I Bleached My Skin For A Guy- Betty Bayo

Popular gospel artist Betty Bayo opens on how she bleached her skin to impress a guy who had promised to marry her if only she was light skin "I once fell in love with a young man I was sure he will marry me," she wrote. "I loved and adored him, he claimed he loved me too and he would marry me if only I was light-skinned (rangi ya thau) I decided to remove my legs from the sack, Mimi huyoo River Road"    "I bleached my skin to make him happy. The next thing he told me he will marry me if only I was a bit taller. Weee my friend nlikua natembea na high heels throughout karibu niende nazo kwa choo tu."she now encourages young women to trust in God and Avoid such men taming it a skum.

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