Andriana Wanjiku trending. Kenyans react after Nude video is leaked.

  • Andriana Wanjiku nude video
  • Andriana Wanjiku trending video

Kenyans social media users has been left with mixed reaction after a sex video of a social media user by the name Andriana Wanjiku started trending for the past few days. In the video the woman can be seen unconscious and “toxicated” as the man does his things.

Many Kenyans called for immediate arrest if the man since the woman was unconscious and didn’t consent. According to them, this is rape and legal action should be taken to the person behind that video .

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Andriana Wanjiku trending video

While many many’s opinion was to have the culprit behind that video arrested, others questioned why the woman was with that man in the first place. Legal action is yet to be taken against the person behind that video while Andriana is yet to address the issue,

Due to the nature of the video, it could not be shared here directly. If you would like to watch it you can check it on City Digest telegram channel here 👉

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