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Things You Need To Know About Charlie Charlie Game Challenge Before Trying.

  • Charlie Charlie Game.
  • Demonic Charlie Charlie game
  • dangerous Charlie Charlie game Kenya

Charlie charlie game challenge has been trending among Kenyan youths. The game is believed to pose all harm to players. The game involves a written paper with yes and no written and two pencils. The pencils are interclosed and the player asks questions. The game is believed to be demonic. The game originated from Spain (Juego de la Lapicera). It’s a game that involves balancing pencils over the words “yes” and “no” on a piece of paper. Players ask questions that are supposedly answered by Charlie – a mysterious demon who spookily moves the pencils. The game first emerged on the internet in 2015 and now is trending here in Kenya. According to the racket report, the game is believed to have caused over 500 mysterious deaths. In May 2015, four teenage girls were sent to a hospital in Tunja and quickly released with a diagnosis of mass hysteria. The game has not caused any confirmed death here in Kenya but many people have been warned not to try it. The game is believed to connect you with the nefarious spirit world

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