Former Inooro Tv News Anchor Muthoni Wa Mukiri’s Boyfriend Left Women Salivating.

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Former Inooro Tv news anchor Muthini Wa Mukiri has started the year with butterflies. The beauty has found her love of life. Muthoni went ahead to post her base on Instagram and Facebook. The two are looking beautiful together in “vitenges”. A lot of Kenyans went ahead to congratulate them and wished them happiness. Team mafisi also represented themselves. They showed how disappointed they were to see the longtime crush leave. Kenyan women had nothing to say but only salivate the hot dude who snatched Muthoni. Muthoni left Inooro Tv in December 2020 but yet she has not revealed her next destination.  However, she promised her fans to update them on where she will be going next. She was the best combination of news anchoring together with Ken Wa Kuraya. We wish them all the best in their love journey. 

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photo source: Instagram

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