Kabi Wa Jesus Celebrated Valentine In A Unique Event.Kenyans Haven’t Forgotten What He Did To His Cousin.

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Social media influencer couple Kabi Wa Jesus yesterday celebrated valentine in an all-red lavish event. The two shared photos of every part of the event to parade on social media how well organized the party was. The guy(Kabi) went ahead to write a lovely caption to his wife Milly wa Jesus. The couple a few weeks ago faced a backlash after a scandal that they neglected their other child. According to Kabi Wa Jesus’ cousin, he allegedly impregnated his other cousin and abandoned their kid who is now 7 years old. According to the comment section on Facebook, the scandal is still fresh in their memories. 

“Valentines 2021 has been amazing cause I have spent it with you @millywajesus”Kabi 

“Wa judas wewe ni ovyoo sana I hope abii ulimfurahisha” Terry w

“Si huyu ndio alikulana na cuzo na mbegu ikapandwa na sahii imekua but wajudas hataki kuekelea mbolea ikue na afta?” Judy Achevi<<

“Someone who can monetize a video just to deny his own child… Weh…Dihori wewe ni hatari.” Hellaine H.H

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Kabi Wa Jesus Had A Child With His Cousin. Ruth His Other Cousin From USA Reveals

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Things are getting messy for Kabi Wa Jesus. This comes after his cousin from the United States by the name Ruth Wahu clarified Abby’s case. Ruth explained that Kabi is obviously denying that he has a child. According to Ruth, Kabi was in an intimate relationship with his cousin Shiku. Kabi even went to see the child at the hospital together with his current wife Milly was Jesus. Kabi dispersed after the kid was born and they have been unable to reach him. Ruth Wahu was sharing this live on Instagram with blogger Edgar Obare. She went ahead to explain the Kabi hurriedly went home to convince the family not to expose him about the child. Milly Wa Jesus.

Kabi Wa Jesus Claimed That The Allegations Was To Blackmail Him Kabi went ahead to premiere a video on youtube to claim the allegations are false. They said the letter which was alleged to come from a lawyer was false. According to blogger Edgar Obare, the letter was checked for authentication and was ok. The wa Jesus family claimed that it’s the work of the “devil” to try and ruin them. We will still be waiting for how the whole story will unfold. more on Wa Jesus Family and Milly was jesus?. subscribe

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