Divorce Might Be The Next Big Blow For Donald Trump.

US incumbent president Donald Trump might be moving from a frying pan to direct fire. This is after there have been rumours that he is getting a divorce. According to the British Daily Mail incumbent first Lady Melania Trump might be waiting for Donald Trump to step out of the white house to hand him a divorce. This comes a few days after terribly losing to democratic candidate Joe Biden. The reports noted that their relationship has not been good. They have been staying together for sake of the office. According to Trump’s former aide Omarosa Manigault the devolve has been long held up. “Melania is counting every minute until he is out of the office and she can divorce” he was quoted. He went ahead to add that their marriage is like a transaction. 

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Joe Biden Becomes The 46th President Of USA after beating Donald Trump.

Joe Biden will now be the next US president. Believe it on not former USA vice president during the term of President Barack Obama will now serve as the next president. The Republican presidential candidate is projected to have gotten 284 electoral votes so far.  His opponent and current Us president Donald Trump is trailing behind with 214 votes and an overall of 47% according to Aljazeera.  rThe humble president-elect and former vice president will be heading to the white house.  President-elect Joe Biden showed perseverance during his service as vice president of former Barrack Obama. He will now be serving for the next four years. 

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Will Donald Trump Accept Defeat???


Adorable 4 Year Old Girl Rescued After 4 days In A Collapsed building In Turkey


A four-year-old girl was rescued after 4 days in the rubble of a collapsed building in Izmir Turkey. Ayda Gezgin was In the collapsed building alive for four days. The building collapsed last week after an earthquake. The Turkey-Greece earthquake left over 100 people dead and over 10 thousand displaced. The girl was pulled out of the rubble after rescuers heard her crying. Rescues have managed to pull out over 500 hundred people from collapsed buildings. On a stretcher, the girl asked for yogurt and meatballs as she was being rushed to the hospital. Ayda Gezgin is now receiving treatment


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image source: China Daily News


US Speaks Against Magufuli Arresting Opposition Leaders

US government through its Ambassador, Donald J Wright has spoken against magufuli arresting opposition leaders. Tanzania President John Magufuli ordered the arrest of CHEDEMA chairman Freeman Mbowe yesterday. Mbowe had planned countrywide demonstrations that were to take place today. Tanzanian Media report showed that the CHEDEMA chairman was arrested on Sunday night together with the other four members. The demonstrations were against President Magufuli victory. The erections that were held last week were said to have been unfair. Writing on his Twitter Account Ambassador J white urged the Tanzanian Government to release them. He also asked the government to ensure the four are safe.

 “Reports of arrests of opposition leaders are extremely concerning. I urge the Government to ensure the safety and security of all opposition leaders, cease these targeted arrests, release detainees, restore telecommunications, and afford due process under the law to all citizens,”

Why Magufuli Switched-off Telecomunication Tanzanian switched off major Telecommunication companies. This happened a day before the election. Citizens were furious and tamed this as a way of rigging elections. Magufu won with over 80% of total votes cast. The telecommunication companies will be restored on the 11th of November. This will be after Magufuli has been sworn in. 

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