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Mike Rua is kikuyu Mugithi maestro who has graced many kenyans with good vibe. Mike Rua was born and raised in Mang’u Kiambu county.At an early age, Rua discovered his talent was to be a musician and he decided to follow his it. Mike learned how to play guitar when he was 13 years still in primary school. Rua would always admire people in his church that were playing guitar very well and would alway practice. Speaking in an interview Mike Rua explained how lucky he was because the church instrument were kept at his home since the church was still under construction. He hence had ample time practicing and playing guitar whenever he was free. His parents would however restrict him from playing to concentrate on his studies. In an interview with Ala C, he revealed that he stole the Catholic guiter and his grandmother’s show before running away to stay Githurai with his relative. He has however bought another guitar for the church after the first one was damaged. He however plans to repair it and officially ask for the forgiveness by the church.

Mike rua
Mike Rua in yellow together with his team mate from Gakindu Secondary school

Mike Rua Musical Career.

After completing his primary school, Rua joined Gakindu secondary school where he dropped out later. In form one, He performed to the late president Daniel Moi together with his school mate but unfortunately he was not noticed by the mogul. Sooner than later, the church guitar together with other instrument were no longer kept at his home because the church was completed. The keys however were still kept at his home by his mother who was a member of mother’s union. Rua decided to take the keys and stole the church guitar and went to exile. Mike Rua went to Githurai Nairobi where he met the late Queen jane. Queen Jane was the best Kikuyu benga female artist during that time. Discovering his talent, Rua was recruited to her band where he played base guitar. He would earn between ksh 200 and 500 per show. In that band, he would play alongside Mike Murimi and the late Salim Junior.  The artist has however mentored many upcoming musicians including Jose Gatutura, Tony young and Shalkidoh.

Mike rua
Mike Rua shaking hand with deputy President William Ruto during a fund raising event

In 2002 Mike Rua performed in London and USA and on returning his name was already big. He later left Queen Jane’s band to concentrate on his career. Rua is know for his one man guitar playing skill and he is among those who paved way to mugith music.

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Mike Rua songs

Mike is know to compose and produce lewd lyric music that is very liked by his fans. Some of his songs include

1. Kamûrukî karia (that smell)

3. Nî Kîarie

4. Irima

Among many more

Mike ria mugithi
Mike Rua performing live at a past event

Mike Rua wife and family.

Mike rua is married with 3 children. Rua has tried as much as possible to keep his private life out of social media. He also revealed that his father is quite okey with the music he sing

Mike Rua Net worth

The artist has made and is still making good amount of money from performing mugithi. He is always overbooked and performs to high end clubs and hotels. He also performs in weddings, Tvs and cooperate events. Rua earns between ksh 80,000 and 120,000 per show. That translates to around ksh 500k per month. Rua also owns a luxurious car and bungalow in one of the residential suburbs. He is estimated to be worth ksh 35 Million.

Joseph Kariuki Kiarutara Biography, Age, Relationship, Networth and Marriage.

Joseph Kariuki Kiarutara is a Kikuyu benga and mugithi musician popularly know as Kariuki wa Kiarutara. He was born in the early 1960s. The musician acquired the name Kiarutara after together with his friends co-founded Kiarutara boys mwanzo band back in 1985. The band was named after their home town Kiarutara in Gatanga subcounty Murang’a county

Early life and Education

Kiarutara started his education life at Gatanga subcounty Kiarutara village school now Kiarutara primary school around 1967’s and later joined Kiarutara Secondary school and completed his education around 1980. He later went in Githurai Nairobi county to look for a job where he lived with his 2 friends before he could settle.

Kariuki Kiarutara
Joseph Kiarutara recording a song at his studio in Nairobi. Source Facebook

Music Career

Joseph Kiarutara was inspired musically by the late Joseph Kamuru who was already thriving in his music career and the late John Ndichu from Murang’a. Kariuki recorded his first track in 1984 in Nairobi river road studios (Riverrori). He was the fist musician in Kiarutara village and his entire family to record music. Gatanga have produced many iconic artists including John Demethew, Timona Mburu among many others. In early life, Kiarutara was a guitarist in his Kiarutara village church. Joseph recorded several songs before his first hit (wira ni wira) work is work wich he released in 1990.


Kiarutara has then recorded more than 25 albums and more than 180 recorded songs with many more composed which he plans to record in the near future.

Some of the greatest hits he have recorded include

  • Ututo Muritu
  • Reke tûrîmo
  • Ciûmbani
  • Waruhiti
  • Mbarî ya mwenda njerû
  • Wî tirimie naguo among many more
Joseph Kiarutara
Kiarutara during his video recording.


Kariuki Kiarutara music has addressed alot of issue affecting people around his community and the whole country at large. He addressed political issue, love and condemned the authority for oppressing the poor.

Kariuki Kiarutara Networth.

Joseph is not worth alot since his music career was deeply affected after he went exile for many years. This was after he condemned the governance of the late president Daniel Moi who was the second president of Kenya. The artist bought his first car in 2021 after he held a fundraiser concert. He is however estimated to be worth approximately $100,000 ( Ksh 12,000,000)

Kiarutara Marriage

Kariuki is married and have 4 kids who aspires to be musician in future just like their dad. Kariuki has also inspired alo of artists that are now making a name in the industry. There has been allegations and people spreading lies that Kariuki Kiarutara died which we strongly refute. The artist is actually doing very well and will be releasing songs.

Why Kikuyu Artist 90k Ka Msoo Is The Most Stylish Benga Star In Kenya [PHOTOS]

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Kikuyu mugithi star90k Ka Msoo is the most stylish artist in Kenya. From some of his outfits seen severally on television while performing, he is really voguish. Although his outfits are locally designed, they are very unique. 90k Ka Msoo came to fame on 2019 after releasing his 2 singles that most of his fans liked alot. The young stylish star is now becoming the next big thing in the Mugithi industry. 

Kikuyu mugithi artist 90k Ka Msoo posing for a photo  source: Facebook

90k Ka Msoo Songs And Photos

The celebrated star has now released several benga style music locally known as Mugithi. His technique of playing guitar leaves a lot of Kenyans astonished. 90k plays his guitar from a reversed direction and also from over his shoulder. He has now been performing on several radio stations and Tv stations including Inooro Tv and Gukena Radio. His voice is also amazing and his music composition is also great. Below are some of his stylish photos taken from several events. 90K way art of performing on stage is wonderful and keeps his fans wanting to listen more of his music. 

90K Ka Msoo posing for a photo at Gukena Fm. Source: Facebook.

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