Kabi Wa Jesus Celebrated Valentine In A Unique Event.Kenyans Haven’t Forgotten What He Did To His Cousin.

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Social media influencer couple Kabi Wa Jesus yesterday celebrated valentine in an all-red lavish event. The two shared photos of every part of the event to parade on social media how well organized the party was. The guy(Kabi) went ahead to write a lovely caption to his wife Milly wa Jesus. The couple a few weeks ago faced a backlash after a scandal that they neglected their other child. According to Kabi Wa Jesus' cousin, he allegedly impregnated his other cousin and abandoned their kid who is now 7 years old. According to the comment section on Facebook, the scandal is still fresh in their memories. 

"Valentines 2021 has been amazing cause I have spent it with you @millywajesus"Kabi 

"Wa judas wewe ni ovyoo sana I hope abii ulimfurahisha" Terry w

"Si huyu ndio alikulana na cuzo na mbegu ikapandwa na sahii imekua but wajudas hataki kuekelea mbolea ikue na afta?" Judy Achevi<<

"Someone who can monetize a video just to deny his own child... Weh...Dihori wewe ni hatari." Hellaine H.H



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