Self Proclaimed Socialite Shakilla Apologizes To Star Victor Wanyama.

Shakila admits that she has never met footballer Victor Wanyama and her intentions were only to ruin his reputation. The 19-year-old Socialite went ahead to apologize on her Instagram account on a video. This comes after a few weeks ago on an interview with controversial socialite Xtian Dela claimed to have slept with him. Shakila began trending online after forcefully accusing celebrities of paying her to sleep with them. She claimed to have been paid an amount of Ksh 800k (USD 8K)to sleep with him. Former Tottenham star took the matter to the court which. the hearing was scheduled this month. 

Many Kenyans have been asking about Shakila's parents. This due to how strange she has been acting online. Shakila has been posting her half-naked pictures on Instagram. This is to steal attention from the online audience. Earlier This month Shakilla went live on Instagram naked with her American rapper friend. The video went viral. (CLICK HERE TO WATCH HER VIDEO NAKED.)

Shakila trending news.

 The controversial socialite claimed to have slept with Kaligraph Jones and Willy Paul among others. Shakila in an interview with Xtian Dela claimed that Kaligraph Jones slept with her too. she went ahead to brag how she has connections with prominent people in the country. 


In her apology video, Shakilla urged Kenyans to control how they behave online. She went ahead to explain how her mannerless behavior online has landed her into trouble.

A New Face For Nairobi. New Generation Commuter Trains.


Nairobi is expected to be the largest destination in Africa. This will increase its economy through inter-countries business. With the launch of the lightweight rail system by President Uhuru Kenyatta Nairobians are expected to benefit a lot. For so many years Nairobi has been faced with a lot of traffic and congestion. Now Nairobi residents will have a better experience with the new trains. The trains have already arrived in Nairobi. The trains cost approximately 100M USD( 1.1 Billion Ksh). 


Photo source: Kenya Railway Commission


The project is under Uhuru Kenyatta's big four agenda. The old train rail will be renovated by the government. The targeted is the main 100 km Nairobi to neighboring towns. Another 6.5 km from JKIA to Nairobi CBD will also be constructed. The system is expected to ease the traffic and congestion in Nairobi. It is also expected to reduce the cost of its commuters and improve the experience. The new system is expected to commute more than 60 million people per year. This means that that a total of 165,000 will be commuted every single day.


photo source: Kenya Railway Commission

The train system will be managed by Nairobi Commuter Rail System and Nairobi (NCRS) Metropolitan Services (NMS)

NMS TENDERS 2020 (click here to read more)

Most of Nairobi's surrounding suburbs will benefit from this new generation Train system. Towns To benefit from New TrainsRuirusyokimauJKIAKikuyuEmbakasiThikaLimuruLukenyaOngata RongaiKiserianNgongKiambuRuaiKangemi



65 Year Old Kim Kardashian’s Mother Celebrates His Boyfriend Turning 40

65 years, Kris Jenner went ahead we on Instagram to celebrate her Boyfriend Corey Gamble who turned 40 years. Kris Jenner who is a media personality in the united states of America was very happy for him. He went ahead to explain how her boyfriend has been supportive of her family. The two lovebirds have been together since 2014 after Jenner Divorced her husband Bruce Jenner. The two were married for 26 years and had 3 children. Kris Jenner was also married to another man before (Robert Kardashian) and had another 3 children. The mother of six has been playing a huge role in the television series, Keeping up with the Kardashians since 2007. Kortney Kardashian 41yrs is her firstborn followed by Kim Kardashian 40years. Kris Jenner is a grandmother of 10. 

the whole family of Kardashians has been acting in television series since 2007. their net worth is estimated to be over 7Billion US Dollars. Kim Kardashian is the richest among them all, she became famous after her sex video in 2002. no net worth is over 1Billion Us Dollars. 

Rev. Lucy Natasha Received By Military In Nigeria In Luxurious Cars.


Photos of Gorgeous Rev Lucy Natasha has been trending online. Lucy Natasha went ahead to post on her Instagram account photos of how she was received in Nigeria. Natasha was on a gospel mission there. She was received by Bishop Blessing Samuel at Murtala Muhammad International airport Nigeria. Rev Lucy Natasha is popularly known for her style of preaching and living a lavish life. Lucy Natasha was received by tight security according to photos posted. 


Rev Lucy is known to be living a sumptuous life. She is believed to own a private jet and luxurious cars. Although Lucy Natasha's net worth is unknown, she is believed to be among the richest pastors in Kenya. 

Lucy Natasha Husband. 

Natasha tries to live a private life but she is unmarried. She travels with a group of young men and women every place she ministers. 


"Delightful moments and we are grateful for the warm reception accorded to us in Lagos, Nigeria

"Delightful moments and we are grateful for the warm reception accorded to us in Lagos, Nigeria

"Delightful moments and we are grateful for the warm reception accorded to us in Lagos, Nigeria

Diamond Platinumz Family Re-united Again. See Photos And Videos


Diamond platinumz 2020 has been a year of candles for him. This is after his separating with his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Dona. Tanasha Dona and Diamond Platinumz both had a child together. Diamond Platinumz who is considered the "father of Africa" has more children with different mothers. The Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist yesterday was the happiest man. This is after he welcomed his two kids from South Africa.  It's been 2 years without seeing his children. His children live with their mother. Zari in south Africa. He went ahead to share videos and photos of them having a good time. He is known to be taking care of his children including Tanasha Dona's child.

Tanasha dona earlier shared a photo of his baby who just looks exactly like his father.

See photos of Tansha dona's baby

I Will Do Whatever It Takes To Date Nadia Mukami- Desagu

Is Nadia Mukami Married??. A simple answer to that question is no. That's why many men have been admiring her. Her style of music and fashion has been giving men sleepless nights. For this reason comedian Henry Desagu has been crushing on her. Making it public on so many occasions in his videos. The Umbwedidy hitmaker will do anything to date Nadia Mukami.  Although Nadia Mukan has never commented on that Desagu may still have a chance. Speaking on Banga an Jalas show on Youtube, Desagu said he is ready to confess his love to Nadia Mukami. 

Kenyan Artist Nadia Mukami


Edgar Obare Faked His Kidnapping


Blogger and influencer Edgar Obare is believed to have faked his kidnapping. Monday morning Edgar Obare is said to have been kidnapped by police officers. Obare was waiting for a Case hearing against Natalie Tewa. The pictures he shared is raising doubts among many Kenyans. The pictures don't look real and Kenyans are now demanding an explanation. The controversial blogger said that the kidnappers who are police took pictures of his private parts however it has not been verified. Influencer Xtian Dela shared the news on his Instagram news. This making it looks even more fake since many people don't believe him. The exposee master has been lately criticized for exposing celebrities including Dj Mo and Jalas.  Edgar Obare exposed.  Obare is facing several court charges.



Shakilla totally naked on Instagram Live With American Rapper


Socialite and Twerker Shakilla did it again. The self-proclaimed socialite went totally naked on Instagram live. Shakilla joined American rapper Tony Lanez. They started chatting for a few minutes until she started twerking. The controversial socialite removed her pants and she was totally naked showing viewers her dark bums. She has been trying to get famous by any means has been doing crazy things online. She at time claimed that footballer Victor Wanyama paid her to have sex with him. Kenyans went ahead to roast her online after her reactions.  The American rapper together with his friends went ahead to cheer her up. Shakilla is facing several court charges. 

Edgar Obare Arrested -Xtian Dela Confirms.



Blogger and social influencer Edgar Obare has been arrested. At Kiambu Law Courts Edgar Obare was arrested and his phone confiscated.  According to Xtian Dela police arrested Edgar Obare but they didn't explain why. The whereabouts of Edar is still unknown. Obare was heading to case  hearing against Natalie Tewa. Obare was arrested and allaigned in court. This came after allegedly revealing and linking Natalie Tewa to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. The controversial Blogger has been exposing celebrities online. A good example is Dj Moh whom he exposed last month. The exposure almost scattered Dj Mo's Family.  Many Kenyans have been unhappy with how he has been revealing people's personal lives.  It Yet un-clear where the police took him 



Hot Photos Of Joyce Maina’s New Boyfriend That Is Giving Women Sleepless Nights.

Switch Tv Host Joyce Maina posted her base. This left the Kenyans ladies' mouth open after seeing how hot her man looks. Joyce Maina was accused of dating Size 8's husband Dj Mo. However, she proved people wrong after she was engaged on live Television. Their relationship has been private thus leaving Kenyans guessing. "When a man holds your hand and makes your heart beat faster, makes you giddy and excited. Walk away from that man. He is not for you."When he hold your hand and he makes you feel warm, safe and secure, hold on to him. That’s the man for you" Joyce Maina wrote