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US Speaks Against Magufuli Arresting Opposition Leaders


US government through its Ambassador, Donald J Wright has spoken against magufuli arresting opposition leaders. Tanzania President John Magufuli ordered the arrest of CHEDEMA chairman Freeman Mbowe yesterday. Mbowe had planned countrywide demonstrations that were to take place today. Tanzanian Media report showed that the CHEDEMA chairman was arrested on Sunday night together with the other four members. The demonstrations were against President Magufuli victory. The erections that were held last week were said to have been unfair. Writing on his Twitter Account Ambassador J white urged the Tanzanian Government to release them. He also asked the government to ensure the four are safe.

 "Reports of arrests of opposition leaders are extremely concerning. I urge the Government to ensure the safety and security of all opposition leaders, cease these targeted arrests, release detainees, restore telecommunications, and afford due process under the law to all citizens,"

Tanzanian switched off major Telecommunication companies. This happened a day before the election. Citizens were furious and tamed this as a way of rigging elections. Magufu won with over 80% of total votes cast. The telecommunication companies will be restored on the 11th of November. This will be after Magufuli has been sworn in. 

We Uliskia Wapi??. Tanzania Kilwa East MP Bwege Re-elected

Kilwa East MP Suleman Bungara AKA bwege  Re-elected for the third time. The funny MP was trending some time back. Kenyans made hilarious memes out of his statement. The slogan Ooooliskia wapi has been widely used by Kenyans on many occasions. Kenyans even went ahead to research him which made him very popular. His victory comes after the Tanzania election which was held today. We wish him all the best as he continues to serve Tanzanians and Kenyans as well.