebody else will,” she said.

Gloria Ntazola to view for Nairobi county woman representative in 2027.


Gloria has revealed her ambition to view for Nairobi county woman representative come 2027. Many X user’s congratulated her and believed she could easily beat Esther Passaris and Karen Nyamu since Kenyan politics needs dramatic people.  Many users on X platform formerly known as Twitter believed she has what it takes to become a politician in Kenya. Many politician like Karen Nyamu has been riding on drama and clout. Definitely she would win an election.

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