Alfred Mutua Threatening My Life. Confiscates My Property. Lillian Nganga

Lilian Nganga, Governor Alfred Mutua’s Ex-wife has expressed her fears for her life. According to Lilian, Mutua is threatening her life and has ordered her to return everything he offered her when they were together.
“Mr. Mutua takes away everything I have and everything I own. Indeed this has already started as he has demanded through his lawyers that I refund any money he has ever given for me or made available for me,” she said.
She also claimed that the lives of people close to her were in danger. Their relationship dramas started back 2 months ago after she declared her relationship with legendary rapper Juliani. This was exactly 2 months after breaking up with Mutua.
During a press statement with her lawyer Philip Murgor, Lillian revealed that Mutua didn’t take their separation well. In her statement, Mutua and Lilian met on September 22 in presence of mutual friends to talk about their relationship at Windsor gold club
“As requested Alfred Mutua for a mature and amicably separation…after all, we were not married. Mr. Mutua takes away everything I have and everything I own. Indeed this has already started as he has demanded through his lawyers that I refund any money he has ever given for me or made available for me,” she said.
“He also threatened to harm people close to me and he demanded I apologize and retract the two statements I made on social media regarding our break up…”She added

Accept And Move On, Kenyans

In the statement, Lilian revealed that Alfred Mutua did not take their breakup well. This Comes Just a few days after The governor opened up that he misses Lilian a lot.
People have urged Mutua to accept and Move on.
“People should endeavor to be decent human beings in real life than on social media.”

Kenyan Gay Dennis Karuri Rated The Best Make-up Artist. [PHOTOS]

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  • Dennis Karuri Photos

After coming up as gay. Dennis Karuri has been rated the best make-up artist in Kenya. From his elegant make-up art, he is so passionate about his career. The makeup industry has for decades been dominated by women. Karuri is the first in Kenya to come up in public to declare he is gay. He wears women’s outfits and makeup to look exactly like a woman. Although he has been criticized online due to his sexuality he is in no way giving in. Dennis Karuri likes to share his work on Instagram. Dennis Karuri has worked with some of the most popular female celebrities in Kenya.

Sammy Irungu And Christina Shusho Releases A Kikuyu Song

Dennis Karuri Photos


Kabi Wa Jesus Had A Child With His Cousin. Ruth His Other Cousin From USA Reveals

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Things are getting messy for Kabi Wa Jesus. This comes after his cousin from the United States by the name Ruth Wahu clarified Abby’s case. Ruth explained that Kabi is obviously denying that he has a child. According to Ruth, Kabi was in an intimate relationship with his cousin Shiku. Kabi even went to see the child at the hospital together with his current wife Milly was Jesus. Kabi dispersed after the kid was born and they have been unable to reach him. Ruth Wahu was sharing this live on Instagram with blogger Edgar Obare. She went ahead to explain the Kabi hurriedly went home to convince the family not to expose him about the child. Milly Wa Jesus.

Kabi Wa Jesus Claimed That The Allegations Was To Blackmail Him Kabi went ahead to premiere a video on youtube to claim the allegations are false. They said the letter which was alleged to come from a lawyer was false. According to blogger Edgar Obare, the letter was checked for authentication and was ok. The wa Jesus family claimed that it’s the work of the “devil” to try and ruin them. We will still be waiting for how the whole story will unfold. more on Wa Jesus Family and Milly was jesus?. subscribe

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Lawrence Warunge, 22 Yrs Old Who Is Suspected To Have Killed His 4 Family Members And Worker.

  • Lawrence Warunge
  • boy kills all family members
  • Kiambu Killings
  • Kiambu Homicide 

Homicide Detectives have made a major breakthrough in unraveling the puzzle surrounding the Kiambu killings, that left 5 people dead a few days ago. This afternoon, the prime suspect in the murder of 22-year-old Lawrence Simon Warunge, has led detectives to the spot where he disposed the murder weapons and other key exhibits at a pit latrine in Mai Mahiu. Lawrence warunge is the eldest son of the deceased. The items will be crucial in placing the author of the heinous crime at the center of the killings. Meanwhile, the recovered items will be subjected to further forensic analysis at the DCI Forensic Lab, to provide a watertight case for the prosecution, once presented in court. BOY KILLS ALL FAMILY MEMBERS


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