Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura To Be Expelled From Jubilee Party

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Nominated Jubilee senator Isaac Mwaura is Facing a throw-out from his Jubilee party. Isaac Mwaura was sermoned by the party over allegations he supporting another party. Mwaura is a nominated senator representing people living with disabilities. According to the letter from the party, Mwaura declared his support for United Alliance Party (UDA) on 30th Dec 2020 where he publicly wore UDA branded materials. This is against the party's rules. According to him, he is still loyal to the party and his expulsion has been politicized.  

Isaac Mwaura addressing the media at an earlier event. Source: Google

Mwaura earlier was accused of vandalizing opposition leader Raila Odinga's rally at Githurai 45. Maura is said to have organized and paid hooligans to block Raila from speaking to residents in the area. On a video that was trending online, Mwaura was heard organizing on how youth will vandalize the rally.



Government Launches BBI Signature Collection At KICC


Government launches building bridges initiative signature collection at KICC. The event that is happening right now live is expected to include Kenyans in collecting of 1Milling signature. BBI is an initiative that its aim is to do amendments to the constitution. This will lead to a referendum. The event is led by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta together with his counterparts former prime minister Raila Amollo Odinga.  



3 Reasons Why Ruto Will Lose Terribly To Raila Odinga 2022.

According to reports, former prime minister Raila Amollo Odinga will be vying for presidency come 2022. The battle for the next Kenya president will be between Raila Odinga and incumbent deputy president William Samoei Ruto. The Hustler "William Ruto" is well known for his good campaign tactics. On the other hand, Raila Odinga followers are "die-hards" Raila Odinga followers base never changes no matter what. He has constant followers of over 6 million voters. 

Below Is A Breakdown To Reasons Why Ruto Might Lose To Raila Odinga

Many Kenyans are not liking the way Ruto is conducting his campaigns. Ruto has been campaigning by using the term "hustle" which many people are not happy about it. Another key thing is that he has been giving Kenyans wheelbarrows which seems not to be helping then in any way. Many Kenyans who live in urban areas have a lot of problems which has not been addressed for years. An example is people who live in Nairobi lack clean water for use. This is a very basic need that Kenyans demand from leaders. The Uhuru Ruto government has not done much to Kenyans and life has become even harder to common Mwananchi. This means a judgment on their governance is for both of them.
photo source: Twitter @williamsruto.

Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta have been very close lately. The two have been advocating for BBI which Ruto has been opposing. This means that there is a high chance that Raila will get support from Uhuru Kenyatta. If the BBI will pass the two will stand a high chance to work together. BBI has been advocating for equitability, equality, and peace among Kenyan ethnic groups.  It has also promised young people and women opportunities. This means Raila will stand a high chance to become the next president.  

photo source: Instagram @railaodinga

3.Raila Odinga Supporters Have Increased A lot Over Years

Raila has gained a lot of supporters over the past few years. We have witnessed a lot of regions that never supported him being on his side. Mt Kenya region right now is split. one group is promising to support Raila Odinga while the other Supports William Ruto. Its all a matter of wait and see and things unfolds

What Will Happen To Ruto After His ICC Lawyer Admits To Have Manipulated Witnesses


Ruto's ICC Lawyer Paul Gicheru surrendered yesterday. Gicheru was accused by the ICC of manipulating witnesses.  In a case against Deputy President William Ruto. The ICC issued an international arrest warrant to lawyer Gicheru back in 2015. On Monday second the ICC on a press release confirmed that Paul Gicheru had surrendered to Dutch authorities. The ICC accused Paul Gicheru of tampering with witnesses in the Netherlands in 2015. 

 “Today, 2 November 2020, Mr Paul Gicheru surrendered to the authorities of The Netherlands pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court,”

ICC on a press release. 

Lawyer Paul Gicheru who is highly connected was representing William Ruto. Ruto together with President Uhuru Kenyatta was facing charges due to the 2007 post-election crisis. there might be a possibility the case against D.P Ruto will be revived.ICC dismissed the due to the prosecution's lack of solid evidence. D.P William Ruto is yet to make any public announcement regarding the matter. On January William Ruto had said the deep state is planning to block his presidential pathway. This is by bringing up the ICC cases which seems to have happened.

 “Some characters have sent people to Kenya to revive the ICC case. But I want to categorically tell them they will not succeed. In fact, it will be a big surprise to them," William Ruto Said