Family Demanded 21 Million For Sacrificing Comedian Ayeiya- Wakimani

Wakimani popular Churchill show comedian explained how depression hit him. This comes after he was accused by the family of the late comedian Ayeiya of sacrificing him. Wakimani was driving the car when it caused an accident which took Ayeiya life back in 2017.Wakimani explained that the family asked for a meeting where he was handed the court order. “After the accident, we buried Ayeiya and I thought everyone understood that it was an accident. However, after a week or two, Ayeiya’s wife contacted me and told me that she had a letter addressed to me,” he said.Wakimali descided to remain quiet since the matter was already in the court.
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on meeting her he was handed a letter asking him to pay Ksh 21 Million. The amount was calculated by multiplying the amount he earned at that time by the years of his productivity.“I don’t want my fans to see me as a person who can sacrifice a friend. Since then, I have fallen out but I hope I will be okay,” wakimani added.He also promised a comeback. 

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