Pray For Rayvanny. Diamond Requests Fans After He Fell Down And Collapsed While Performing.

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Celebrated Bongo artist Rayvanny on 30th January fell down on stage while performing. The Tanzanian and Wasafi star was performing on Saturday night at the Wasafi Tumewsha concert. Everything seemed to be going as planned before she slipped and fell on stage while entertaining his fans. Rayvanny Fell with his head and his right arm. This Made him end his show instantly. Wasafi's crew had to cancel their after-party which was to happen on Sunday 31st at Beach Kidimbwi. There are no clear updates on whether the star is out of the hospital. Diamond Platinumz went ahead to thank God for the concert and ask His fans to pray for Rayvany to get well soon.


"Let us use this day to thank God for giving us a stunning event in the festival yesterday, but also to pray for our brother@rayvanny may he recover quickly," Diamond wrote


Jose Chameleon Set To Open His Own Television


Jose Chameleon songs. Ugandan veteran artist and songwriter Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon is set to open a Television. The 41 years old said that this has been his biggest dream for the last 20 years. Leon Tv will be launched soon and will be available on Dstv. Jose chameleon who will have been vying for a Lord Mayor position dropped his stage name some time back. Despite building a huge fanbase with his stage name, now he wants everyone to call him Joseph Mayanja.  


Diamond Platinumz Family Re-united Again. See Photos And Videos


Diamond platinumz 2020 has been a year of candles for him. This is after his separating with his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Dona. Tanasha Dona and Diamond Platinumz both had a child together. Diamond Platinumz who is considered the "father of Africa" has more children with different mothers. The Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist yesterday was the happiest man. This is after he welcomed his two kids from South Africa.  It's been 2 years without seeing his children. His children live with their mother. Zari in south Africa. He went ahead to share videos and photos of them having a good time. He is known to be taking care of his children including Tanasha Dona's child.

Tanasha dona earlier shared a photo of his baby who just looks exactly like his father.

See photos of Tansha dona's baby

Rayvany Leaving Wasafi To Set His Own Label

Popular Wasafi label artist Rayvanny is set to launch his new label. According to Wasafi Classic Baby(WCB) boss Diamond Platinumz, this will be the biggest studio in Tanzania.  Diamond Platinumz was speaking in an interview at Wasafi Radio. Diamond went ahead to express how he was impressed with Rayvanny's action. Rayvanny will be the next biggest wasafi (WCB) star to start his record label. According to diamond Platinumz, the WCB label does not deny its artist the right to have their own label. He went ahead to cite an example of American rapper drake who owns OVO and still under Cash Money Brothers.   

Ravanny's Studios which is yet not revealed to the public is said to be the largest. It is yet unclear whether Rayvanny will still be under Wasafi management. Diamond's statement raises concerns since Harmonize was asked to pay a sum of Ksh 24M($215K) to leave wasafi. Harmonize had to sell his houses among other properties to exit WCB.