The Kenya Film Industry Will Never Grow. Cartels Run It. Malik Lemmy (Machachari)



The Kenya Film industry will never grow as long as cartels run it. According to former Machachari actor Govi, who his real name is Malik Lemuel, the industry is run by cartels. Actors are never given opportunities to grow their talents. We have witnessed the Kenyan Tv series running for more than 15 years. A good example is Inspector Mwala which has aired for the last 15 years. Machachari and Tahidi High also have aired for more than 14 years. Malik aka Govi went ahead to explain how cartels block new careers from entering Tv industry. 


If You Want To Enter Film Industry….


GOVI- Machachari

“some faces on Kenyan screens( my bros and I can’t even go back to screens because of the so-called elite fear competition of phasing out. Thanks God for @realbuggi who is continuing to prove the cartels wrong. Yet there are so many people who are good actors and actresses but they never get a chance to enter this world of entertainment. Rather even have a mentor or school…” Malik Lemuel on his Instagram story


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