Kirinyaga Pastor Who Defiled His Two Daughters Sentenced To 140 Yrs In Prison After Pleading Guilty.

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A man from Kirinyaga county will now spend 140 years in prison after pleading guilty to defiling his 2 daughters. The blatant man went in hiding last month after residents discovered his actions. John Gichira Gacini defiled his daughters in intervals. He impregnated the first daughter who now has a 1-year-old child. This was not enough, the barefaced man went ahead to defile his second born who is now 6 months pregnant. According to his wife, Gichira threatened to kill her if she was to reveal his action. Magistrate Anthony Mwirigi was the one who did the ruling at Baricho. The man who is a pastor of Akurinu( A group of churches who wears turbans) was sentenced to 70 Years on each count.

photo source:  Facebook

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Lawrence Warunge, 22 Yrs Old Who Is Suspected To Have Killed His 4 Family Members And Worker.

  • Lawrence Warunge
  • boy kills all family members
  • Kiambu Killings
  • Kiambu Homicide 

Homicide Detectives have made a major breakthrough in unraveling the puzzle surrounding the Kiambu killings, that left 5 people dead a few days ago. This afternoon, the prime suspect in the murder of 22-year-old Lawrence Simon Warunge, has led detectives to the spot where he disposed the murder weapons and other key exhibits at a pit latrine in Mai Mahiu. Lawrence warunge is the eldest son of the deceased. The items will be crucial in placing the author of the heinous crime at the center of the killings. Meanwhile, the recovered items will be subjected to further forensic analysis at the DCI Forensic Lab, to provide a watertight case for the prosecution, once presented in court. BOY KILLS ALL FAMILY MEMBERS


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How To Lose Tummy In Just 21 days. Works For Everyone


Reduce belly in 21 days. A big belly is something that many people around the globe are struggling to get rid of. It is usually linked to many diseases and disorders. apart from that fat belly doesn’t look cool and beautiful to many people.  Many people are embarrassed by their fat belly and this leads to being scammed online with fake pills and drugs.  a fat belly is caused by bad eating habits, junk food, and alcohol among many others. Losing fat tummy naturally has never been easy at all. But below we will look for some of the things you can do to reduce it. 


1. Do Aerobic Exercises At least once per day. According to researches, this method has been proved as the most effective way to reduce your fat belly. This might include some aerobic exercises, running, and swimming. This helps burn calories in your body and hence improves your health life. Running for at least 1 kilometre per day will reduce your belly and within 14 days you will start seeing some improvements. 


2. Avoid A lot Of Salt

When you consume a lot of salt, your body retains a high level of water hence making your stomach feel bloated. A lot of processed food contains a high level of sodium and unhealthy sugars. Always make sure you check that before buying processed food. Observing this will reduce your belly easily.

3. Drink Enough Water To Keep Your Body Hydrated Your body requires at least 3 Litres of water per day. Drinking a lot of water is recommended as this keeps your body hydrated. Water helps in the burning of fats in your body. 

4. Add Fish To Your Diet.

Seafood especially Tuna and Tilapia contain Omega-3. By eating fish at least twice per day your body will get Omega-3. This helps in the burning of fats. Studies revealed that Omega-3 fats have the ability to reduce visceral fat that is around your abdomen. 

5. Avoid a lot of carbohydrates and Junk Food Junk food such as chips and burgers contain a lot of fat. by avoiding this, your body will have fewer calories. Another thing is the carbohydrates. Make sure you consume little portions of foods with carbohydrates. This will help your body to feel relaxed without a lot of fats. 

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