Entertainment Industry In Kenya Is So Wicked, The Likes Of Eric Omondi, Dj Mo and Bahati Should Man Up.

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The entertainment industry in Kenya has become meaningless. This is because almost all Kenyan artists and personality nowadays base their content on clout chasing. They do so only to scam internet user to view their content. This comes after Dj Mo faked their cheating and relationship issues to market their reality show (Dining with the Murray’s). This went ahead alright and a few days later controversial Sec-gospel Bahati and his older wife saw the chance and grabbed it. They faked their break up for more than a week just to support their new song. This did not go so well since most of their followers realized the trick and boycotted the video on youtube. The two lovebirds have been silent for some time. Am sure they are finding another plan to clout chase.

photo of Dj Mo and his wife Size 8: source Instagram

Photo of Sec-gospel artist Bahati and his wife Diana Marua : source Instagram

Kenyan Artist Competing In Giving Fake Gifts Like Kabi Wa Jesus. Kenyan celebrities have also been pretending to give fake gifts only to catch people’s attention and to look lavish. In late 2020 we witnessed Kabi wa Jesus receiving a new Audi as a birthday gift only to return it to the seller 2 weeks later. Bahati also gifted Dianaa new Range rover which nobody has ever seen her driving. This is a trend that many personalities have decided to use instead of producing good content. 

Eric Omondi Reveals His Marriage Was Scripted.

Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that his marriage thing was scripted.Eric Omondi even went ahead to organize a fake wedding only to steal people’s attention. The wedding was completely dramatized after socialite Shakilla stormed with a fake pregnancy scandal. Kenyans are yet to overcome the surprise since they had believed that it was real. Shakilla is known to cause drama in everything she does. She even once twerked naked live on her Instagram account

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