Legalize Marijuana. This Will Help The Country Pay Its Debt. Bensoul Advise To Government.

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Speaking to comedian Jalang'o on yesterday's episode of Bonga Na Jalas on YouTube, Bensoul pleaded with the government to legalize the"herb". According to Bensoul marijuana is safer than normal cigarettes and alcohol. Ogopa Nairobi hitmaker went ahead to describe how countries that have legalized marijuana ha progressed within a short period of time. According to him, Rwanda is far ahead of many countries after legalizing the growing of marijuana for export. As of now, 17 states in the USA have legalized marijuana fully. More than 25 states have also legalized it on medicinal purposes. Bensoul nairobi. Read more on Legalize Marijuana

"County like canada walilipa deni yao the next day after legalizing. Angalia country kama rwanda, nkama wamepanda Ndege sisi tukia kwa SGR." Bensoul told Jalas. 


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