Harmonize Has Not Paid His Shamba Boy For Seven Months.

According to Harmonize's worker who did not reveal his identity or rather asked for anonymity the star hasn't paid him for the last seven months. The shamba boy has been working for Harmonize in his newly built house which is yet to be completed. He went ahead to ask the media to intervene since he has tried to reach harmonize with no success. According to Global Publisher, the worker revealed that Harmonize undertook many projects to prove people wrong. This made him overspend and now he is struggling to complete his project. The Konde Gang CEO released a new video last week. He is yet to address that issue. 







''It is true Harmonize has not paid me in the past seven months. He has not paid me all that while but I have not resigned, I still work for him. He should know that I have children who need fees and a roof over their heads.'' Harmonize worker said

''He does not care about me at all. Every time I ask for my pay he rudely tells me that he did not come looking for me but his mum did, so, if I have any problem, I should handle it with his mum. He says this because it is his mum who is in charge of the construction of this home,''  He added


We Uliskia Wapi??. Tanzania Kilwa East MP Bwege Re-elected

Kilwa East MP Suleman Bungara AKA bwege  Re-elected for the third time. The funny MP was trending some time back. Kenyans made hilarious memes out of his statement. The slogan Ooooliskia wapi has been widely used by Kenyans on many occasions. Kenyans even went ahead to research him which made him very popular. His victory comes after the Tanzania election which was held today. We wish him all the best as he continues to serve Tanzanians and Kenyans as well.