Musician Loise Kim Regrets Leaving her Husband. Urges Women To Stick To Their Marriage.

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Kikuyu Gospel Artist Loise Kim is now regretting leaving her husband. Loise in her Facebook page post has urged women to stick in their marriage no matter the situation. According to her, all men are the same, no one is better than the other. Loise has confirmed that life out of marriage is difficult. Leaving your man only because he cheated is meaningless. Loise added that you leave expecting to get a better man only to fall under in the hand of a philanderer.

Loise Kim Husband

“Am not here to encourage adultery or polygamy, but here is where the tyre touches the road. In this world I am in, I have learnt that,

1..No woman should leave her husband because he has taken another woman reason, no man is better than the other, just know how to handle him and solve your issues.

2.. If you leave your husband because he has taken another woman and you think that you will go and get a better man out there, am sorry you are wrong, what you will get is another philanderer who is worse than your husband. Fight for this man who belongs to you.

Therefore, women, stick to your men, know how to handle them, solve your issues and how you will change him.

Lakini kiulizo tu, is a man polygamous by nature?????????

Guku Nja ti kwega ” Loise Kim Wrote

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Man Falls In Love With His Girlfriends Mother, Leaves His Girlfriend And Kids

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man falls in love with mother in law

A man has taken the internet by storm after falling in love with his mother-in-law. Jess Aldridge, a mother of 3 was left shock after her mother Georgina 44, snatched his husband while she was expecting a baby. According to Jess Aldridge from the United Kingdom, her mother was leaving with them during lockdown to help her with house chores as she was expecting her thirdborn. Her boyfriend, Ryan Shelton who is 29 years old would always flirt with Jess’s mother a situation that would put her in an awkward moment. According to Jess, her mother would wear very short miniskirts in the house and she would sit next to her boyfriend Shelton on a sofa where they would keep touching each other. 

“It’s the ultimate betrayal. You expect a new grandmother to fall in love with the baby — not the father. We were stuck together for months in the house during lockdown. It was so hard, especially as Shelton and mum were always being so flirty. I felt so uncomfortable, it was a horrible experience.” Jess 

Man Leave Girlfriend And Moves In With Mother-In-Law Ryan Selton waited until his girlfriend was admitted to the hospital to get a child for him to break up with her. The two had always denied having an intimate affair. He sent her a text message to inform her that she is breaking up with her at a time when she was having a cesarian. She went home only to find an empty house. Ray Shelton later admitted that they moved in together with Georgina.  

Will You Marry Me?. A Man Asks Eric Omondi



Comedian Erick Omondi found himself in an awkward moment after a guy asked him to marry him. This comes a few days after he asked for a marriage proposal on his Instagram account. Omondi went ahead to explain that he has achieved everything he ever wanted in life and the only thing remaining is a wife. “Hata Adam alikua na Eve…Genesis 2:18..And God said, “IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE, I WILL MAKE ASUITABLE HELPER FOR HIM”. As a comedian it has been very hard for people to take me seriously when I need them to” Eric  Wrote


Here Comes Awkward Moment.

  • Eric Omondi Marriage
  • Man proposes to Eric Omondi
  • Eric Omondi Family.

At first, everything seemed to be moving just fine until a man sent his marriage proposal. According to “Mwangi” he has always wanted to be with Eric Omondi and hence grabbed the chance. “I have been trying to get Eric’s attention for a long time, he’s a nice guy and I just came here to tell Eric I can be the best wife for him,” Mwangi said


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