Bishop Godfrey Migwi is Dead. Ruto Mourns

It’s a Sad Morning as a Popular Kikuyu singer and also a bishop passes on. The sudden death of Bishop Godfrey Migwi of the house of hope church Kayole shocked many Kenyans. This is because the bishop did not have past medical conditions. Godfrey Migwi. Godfrey Migwi was commonly known by the people from the mountain region due to his nourishing preaching. He was a big fan of William Ruto. His demise was confirmed by his family on 2nd December 2021.  Migwi was also a great gospel musician for almost a decade.



What Killed Godfrey Migwi

According to a close source who spoke to us revealed that the Bishop succumbed to High blood pressure on Wednesday 1st December 2021. He was taken to Montezuma’s funeral home where his body is lying awaiting his final burial ceremony.

Godfrey had earlier announced that he would be vying for Mathioya parliamentary seat in the forthcoming general election.  Migwi had a show at Kameme radio discussing biblical matters. He was a great supporter of William Ruto and he would severally criticize the government and the handshake.

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migwi rutoDeputy President William Ruto Mourns The Death Of Godfrey Migwi

The Deputy president by writing his Twitter Account went ahead to show his condolences to the family

“Bishop Godfrey Migwi was a bold, vocal and powerful spiritual leader with great sense of humour. He was a mentor and a friend with firm pastoral faith that he infused to many of us,” Ruto said.

Bishop Godfrey Migwi Family and Children

According to our source, Godfrey left behind 3 children and the oldest is in form one

gofrey migwi

Jose Gatutura And Nyambura Kabui To Welcome Their First Child.

Jose Gtutura

Jose Gatutura Wife

Nyambura Wa Kabue

Kikuyu celebrated mugithi star Joseph Kanyi Kigio alias Jose Gatutura is set to welcome a newborn. According to unverified reports, Gatutura has been dating Inooto TV presenter Nyambura Wa Kabui for more than 2 years now. The two are rumored to be expecting a kid together. According to our source and a close friend to Nyambura Wa Kabui, the TV girl held a baby shower party last weekend. She is expected to deliver early next month. The private baby shower part was held at Kambu road.

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Jose Gatutura Wife.

The “tuirio twega” hitmaker is not yet married but he has been dating Nyambura Kabui for a while now and the two might get married sooner or later. This is after Jose Gatutura was rumored to have dated Karey B back in 2019 after they produced their hit Tuirio Twega back then. Although the two never responded to the claims, it is unclear whether the rumors were true. Nyambura Kabui who hosts Mwigangaro show together with her co-host Dj Smiles took a maternity leave this month and she will be offscreen for the next couple of months.  

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

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Samidoh And Karen Nyamu Were Clout Chasing To Release New Song.

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Samidoh and Karen Nyamu photos have now been trending for a whole weekafter their assult drama. Kenyan Benga singer Muchoki Aka Samidoh has now entered the list of the artists who clout chase to get followers especially when they are releasing new songs. They usually do script/planned dramas and scandals in order to trend and captures people’s attention online only to later release new video songs. Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s drama has now been trending for the whole of this week. This came after Nyamu went Live on her Instagram account to expose how singer Samidoh allegedly assaulted and insulted her.

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Samidoh’s Mpango Wa Kando Karen Nyamu Fight. Samidohs wife and Karen Nyamu photo Source: Facebook In the video, Karen Nyamu claimed that the singer punched her in the face and calling her a prostitute. The city Lawyer also claimed that she is 3 months pregnant for the artist. The two already sired a child late last year after denying several times to be in a relationship. Samidoh even publicly on national television claimed they were just friends. The singer is yet to respond to the claims.

Karen Nyamu Photos With Samidoh. Samidoh and Karen Nyamu Photo. Source Facebook The drama began when the two started to spend time together and even share their photos online. Karen even went ahead to insult Samidoh’s wife online using pseudo accounts. This forced the singer to make a public apology to his fans through a Facebook post. The post received over 120k likes and more than 20k comments Now the drama looked liked cooked to help the singer trend and then release a new song. Samidoh released his new song on 14th August 2021. This comes just a few days after their drama with his mpango wa Kando. Many Kenyan artists have used this technique before among them being Size 8, Ringtone, and Bahati. .

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

Trio Mio Photos 2021 That Resembles E-sir’s

Trio Mio’s latest photos show he resembles exactly E-sir. E–sir is late music founding father. E-sir’s music was one of the best Kenyan urban music styles that paved way for the current music genre. The music Legend was born in 1982 in Kiambu county in Kenya. 21 years later the legend E-sir died after a tragic road accident. His death shocked a lot of Kenyans. E-sir died just 2 years after starting her music journey, he died at the age of 21. Kenyan current E-sir version Trio Mio is now taking over the music industry. Trio Mio who is currently 16 years old and just in Form 2 has proved that he has what it takes to fit into E-sir’s shoes. The two have so many things in common and even they look exactly alike. Below is Trio Mio’s latest Photos

Trio Mio Latest Photos 2021

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

Trio Mio Mother

The cheza kama wewe hitmaker doesn’t hesitate to share photos of her mother. According to him, his mother has been the best support in his music career. Below is a photo of them posing after receiving the Boom Play Award. Her mother looks young and lovely and definitely that’s a true reflection of him “Made my momma smile courtesy of @boomplaymusicke Everyday should be #mothersday” Trio Mio Captioned on Instagram

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I Refused To Sign A Deal With A Huge Alcohol Brand Because Of My Faith. Zuchu

Wasafi (WCB) star Zuhura Othman Soud AKA Zuchu has revealed that she refused to sign a promotion deal with one of the best alcohol brands in East Africa due to her religious belief. Zuchu claimed that she doesn’t take alcohol since her faith doesn’t allow it. Zuchu is one of the best principled female artists in the region. She had previously revealed that she has never had sex with anyone in the music industry in order to get a favour. Zuchu who is a Muslim has managed to stay out of scandals since she rose to fame hence portraying her high level of discipline. The Sukari Hitmaker became famous after her “number one” single featuring Wasafi’s singer Rayvanny. She has since been doing great in her music career.

Vera Sidika Is Now Officially Married

Zuchu posing for a photo source Facebook

Zuchu Religion “Nisingekuwa nimewatendea haki wale wau. Unapotangaza kinywaji, ni lazima ukinywe na mimi sio mtumiaji wa vileo. Mama yangu aliniomba sana, akasema nakuruhusu ufanye vyote lakini pombe usije ukatangaza na mimi ndani yangu pia, sio kitu ambacho ningependa kukirepresent. Hiyo deal ilikuwa kama robo bilioni,” Zuchu

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Man Falls In Love With His Girlfriends Mother, Leaves His Girlfriend And Kids

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man falls in love with mother in law

A man has taken the internet by storm after falling in love with his mother-in-law. Jess Aldridge, a mother of 3 was left shock after her mother Georgina 44, snatched his husband while she was expecting a baby. According to Jess Aldridge from the United Kingdom, her mother was leaving with them during lockdown to help her with house chores as she was expecting her thirdborn. Her boyfriend, Ryan Shelton who is 29 years old would always flirt with Jess’s mother a situation that would put her in an awkward moment. According to Jess, her mother would wear very short miniskirts in the house and she would sit next to her boyfriend Shelton on a sofa where they would keep touching each other. 

“It’s the ultimate betrayal. You expect a new grandmother to fall in love with the baby — not the father. We were stuck together for months in the house during lockdown. It was so hard, especially as Shelton and mum were always being so flirty. I felt so uncomfortable, it was a horrible experience.” Jess 

Man Leave Girlfriend And Moves In With Mother-In-Law Ryan Selton waited until his girlfriend was admitted to the hospital to get a child for him to break up with her. The two had always denied having an intimate affair. He sent her a text message to inform her that she is breaking up with her at a time when she was having a cesarian. She went home only to find an empty house. Ray Shelton later admitted that they moved in together with Georgina.  

Gospel Legendary Artist Daddy Owen Plans On Leaving The Country For Nigeria After Divorce

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Kenyan gospel artist Daddy Owen hints no leaving the country and relocating to Nigeria. Daddy Owen broke with his wife Farida Wambui. The celebrated artist shocked many Kenyans after revealing that his marriage was not working anymore and divorce was underway. He opened up about suffering from depression for the last couple of months. Owen is well known for his unique style of music that attracts a lot of youths. Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, February 2, he said that he might be saying goodbye to his Kenyans Fans. Emmy Kosgei, who is also a Kenyan artist residing in Nigeria currently invited him fearing his health might deteriorate. Their divorce case is still in court pending judgment.  

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Lawrence Warunge May Also Walk Free. He is Now Admitted At Mathari Mental Hospital

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After killing his 4 family members and a worker, Lawrence Warunge won’t be taking his plea at the court on Monday 1st of February as scheduled. The 22 years old IT student revealed that he solely slaughtered his family member and a worker 2 weeks ago. His girlfriend Sarah Muthoni was released by the court but will be used as a state witness on that case. According to assessments done to Warunge, He was found mentally unfit to stand trials. Warunge was taken to Mathari psychiatric hospital Nairobi for treatment. The final judgement was scheduled for the march by Kiambu law courts.  

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Taekwondo vs “Tae-ka-ūndū”. Kenyan Private Detective Trolled Online. That Was Embarassing, Kenyans

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Kenyan spy queen and private detective Jane Mugo has been trolled online. This after her documentary covered by BBC Africa tamed paranoid. The documentary did not please Kenyans at all. After a teaser by BBC on Facebook last week, Kenyans expected more from the coverage. The only thing that she was doing in the entire video is to boast about how she is the best in the world. The controversial detective has on several counts accused of humiliating people, conning, and corruption among many others. In 2019 she went into hiding after a conflict with the Kenyan government. The documentary faced backlash online a few minutes after it was aired on Monday 25th. Journalist Sharon Machira who covered the story was not left behind. 

Some of Jane mugo Tacticts And Funny Videos

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