What Will Happen To Ruto After His ICC Lawyer Admits To Have Manipulated Witnesses

Ruto’s ICC Lawyer Paul Gicheru surrendered yesterday. Gicheru was accused by the ICC of manipulating witnesses.  In a case against Deputy President William Ruto. The ICC issued an international arrest warrant to lawyer Gicheru back in 2015. On Monday second the ICC on a press release confirmed that Paul Gicheru had surrendered to Dutch authorities. The ICC accused Paul Gicheru of tampering with witnesses in the Netherlands in 2015. 

 “Today, 2 November 2020, Mr Paul Gicheru surrendered to the authorities of The Netherlands pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court,”

ICC on a press release. 

What’s Next For William Ruto??

Lawyer Paul Gicheru who is highly connected was representing William Ruto. Ruto together with President Uhuru Kenyatta was facing charges due to the 2007 post-election crisis. there might be a possibility the case against D.P Ruto will be revived.ICC dismissed the due to the prosecution’s lack of solid evidence. D.P William Ruto is yet to make any public announcement regarding the matter. On January William Ruto had said the deep state is planning to block his presidential pathway. This is by bringing up the ICC cases which seems to have happened.

 “Some characters have sent people to Kenya to revive the ICC case. But I want to categorically tell them they will not succeed. In fact, it will be a big surprise to them,” William Ruto Said

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