Dont Dare To Go To The Naivasha Rally. Radio Presenter Nyoks Wa Katta Tells Hubby.

Royal Media Inooro Fm Radio presenter Nyoks Wa Katta has in advance warned his husband against going to the popular Naivasha Safari rally. The rallies are set to go down on Saturday 26th June with thousand of Kenyans preparing to attend. Nyoks warned his husband who is also a radio personality at Media Max Kameme Radio. According to Nyoks Wa Katta, She knows exactly when his husband leaves his workplace and so no excuse as to why he should not be at home that day. “Man Saimo na Katta” hosts an evening show at Kameme Fm every Monday to Friday. The duo was formerly working for Coro Fm before moving to Inooro Fm and later the current station. Nyoks Wa Katta developed her Radio career at Coro Fm before saying goodbye to the station and joining Inooro. Nyoks now hosts Migithi every Friday. 

Naivasha Safari Rally Champions Writting on he facebook page, Nyoks Wa Katta jokingly said that wives might suffer because of the Rally. The Subaru boys are also expected to show off their skills of how good they are at snatching other men’s girlfriends.  {“widget_title”:”You might Read This As Well”,”title”:”Incase You Missed This”,”subtitle”:””,”style”:”news-portfolio”,”count”:”1″,”featured”:”1″,”columns”:”1″,”category”:”0″,”show_categories”:”1″}

“Weee oga kabisaaaa ..chapa ruku Sana . Naangaria saaa watigia ithaa rimwe na ndagika naitiniiii uinuke…. Najua kambuni yenu hawafanyii show Naivasha… Sijasikia kitangaso…Sisi mabibi wa mbuzi tuko masho Sana…. Mwambie mama amejua vile mumepanga…. hautamake kufika huko… Na token inalia Baba naniiii say no to safari rarry … We cannot. Kattaj katta’ Nyoks  Wa Katta Wrote

Katta And Nyoks having a good time together. source Facebook

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Man Saimo Na Katta. According to the radio personality, real wives are now on the look on how men will behave this weekend. Kenyans are excited to host the world safari rally after a very long time. It’s a break from the covid situation now when only a few Kenyans vaccinated against the virus. The hotels and camping sites are reportedly booked to capacity. A lot of foreigners are expected to participate in the event with some roads getting closed on Friday night for commercial vehicles to pave way for the rally. 

Man Saimo And Katta Possing For A Photo source: Facebook

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