I Didn’t Force Andrew Kibe Out Of Kiss 100 – Jalang’o

Media personality Jalan'go AKA Jalas denies allegations that he was the reason why Kiss 100 FM Presenter Andrew Kibe left the station. This comes few days after Jalang'o was fired from his previous job at Milele Fm, a Mediamax owned station.
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Jalas had made it public that he was to join Kiss Fm. the news was received with mixed reactions with some fans claiming he was not fit for the position. Andrew Kibe  Joined Kiss 100 after they left NRG Radio together with his Co-host Kamene Goro.  
"Iam trending at number 1 today as we speak, the reason why iam trending at number 1 Andrew Kibe who is a very close friend of mine amewacha job" said Jalang'o Jalang'o said that he is not in anyway the cause of Andrew Kibe departure  
“Na maze nilikuwa nimelala, unajuwa mimi sina job sahii nalala tuu. So naamka hivi nashtuka I am trending at number one. Kibe ameresign, I have just spoken to him akaniambia kuna vitu mbili tatu hawakuskizana,”  he added
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