A New Face For Nairobi. New Generation Commuter Trains.


Nairobi is expected to be the largest destination in Africa. This will increase its economy through inter-countries business. With the launch of the lightweight rail system by President Uhuru Kenyatta Nairobians are expected to benefit a lot. For so many years Nairobi has been faced with a lot of traffic and congestion. Now Nairobi residents will have a better experience with the new trains. The trains have already arrived in Nairobi. The trains cost approximately 100M USD( 1.1 Billion Ksh). 


Photo source: Kenya Railway Commission


The project is under Uhuru Kenyatta's big four agenda. The old train rail will be renovated by the government. The targeted is the main 100 km Nairobi to neighboring towns. Another 6.5 km from JKIA to Nairobi CBD will also be constructed. The system is expected to ease the traffic and congestion in Nairobi. It is also expected to reduce the cost of its commuters and improve the experience. The new system is expected to commute more than 60 million people per year. This means that that a total of 165,000 will be commuted every single day.


photo source: Kenya Railway Commission

The train system will be managed by Nairobi Commuter Rail System and Nairobi (NCRS) Metropolitan Services (NMS)

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Most of Nairobi's surrounding suburbs will benefit from this new generation Train system. Towns To benefit from New TrainsRuirusyokimauJKIAKikuyuEmbakasiThikaLimuruLukenyaOngata RongaiKiserianNgongKiambuRuaiKangemi