I Have Won The Elections- Donald Trump Says


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden might be the next US President. Joe Biden is now leading with 238 electoral votes while the current US President is trolling behind with 213 votes.  The votes counting is still continuing (Wed 04/11/2020 11:29:30am)According to the total vote, Joe Biden is leading with 49.77% while Donald Trump is at 48.66% as per current time. 

data source: Aljazeera News.


Trump Claims He Will Move To Supreme Court To Stop Votes Counting

Current US President Donald Trump has said he will move to the supreme court to stop the counting of the votes. This is after His Democratic opponent Joe Biden has been leading with a big margin. This has raised tension in most states with businesses closing. The has been claims that Donald Trump will not accept defeat. 

Why Is America Experiencing Tensions As Elections Take Place Today


The United States of American today will make history. The big day will decide whether Current President Donald Trump will retain his position. On the other hand Democratic party candidate, Joe Biden is doing everything possible to kick Trump out of the White house. Their last campaigns were held at Pennyslavia on Monday second which is the home state of Joe Biden. President Donald Trump has been accused by Americans of not taking measures to control Covid-19. On their campaigns, Biden also accused Trump of the unemployment rate in America which is approximated to be 12 Million. Democrat candidate who is supported by former US president Barack Obama is pleading with Americans to abolish Trump's bad leadership.

Will Joe Biden Kick out Donald Trump???

Most black people and immigrants will be voting for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. This is because he's promised them a better life and to deal with racism. He has also promised to control the COVID-19 pandemic after he has been elected. More than 90 million votes were cast earlier. Donald Trump hinted at leaving America if he loses. He wants the whole process to be completed by tomorrow November 4th. 

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There has been tension in many parts of America. This comes all the way from the demonstrations that have been there since the death of George Floyd. George Floyd who was a black American was killed on the 5th of May 2020. His death led to mass demonstrations. Many businesses have been shut down as owners are afraid of violent eruptions. 


The Votes Counting Process Will Be Covered Live Here